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Friday, December 30, 2011

American Jewish Federations Codemn Israeli Jewish Extremism

Sometimes, I just wonder if the so-called "observant" Jew (as these folks call themselves) is any more religious than what they label a "non-observant" Jew. It appears to me that they are hypocrites and are less than religious than all the other various denominations or movements of Judaism. Here, read the following article and let me know what you think.
Jewish Federations Condemn Wave of Religious Extremism and Violence in Israel December 27, 2011
The Jewish Federations of North America today expressed strong condemnation of a recent wave of religious extremism and violence in Israel. The situation has been highlighted in the media in recent days, which has focused on the verbal abuse of an eight-year-old girl in the city of Bet Shemesh, by a group of ultra-Orthodox men. Other issues have included the forced segregation of genders on some public bus routes – despite the fact that the Israeli Supreme Court has outlawed this practice – and the unofficial ban on any female image in advertising in some areas. “Our movement includes Jewish people from all streams and persuasions. Yet, despite our differing backgrounds, we unite today to strongly condemn, with one clear and loud voice, all acts of violence, intimidation, coercion and extremism, especially those that are undertaken, incredibly, in the name of Judaism,” said Jerry Silverman, president and CEO of JFNA. “We know that ‘deracheha darchei noam’ – the Torah’s paths are ways of peace. We stand firmly and resolutely behind the voices of reason and moderation in Bet Shemesh and throughout Israel.” As a result of significant media attention in recent days, many members of the Israeli Government, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have spoken out publicly to condemn the extremist behavior. Similarly, the police have stepped up efforts and made a number of arrests. “We applaud Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the government for their strong words condemning recent acts of extremism, and urge the government and the Israeli police to work hard to stamp out this stain on Israeli society,” said Rebecca Caspi, JFNA’s senior vice president for Israel and Overseas. Earlier today, thousands took to the streets in Bet Shemesh to protest the acts of extremism, drawing increased media attention and scrutiny to the city. Michael Gelman, JFNA’s chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, said, ”We reach out to the Ultra Orthodox community, and in particular, their spiritual leaders. We plead for them to break their silence and speak out firmly and decisively. An act of this nature can help heal Israeli society and restore their image as moral, upstanding, Torah-abiding citizens.” Stuart Kurlander, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, which has a relationship with the Bet Shemesh/Mate Yehuda Region through the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Partnership Together program, also condemned the recent violence, intimidation and other extremist acts. “We have been working in partnership with the city of Bet Shemesh for 10 years and have come to know the community and its people very well. We stand with the law-abiding population of Beit Shemesh, and especially those groups working at conciliation and moderation in the city,” said Kurlander. “At the same time, we urge Bet Shemesh’s mayor, Moshe Abutbol, to put a stop to this religious extremism and violence, and help to rebuild a harmonious and thriving community.” 
For more information, please contact: Dani Wassner at 

ref: JFNA Briefing: Jewish Federations Condemn Wave of Religious Extremism and Violence in Israel

Now, what about the Christian extremists over there in the Holy Land???? Is this more of religious hypocrisy?
Check it out! Take a look-see at: Rival Monks Brawl While Cleaning Bethlehem Church.

You and I know that followers of Islam have been taking a lot of heat because of Muslim extremists. Why do we humans tend to brush a whole group of people based on the actions of a few? Muslims and Jews alike are painted with one broad brush called STEREOTYPE. But, what of Christians? Where is the stereotype there?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction, Take The Preventative Approach.

Regardless of whatever news there is concerning global warming, such as the news article Global Warming: 2011 Tied For The 10th Hottest Year On Record by Arther Max, the global warming debate continues on.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states:

"Global warming is a global problem. To understand it, cope with it and try to keep it from getting worse, all the countries of the world need to work together. And when nations need to unite, they turn to the United Nations. The United Nations is playing a central role in clarifying the science of global warming and preparing a global plan of action to deal with it. Because UN organizations like FAO are neutral, their scientific and technical reports are trusted and they can negotiate agreements among countries with different political viewpoints and economic interests."

Dare I even suggest (I do not know if I should for fear of garnering the wrath of global warming deniers and conspiracists) that readers explore the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website.

Hey, all I can say is: Better safe than sorry! We all, and I do mean ALL, should error on the side of caution and implement all precautionary measures that assist in stemming the tide of "man-made" global warming.

Why, WHY, would anyone even take the most remote chance of endangering our children, our grandchildren, and the future of human-kind?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Chanukah Gift For You

To all the readers of Roland Hansen Commentary,

I am re-gifting this to you for Chanukah.

An extra special "Thank you" goes out to Rabbi Jason.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rick Perry, candidate for President of the United States of America, and Rabbi Jason Miller

Rick Perry has had made some interesting statements in his quest to obtain the Republican nomination and eventual win to the Office of POTUS, President Of The United States. Many times, Rick Perry makes a gaffe, and then comes back to retract his statement of this or that, of one kind or another.

Gaffes notwithstanding, many times Rick Perry makes statements concerning religion and government. In fact, Rick Perry has does so to such an extent that it appears to me he has essentially proclaimed his desire to have Christianity officially recognized as the national religion of the United States. However, much to the chagrin of Rick Perry and people who share Rick Perry's view on the Christian religion and American public policy, that darn First Amendment keeps getting in the way.

Well, Rabbi Jason Miller has responded to Rick Perry in a very thought-provoking way. I suggest you click on over to read:
Response to Rick Perry's Campaign Ad

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Message From Roland Louis Hansen

I bet you are expecting to read a personalized Thanksgiving message from me. Right? Wrong! I have no personal Thanksgiving message for you.

However, I strongly suggest you head over to a couple places to read these other Thanksgiving messages that I find personally meaningful and reflective:
A Time to Count Your Blessings, Pure Spirit Creations, As The Spirit Moves Me, Nina Amir.
Thanksgiving is Part of the Jewish Experience,, Rabbi Jason Miller.

Oh, by the way, on a personal note, I will be having a wonderful day and Thanksgiving dinner with loving family, my cousins who are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Sylvia and Roy Goldman (may they both rest in peace) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Blowing Smoke on Facebook

My good friend, Tim Higgins, wrote a piece in regards to Facebook. I need to tell ya that Tim is "Just Blowing Smoke..." That aside, I gotta say that mi amigo, Tim, has eloquently (or not) written that which also reflects my own views exactly. Tim Higgins is right on target.

Please take a look and read Getting Too Much Facetime.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

American Democracy Threatened

Back on March 2, 2007, I wrote a Roland's Ramblings (my other blog) in which I stated: "we in the United States of America are in jeopardy of having our representative democracy form of government destroyed."

I was not making a reference to any threats from terrorists. I was not alluding to a rebellion, civil war, uprising, people's revolt, or anything like that. I was not speaking of an economic crisis bringing about the demise of our nation. I was not even making reference to the Tea Party Movement or extremists from either the left or the right of the political spectrum.

No, indeed; none of those.

That which I believe is the biggest threat to our American government, our representative democracy, is "We The People" or more specifically the fact that very few Americans actually vote in our elections along with the ignorance of the American electorate as a whole.

I realize many people will take offense to my remarks, However, to be honest, I really do not think many people will read my comments. Even if the whole American population were to read my views on the matter, it makes no difference to me if some one should take offense. I stand by my views on the matter as I have expressed them

Then, I suppose there are the people who may take exception to my perception and opinion that the vast majority of Americans, especially American voters, are ignorant. Well, golly gee, people! I am not alone in my thinking and there are, indeed, some scholarly writings that tend to affirm my own thinking on the matter. For instance, take a look and read:
Somin, Ilya, When Ignorance Isn't Bliss: How Political Ignorance Threatens Democracy, Policy Analysis, No. 525, September 22, 2004.

Cross reference: Cato Institute 'lead' article.

So, what I want to shout out is this:
Do your homework, people! Read up, study, and learn about the issues and candidates for the upcoming elections; then, go out and vote with an informed mind!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holocaust: Hoax or Real?

There are those who believe the Holocaust is a hoax: these adherents of "Holocaust Denial" do not believe there is sufficient evidence to substantiate that six million Jews were killed under Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany regime.

Then, there are others who believe the Holocaust is real; they believe there is sufficient evidence to prove their case as was presented in the Nuremberg trials as documented in "The Nuremberg Scripts."

Hmmm, I do believe I saw some of those "Holocaust Denial" adherents at a recent Tea Party.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fred LeFebvre of WSPD: Rude and Crude are his True Colors

Approximately four years ago, I wrote a Roland Hansen Commentary about Fred LeFebvre, a radio show guy on Radio Station 1370 WSPD-AM Radio in Toledo, Ohio. I am surprised that Fred LeFebvre is still employed at WSPD; and quite frankly, after what transpired tonight, I call for his resignation. If Fred LeFebvre does not resign from his duties at WSPD, then Clear Channel Communications, Inc., the owners of WSPD, should fire him. Fred LeFebvre, as a public representative of his employer has demonstrated that he is totally irresponsible and reckless in his dealings with the public, service consumers, and potential audience of WSPD.

Oh! You are probably wondering what this is all about. Okay, I will let you in on it. Well, you see, earlier this evening, I had a chance encounter with Fred LeFebvre on the Facebook wall of Mark Dansack. It turned out to be very interesting, indeed. It started when Mark Dansack wrote an "update status" as to what was on his mind making a comment about tax cuts for the wealthy. In what followed, Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD-AM Radio showed his true colors of RUDE and CRUDE.

Tell you what, rather than try to summarize what transpired, you can read it yourself. I have copied the Facebook exchange between Mark Dansack, Fred LeFebvre, and me word for word, and I pasted it below:
Mark Dansack Tax cuts for all the wealthy. They're bound to create jobs for all of us ! Hasn't this been tried for the last 10 years ? The only jobs being created are out of the country. The definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing and expecting different results.
Fred Lefebvre: It appears that you are calling Pres. Obama insane.
Roland Hansen: Why was it necessary or appropriate as a follow up to the initial comment for Fred Lefebvre to make that snide comment about the President? Does he always have to just be one of the low denizens of Obama Bashers? Bash, bash, bash - it gets tiring, boring, and humdrum. The bottom line is that the historical evidence has demonstrated tax cuts for the richest of the richest has not spurred any jobs - period - none. nada, zilch. If I am mistaken, please cite the raw data (not opinion) proving a positive correlation between tax cuts and job creation.
Mark Dansack: Fred's a one trick pony re: Obama. Barack could cure cancer and Fred would complaiin he didn't do it fast enough. Something tells me that Fred doesn't like Obama.
Fred Lefebvre: Did I bash the POTUS? I simply commented on mark's observation about insanity being doing the same thing and expecting different results.
Fred Lefebvre: If you two don't like the posts you can always go somewhere else. I believe we've raised taxes a number of times over the years also and without the attendant job growth.
Mark Dansack: At least you can't hang up on me on Facebook, Fred.
Fred Lefebvre: i wouldn't hang up on you on air either mark if you had the balls to call
Mark Dansack: I try to call when you guys have a guest on, and am told to call back after the guests off the air. That doesn't really give us a chance to challenge what your guest is saying, does it ?
Fred Lefebvre: no it doesn't. the guest isn't there to answer your questions, he's there to answer mine.
Mark Dansack: no one has all the questions or all the answers.
Roland Hansen: Re: Fred Lefebvre - Roland Hansen Commentary: Fred LeFebvre: The Disappearing Act
Mark Dansack: sometimes a discussion on certain programs closely resembles a diatribe ?
Fred Lefebvre: oh my god roland you are going back years for that one aren't you? you were as unimportant to me then as you are now
Roland Hansen: ‎@ Fred - ROTFLMAO
Fred Lefebvre: i guess the real question is not should we raise taxes then, but how much should the government be allowed to take from the people who work for it.
Roland Hansen: ‎@ Fred - DUH
Fred Lefebvre: and how much is that mark and roland? how much of my money as a percentage should the government be allowed to take?
Roland Hansen: ‎@ Fred - Yahn!
Mark Dansack: I'd rather have middle class Americans have more $$ in their pockets. At least they might spend a little to spur the economy, although so many products are made outside the country, I'm not sure we would see any job growth beyond retail jobs.
Roland Hansen: Oh, jeesh, my "Yahn" comment up there was really a "yawn." In my humble opinion, Fred Lefebvre sure has demonstrated a true lack of professionalism and a total lack of civility. His comments here directed at me in a belittling manner are reprehensible, but do indeed show his true character -- you know - the one he tried to cover up in his entry on that blog entry to which I linked. Go ahead, take a look at it and you will see for yourself that I write the truth.

 *** UPDATE AS SEPTEMBER 20, 2011:
Apparently I wrote and published this blog entry a little bit too early because there was more. Here is what was posted on that same exchange after that last comment above:
Fred Lefebvre: Roland you are the Ed Emery of Facebook. You really think anyone cares whether or not I returned a call to some self important blogger 4 years ago? Isn't there a link to something your wife wrote that we could be pointed to also.
Mark Dansack: My page is not to be used for personal insults. I welcome a healthy discussion of the issues at hand and honest respectful disagreement. It's what has made our country great. Thanks
Judy Rosenberg Hansen: "Do tell Fred, what was it I wrote about that you are referring to?"
Dave Westrick: "Wow, bringing a guys' wife into it, how low can you go, Oh never mind it's Fred. Trollin along Bottom feeding fred."
What do you think? Are the words and actions of Fred LeFebvre an appropriate display for a person holding an on-the-air employment position with 1370 WSPD-AM Radio?
***Incidentally, there was no further dialogue on that message thread because Fred LeFebvre chose to unfriend (defriend) me (and Mark Dansack) on FaceBook.

Postscript: There are some very interesting, if not intelligent, comments over on the SwampBubbles message thread "Who Is Fred LeFebvre, Anyway?" - take a look, it is funny stuff in its own sick convoluted way.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chili Dog, Public Lands, and the Public Good

It's been awhile since my last entry here on Roland Hansen Commentary.

-- Whatever. --

I just do not have an overwhelming desire nor do I have a compelling need to write my opinions just to for the sake of writing. At any rate, I had decided earlier to write a commentary about a certain topic here and was just preparing to do so, but upon going through my google reader first, I came across an entry on Chili Dog Blog that I read thoroughly.

I was, and am, so impressed by its commentary and perspective on the very important issue of public lands as it relates to private ownership of land and the overall public good that I decided to link to that Chili Dog Blog entry here instead. In my own opinion, it is indeed very much on target and very well stated.

Please take the time to click on over to read:
Political No Man’s Land as posted by Chili Dog on September 14, 2011.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Republicans Use Glock To Take Aim At Congresswoman

Back on January 8, 2011, Jared Lee Loughner took aim with his Glock in his attempt to assassinate Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords. Loughner's attempt to kill Representative Giffords failed; however, Giffords suffered an extremely serious head wound. Loughner also shot 19 other people in his Glock shooting spree murdering six of those people in cold blood.

The local Republican Party has since also taken aim with a Glock pistol at Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who just happens to be a Democrat, a woman, Jewish, and the wife of Astronaut Mark Kelly.

Yes, indeed, in all its wisdom, the Pima County GOP, the local Republican Party in Representative Gabrielle Giffords' Arizona's 8th congressional district, is raffling off a Glock handgun to raise money in its get-out-the-vote efforts in the district to defeat her and other Democrats in future elections.

Read about it yourself in the article from Politico: Ariz.GOP raffling off Glock gun.

Just remember: Guns don't kill people; people kill people; guns with bullets just make it easier for people to kill people.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Americans Lack Outrage

In spite of cries from a very few people in the United States of America, there is really no outrage coming from the everyday, common American citizen. The majority of Americans have no clue of what is going on in the world. The majority of Americans have no idea of how national, state, or local government works in America. The majority of Americans do not vote in elections. Even when the "truth" is known, the majority of Americans just plain do not care. There is very little, if any, outrage in America. The bottom line is:

Americans Lack Outrage.

For an extremely interesting perspective on this subject, I strongly encourage you to read Where's the Outrage? by Daniel Wagner.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boxers or Briefs? Cloth or Paper with Plastic?

While raising my children, we used cotton cloth diapers while the children were in their infancy. We did so even though disposable diapers had already been in wide use. We also home laundered those cloth diapers rather than using a diaper service.

Nowadays, it seems to me as though most parents just seem to be too darn lazy to use cloth diapers that in my opinion are not only financially prudent but are also environmentally safe. Instead modern parents seem to take a much, much more expensive route, even though they may be strapped financially, in their use of disposable diapers which in my opinion not only clutter the environment but are also hazardous to the environment.

Let us briefly look at the history of the diaper from Wikipedia:
...Wrapping children not yet toilet trained, in some absorbent barrier, is as old as human history...
In the 19th century, the modern diaper/ nappy began to take shape and mothers in many parts of the world used cotton material, held in place with a fastening - eventually the safety pin. Cloth diapers in the United States were first mass produced in 1887 by Maria Allen.
...In 1956, Procter & Gamble began researching disposable diapers. ... invented what would be trademarked "Pampers". ... Although Pampers were conceptualized in 1959, the diapers themselves were not launched into the market until 1961. ...
Read the entire Wikipedia Diaper article; just click on its title.

I have found a couple web pages on the cyber information highway that I suggest you read (click on their titles to do so):
The Great Disposable Diaper Debate from The Donella Meadows Archive, Voice of a Global Citizen
Diapers, Diapers & More Diapers, "Cloth vs. Disposable" from The New Parents Guide ™

I mean, what's it all about, Alfie?

If we aren't debating cloth or paper diapers we get into the Boxers versus Briefs question. There is a comparative essay by Bruce McBaxter entitled Boxers versus Briefs which leads the subject of tighty whities into another whole debate as we wonder What Does Your Underwear Say About You? and even as some people have the gall to question the President of the United States "Boxers or Briefs?" I guess it all depends. And that, then, gets us back to the question Boxers or Briefs? for later life. So, now, we are back to where we started.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Politicians and Government, A Facebook Dialogue


I always find it interesting that some people like to think of themselves as experts in some field, e.g. politics, government, the English language, home repairs, health and fitness, religion, cultural beliefs, etc., and then attempt to pass that facade onto others who they may or may not know. I find it especially interesting when it comes to internet bulletin boards, social networks, blogs and the like. Somethings really grab my attention, like the subjects of government and politics. Generally, I take the approach of attempting to have an intelligent exchange, but some folks just hang on to their own misinformation in an attempt to justify their own beliefs; at times, during such situations, I may point out my background in those areas in order to indicate that I am not without some education and experience in the subject areas. I do so in the sincere attempt of establishing credibility; however, some folks are so insecure in their own credibility that they turn to attacking me personally when I have pointed out my "credentials" in the topics under discussion. One such incident just recently happened; and, I wish to share it with you.

This is a copy and paste job of a Facebook exchange I had over the past two days on the topics of Politicians and Government:

Deana Bloecher (via Daryl Hansen)
Here's something to think about. A politician sees his family everyday, a deployed SOLDIER once in 6 months. A politician flies 1st class; a SOLDIER flies in a C130. A politician's pension is not reduced; a SOLDIER'S is clawed 65%. A politician enjoys an expense account; a SOLDIER must justify extra rations. A politician vows to defend their country; a SOLDIER actually keeps that promise. REPOST IF YOU SUPPORT OUR TROOPS Thanks for sharing

Roland Hansen
I served many years as a politician and while doing so I did not get to see my family very much, I did not fly first class, I did not receive a pension from it, I did not have an expense account, and I served my country with sweat equity. To make broad generalized statements about politicians is a great disservice. Go to my information page and review my background; it speaks for itself.

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Depends on what kind of local, state or Federal...most of what is talked about in the above has to do with Federal Politicians yes I also know they don't see their family everyday..but see them MORE that the Soldier...........

Roland Hansen
Why in the world would anyone paint all politicians with one broad brush? That is just like any other form of prejudice; like saying all Jews are ... or all Blacks are ... or all Polish people are ... or all blondes are ... or all Catholics are ... or all Mexicans are ... Get my drift???? Shame, shame, shame! A person can be an advocate for our troops without putting some one else down.

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Roland, in all my years I've seen more Politicians waste money, don't do what WE THE PEOPLE ask of them and think of just themselves. To me there are MORE like that than are not...They think that WE THE PEOPLE have pockets that just keep on filling up magically when they get empty just to cover what THEY (Politicians) miss spend & raise our taxes....Oh yeah while THEY give themselves pay raises...Yes my husband & I use to be in the middle income level both worked husband owned small business we lived below our means didn't OWN anyone any money...guess what we are in the low income level now...ONLY CHANGES CAME FROM OUR POLITICIANS & TAXES Oh yeah both of us are Veterans it's really Shame Shame Shame on 90% of the Politicians..........

Roland Hansen
Jude: Ignorance is bliss, as is rationalization and denial. You speak of WE THE PEOPLE and yet fail to acknowledge that those politicians of which you speak were duly elected BY THE PEOPLE, i.e. by the majority of the electorate who are WE THE PEOPLE. Additionally, when those duly elected officials perform their duties on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE, they do so in their official capacity of Representatives OF THE PEOPLE. You, Jude, speak for yourself; you have not been elected BY THE PEOPLE to represent WE THE PEOPLE. Shame on you for demonstrating a lack of understanding and knowledge of the workings of a representative democracy form of government, i.e. a Republic. I award you an "F" in the subject of American Government. None-the-less, you are entitled to your opinion and our Constitution guarantees your right to express that opinion. Another aspect of our system of government is: Majority Rules and Minority Rights.

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Oh...but if you look at things how it has changed over the years you find that it's the Minority that Rules on a lot of Pledge of allegiance out of most schools, Bible out of the schools, OK to burn the Flag as freedom of speech etc etc...Also if you look to see how the elections are won...I will use my home state Washington as an example....due to population 99% of the state can vote one way while the King/Kipsat county votes another...those counties wipe all the other votes out...just like New York City wipes out what the rest of the state votes for....there needs to be a change but I don't have the answer to that Can you come up with one??? So WE THE PEOPLE feel like we have a far shake at what is going on in OUR government???

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Oh yeah Roland...just so you know I'm an Conservative Independent who believe in our Constitution and think that Our government should go back to the way of Our Forefathers...go to Washington for 3 months GET THE JOB DONE and go back to their home state and work a Real job....

Roland Hansen
Jude, to use that old-fashioned Conservative phrase, "America, love it or leave it." Your display of "poor loser" syndrome is obvious. If you think you can do better, run for office yourself. Or, is it easier to sit back and play "pity me, I am so oppressed." Give me a break! Oh yeah Jude, just so you know, I just happen to be a retired person who taught American government at the University of Toledo and at Owens Community College. I was also inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society and into PI Alpha Alpha, the National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration. And you think you are the expert, eh? I am out of here. I see no use in wasting my time with a closed-minded person whose motto may as well be "Don't confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up."

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Roland...I'm not closed a good discussion so I can learn things...seems to me you are the 'closed minded person here' called me ignorant...but I know there are already federal laws on the books about balance budget & deficit reduction...too bad the elected Officials don't an thought there should be an amendment added to the Constitution just for that.....also you don't know if I was or am in politics...just grabbing at a straw there...My mind is never made up...But I can see learn & feel... That's what is GREAT about the US of A...........we have the freedom to speak our minds, learn & live....we also have the freedom to agree to disagree with knot heads.........

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Oh yeah it looks like you are too educated to think like a small time taxpayer....I never said I was 'an expert' but you seem to think you are due to all your education...tend to think it's funny when people have to through their education into a conversation........

Jude Cohoon Beretta Banks
Oh yeah it looks like you are too educated to think like a small time taxpayer...I never said I was 'an expert' but you seem to think you are due to ALL your education...tend to think it's funny when people have to throw their education into a conversation...I learned the more educated a person think they are they tend NOT to have any common sense...


I guess I showed my arrogance in that exchange. However, I just cannot stand it when someone makes broad generalized statements based on assumptions rather than fact, rationalizes his or her opinion regardless of the facts presented, and then attempts to circumvent the whole thing by switching the gears of the conversation into a tangential side attack to avoid the original topic.

Comments, anyone? Bring it on, people!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guns and Killing

Pistols, rifles, firearms - they are all guns to me. Now that I have your attention, I have a brief, factual statement:


Raising an eyebrow, are you?
Tell you what. Go ahead and read:
History of the firearm
The Invention of Guns

Now, I will sit back and await the response of gun-lovers who usually try to make my brief, factual statement into something other than what my explicitly concise factual statement is.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Business Corporations and Economic Stimulation

I just read a blog entry of Karen Shanahan over at Shanahan Select that I thought put some things into what I think is the proper perspective regarding the history, the role, and recommended future approach of corporations and big business in the economy of the United States of America. I thank Karen for writing such a good article, one that reflects my own biased, personal opinion.

I suggest you read:
Stimulating The Economy, Reducing The Deficit... The Private Sector Solution

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello, Buckeye CableSystem. Hello, Customer Service. Hello, This is Peggy.

As do many other people nowadays, I bundle my telephone, internet, and television services with one provider. Well, the other day, I had some problems with my Buckeye CableSystem service. Rather than restate it here in my two blogs, i.e. Roland Hansen Commentary and Roland's Ramblings, I think I will just copy and paste the comments I made about it on Facebook, as follows:
Been without landline telephone service all day. Judy used cell phone to call telephone provider Buckeye CableSystem. She got a recorded message stating there were too many incoming telephone calls, call back later, and then Buckeye Cable hung up on her. This is service? I think not. Anyone else having problems?
To that I added another comment, as follows:
At least the internet service was restored after several hours. But, upon going to Buckeye CableSystem website, I could get NO INFORMATION about the telephone blackout!!!!!
If you read that carefully, my concern was what seemed to me to be inadequate and unsatisfactory customer service. Well, one person got it right away when that person wrote this comment:
Hate that!!! That is not customer service! Reminds me of the commercial, this is Peggy!
I found some very interesting reading about customer service and the commercials with the Peggy character over at Conveyance Marketing Group. Take a look at it for yourself by clicking over to: Hello This is Peggy What is Problem Please?

While I thought I stated my concern was about customer service, it appears someone else did not read it that way, when that person wrote:
"Since this is the company my husband works for that every one is bashing...their phone lines can only hold so much call traffic with all the people calling has NOTHING TO DO WITH BUCKEYE CABLE SYSTEM as a company...It is 100 degrees outside be grateful we all have electricity to run fans and air conditioners!"
To which I responded, in part:
"xxxxxx, I understand the heat and power overload is a major factor. I just do not understand why I cannot get someone from Buckeye Cablesystem or its website to at least tell me what is going on. Please do not misconstrue my comments as a personalization of individual employees; that certainly is not the intention of my comments."
The aforementioned person came back later and wrote:
"Then switch to dish and when it rains and snows you won't have anything!"
(Oh, by the way, the comments made by the aforementioned person have since been removed by that same person from my Facebook wall.)

Those comments made by the aforementioned person totally confused me, in that my comments were about customer service and only customer service. First off, Buckeye CableSystem could have a different outgoing message with a bit more sensitivity to it; second, Buckeye CableSystem could put their incoming telephone calls into virtual queue and answer them or call them back in the order in which they were received; third, in that Buckeye CableSystem is all about communication, it seems to me that there should be some kind of communication tool on their website that could address the type of problems I was experiencing, at the very least, the Buckeye CableSystem website could have a Q & A section on all their products. You see, the whole problem that I encountered was that I could not even speak with Peggy.

It seems to me that good customer service is a thing of the past. I find it especially distressing that this particular cable service provider that has the monopoly on cable service in the greater Toledo, Ohio area and that specializes in the communications industry priding itself as being on the technology forefront of the industry cannot even have a half-way decent effective means of handling customer service queries.

Perhaps, if Toledo, Ohio had two cable service providers as does Phoenix, Arizona with Cox Communications and Qwest Communications International, then there would be better customer service generated due to the business competition for customers.

What do you think?
Update as of Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 12:07pm (posted on my Facebook wall):
Buckeye CableSystem - Spolier Alert!!! Earlier this afternoon, approximately an hour ago about 2:00 p.m., I had an extremely unpleasant, bad, terrible customer service experience at the Buckeye CableSystem Customer Service DeVeaux Office location of 2600 W. Sylvania Avenue, Suite 106, Toledo Ohio 43613. I wanted to find out if there was a less expensive telephone, television, internet bundle package than the one I presently have but that would still serve the purpose for what I use. The representative was downright rude and nasty, being much less than helpful. She kept telling me I had a good bundle package and that I could wind up paying more for less service. I attempted on more than one occasion to explain what I wanted but she kept interrupting me; there was actually about 4 attempts by me. I finally stated "Let me word myself as simple as I can." Then I said "Is there a less expensive bundle than what I presently have?" To that, she started to tell me what services I had, to which I stated I know what I have, I want to know if there is a less expensive bundle. Well, she side-stepped the question and said she was just trying to help and .... Well, I couldn't be frustrated anymore, I gathered up my statement, stated she was not very helpful and started to leave -- at which point she told me to have a nice day. I asked her her name; she sad Pam; I asked her for her last name, she said she did not have to give it to me and then said she had only tried to help but I should have a nice day. RIGHT!!! As I was getting into my car, another customer had come out of the building and told me it was not me that was the problem, that she and others had also had problems with that same representative on previous occasions and had reported her. Oh, well. I am not happy. Maybe, I will find out the answer to my question another way. I must say that most employees of Buckeye CableSystem of whom I have encountered are very professional, kind, and helpful - extremely so --- but not this 'Pam' woman, who needed my full name, address, and telephone number before she would "help" me. OMG!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spendthrifts Live Beyond Their Means

People never cease to amaze me. Right now, I am thinking of people who do not know how to manage their own personal finances. I know many people who have well above-average incomes that are constantly in debt and who are always asking for personal loans from relatives and friends to bail them out of yet another financial mess in which they have gotten themselves.

Even after all these years, I am still constantly amazed at the people who irresponsibly spend money without regard to paying the debts and obligations they have already incurred. More often than not, they are spendthrifts living beyond their means in a lifestyle that others would find luxurious.

Even though these people are deeply in debt, they continue to spend money as if money was burning a hole in their pocket. And all the while, they will continue to borrow money from their family and friends who have less income than they and who live a much more modest lifestyle. In fact, the spendthrift will be living more luxuriously than the person from whom they borrowed money.

To exacerbate the situation even more, there is the spendthrift who has become a moocher and who is very slow, or does not even attempt, to repay the person from whom they borrowed money, but instead will go to the movies, dine at fine restaurants, buy personal luxury items, go casino gambling, and more, even borrowing more money from the same person, who is oblivious to the extravagant lifestyle, or borrowing more money from others. These are not your everyday spendthrifts; these are the moochers that have no pride. They have no conscious.

A spendthrift is a wastrel is a profligate. Reckless spending seems to be a frequent everyday occurrence for the spendthrift. Not mindful of spending money, the wastrel will make purchases of unnecessary and unneeded items. Not conscious of the value of the food dollar, the profligate will usually dine outside the home.

Rather than making a car payment or a house payment or pay a utility bill, the spendthrift will buy a new television set, a new cell phone or blackberry, lottery tickets, some video games, a household or electronic luxury gadget that really is not needed, a daily soda pop at a fast food drive-through just because it is convenient, 2 or 3 car washes per week, etc. The wastrel will go down to the bar to drink with friends and buy a round of drinks for the house, maybe even bring in some fast food items as an additional treat for their bar buddies. Oftentimes, these profligates go out to restaurants to eat most of their meals rather than prepare meals at home that is, of course, much more financially efficient.

Hey --- What's that you say? Oh, you remember the entry "Money burns a hole in my pocket" that I made on December 14, 2009 in Roland's Ramblings. Oh, oh!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Obsolescence of Family Ties and Interpersonal Social Ties

I remember many good classroom discussions during my college adjunct faculty years when I was teaching Sociology of Marriage and the Family. I recall thinking at the time of how the focus on family life seemed of less a priority to the typical college student in my classes on the subject than it was to previous generations.

Now onward to this entry -

The Obsolescence of Family Ties and Interpersonal Social Ties.

As more time has gone by, I am even more convinced that people no longer value family ties to any great extent; perhaps, I should clarify by specifying that statement is more applicable to the ties of family other than one's minor children or spouse.

The study of Marriage & Family Processes can be very interesting from an academe perspective. The observation of family interactions is even more interesting from a personal perspective; it is also very perplexing and troubling, or least it is to me as I see what I perceive as the deteriorating importance of extended family life.

The theme song of Family Ties enters my mind as I compose this commentary. That, in turn, leads me to express an analogy to that show. As the television series Family Ties went off the broadcast airwaves into the sunset, re-runs excepted, so has real life family ties totally dissolved as each person goes his or her own separate way as did the actress who portrayed the mother, Elyse Keaton in the television series Family Ties.

Real life interpersonal social ties are also obsolete, or so it seems to me, as I wrote in a couple years ago in Roland's Ramblings Law of Diminishing Returns, in which blog entry I closed with a link to Roland Hansen Commentary Social Network Services Diminish Family Life And Friendships.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Don't Need No Stinking Independent Politicians!

People who want to elect more and more "independent" politicians unaffiliated with any political party must have their head up their keister. I mean, come on people, think. Or is that too difficult for you?

If you think it takes too long to get things done in Congress or the state legislature or the city council with those bodies basically composed of representatives from two major political parties, how long do you think it would take to get things done if the majority of those elected officials were "independent" and not affiliated with a political party????

The fact of the matter is very basic: "Independent" politicians have no common grounds on which to base their public policy decisions and in which to enact legislation. Their only commonality is that they are independent of political parties and of one another. Period!

Now, if you were to say, you are desirous of more independent-thinking politicians who have a common perspective with others who are part of a general coalition of people with varying beliefs but who belong to a political party with a set of planks of a political platform in which there is room for some differences in opinion and different levels of adherence, then I would wholeheartedly agree.

That's my take on it all, and I am sticking with it!

I Don't Need No Stinking Independent Politicians!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ascertaining the Virginity of Egyptian Women

The following is a copy of what I wrote earlier today on my other blog, Roland's Ramblings, Anthology of writings from Roland Louis Hansen of Toledo, Ohio and Mesa, Arizona:
Are there really any Egyptian women who are virgins? Apparently, some people want to know the answer to that question.
Click on over to to read Egypt: general confirms "virginity check" forced on female protesters by military

Living in the United States of America, I find it interesting to learn about different countries, different cultures, different norms, different mores, different values, etc.
Now for my Roland Hansen Commentary:
Somehow, I have to wonder about individual human civil rights in Egypt. The United States of America sits idly by during the civil unrest in Egypt, meanwhile, the USA continues to interfere with the internal affairs of Libya. And then there is this: Our strongest ally in that region, Israel, is asked by President Barack Obama to open its arms to Hamas, the MidEast equivalent of al-Qaeda.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Was Randy Savage A Jewish Italian Macho Man?

Was Randy Savage a Jewish Italian? Or, was the wrestler Macho Man an Italian Jew? Was Randy an American or Italian or what? Did Macho Man profess to be Jewish? Did Randy Savage celebrate Chanukah? Did he observe Rosh HaShanaah and Yom Kippur? Inquiring minds want to know; well, at least, this inquiring mind (that's me, Roland Louis Hansen) wants to know.

I recently made an honest, legitimate, and sincere comment on the blog entry Jewish Wrestler Randy Savage Dies in which I addressed the blog writer. I asked for some clarification in the use of ethnic descriptors in order to better understand their use, You see, the writer referred to the ethnic parentage of Macho Man Randy Savage. The writer, Rabbi Jason Miller, used two labels: "Italian" for the paternal parent, and "Jewish" for the maternal parent. The blog writer concluded that Macho Man Randy Savage was Jewish, but never wrote whether Randy Savage identified himself as Jewish or if Randy Savage ever observed and practiced the religion of Judaism.

In response, a troll who with an apparent lack of self-esteem and self-confidence hid his or her own real identity by ingeniously using the name "Anonymous" made light of my comments in his or her sarcastic return comment in a satirical attack on me.

I truly believe that some people intermingle and/or misuse ethnic identifiers. It has hit me personally over the years. My mother always stated she was a Russian Jew, but she was born in Ukraine. My father was a nonobservant Lutheran born in Elk Horn, Iowa, U.S.A. of parents that had emigrated from Denmark.

Throughout the years, I have been labeled by many people as a Jew, a dirty Jew, and as a half-breed Jew. I have yet to be labeled as a Dane or as Danish or as Russian or as Ukrainian by others who know that Judaism is my religion. There were many people of the Jewish religion who lived in Denmark during World War II that were protected by the Danish government. They were Danish citizens who followed, observed, and practiced Judaism. Would they be identified as Danish Jews or as Jewish Danes? As I previously stated, my mother identified herself as a Russian Jew til the day she died in 1984. In that she was born in Ukraine, I wonder if her ancestors were from Russia and had moved to Ukraine.

I have always wondered if any of my paternal ancestors were Danish Vikings or if any of my maternal ancestors came from the ancient nations of Judea or Israel. I will never know. Am I a Jewish Danish Russian Ukrainian? What label would you give me? Personally, I refer to me as American, pure and simple.

As far as that anonymous troll is concerned, I say "Shove off if you cannot have an intelligent discussion."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Presidential Race 2012

Well, it appears the race is now on in the quest to secure the next United States Presidency. Incumbent President Barack Obama has announced his re-election candidacy. Several Republicans have announced their jump into the foray. Some of the more prominent candidates include: former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Congressman Ron Paul, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and former US Senator Rick Santorum.

That ditzy, lame-brain, speak from the hip without thinking, quitter by not completing a previous elected position as Governer of Alaska Sarah Palin is still stomping around the world riding the crest of popularity fueled by poor-thinking, mal-thinking, non-thinking drones who are enamored with negative generalizations about almost everything. Hopefully, Palin will pale before any formal announcement of a 2012 President candidacy and that ship will sink before leaving port.

Donald Duck, er, I mean, Donald Trump has not yet made a final decision but the Trump has been making a "Presidential" stump an almost every day exercise. I wonder if DT's approach to solving the financial difficulties of the national government is the same as it is in his private business life. Filing bankruptcy sure did help him in his business ventures bringing him back to his multi-million dollars status. Of course, I am sure his debtors would have liked to have been paid once The Donald re-gained his millions. But, Donald ducked any moral responsibility and stiffed those people big time. In my opinion, Donald Trump is a greedy, bloodsucking, self-serving parasite making money off the sweat of the brow of others with no thought of, or care for, those he stomps upon. I say Dump Trump.

Mick Huckabee has announced he is not running for President in 2012, but has not ruled out a future race for the number 1 political elective contest in America. Huckabee has the good sense to know this is not the time for him to run for President. After all he is now making big bucks in private life with his television show and book writing and professional speaking engagements and on and on and on. Shucks, Hucks and Bucks! Why would Mike want to give up all that just to provide public service to our country? Money talks and Huckabee walks.

I could write much more but that is enough from me today. I will save it for another time.

For a more complete list of people who have either announced their candidacy or who have formed exploratory committees or who are being mentioned as potential candidates, click on over to the Presidency 2012 web page of Ron Gunzburger's website. That web page will automatically update as time goes by, consequently some of which I have written here today (May 15, 2011) will become obsolete with the passage of time; and, of course, informationon on that web page may change each time you check back to it.

What? You say you want to know my views on President Obama? My simple response:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rising Gasoline Prices: Blame President Barack Obama!

In these days of once again rising gasoline prices in the United States of America, it is not uncommon for tea party movement folks and Republicans and other conservatives, aka Obama Bashers, to blame President Barack Obama for those obscenely high gasoline prices. Heck, not only can Obama Bashers blame the President for high gas prices here in the USA, they may as well blame him for high gasoline prices throughout the world.

Well, it stands to reason, right? Here let us read the facts about gasoline prices:
American Petroleum Institute: What’s Up With Gasoline Prices?
Worldwide Retail Prices of Gasoline (US cents per litre)
Gas prices around the world
U.S. gas prices are a joke ... in Norway

As you can easily discern from those readings, all these absurdly high gasoline prices are plainly the fault of President Barack Obama. Or, are they?

I am sure that Big Corporate Oil Company Greed has absolutely nothing to do with the high price of gasoline. If you doubt that, just click on over to read:
Exxon Mobil 1Q Profit Soars 69% On Higher Oil Prices
Shell 1Q Adjusted Profit Soars 30% To $6.29B On Higher Oil Price
Big Oil continues to see big profits, pollution while Americans get robbed at the pump
Oil profits, rhetoric on the rise

As those tea-partying conservatives and Republicans may think, I say "Do not confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up."
With their line of thinking, i.e, conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party Movement members, we can safely say that President Barack Obama is the source of all our problems, not only in America but also throughout the whole wide world!
Oh, yes, and Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake also.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jewish People, aka (to some people) Jews, Eat Pork

There are many people who have misinformation about Jewish practices and observances. Most people are of the belief that Jewish people do not eat pork or shellfish. There are some folks who even get into a long discussion in answer to the question: Do Jewish people eat pork?

It would appear from the comments contained in the preceding link that there are some Jewish people who do eat pork.

Another discussion I found on 'the net'is from The Straight Dope, Fighting Ignorance Since 1973, (It's Taking Longer Than We Thought). You might enjoy it; so click on over to read:
Why do some religious Jews eat pork and shrimp?

Speaking of the straight dope, You might find it entertaining to go to the following web page:
Why Jews don't eat pork according to Howard Stern

I was reared in Reform Judaism. I do not fit the stereotype that many people have of one who is Jewish. And for the life of me, I do not understand why so many people have no clue as to the different movements or denominations within Judaism. Heck, I even wonder what it is about those Jewish people who think the platform of their Jewish denomination is the right one and that other denominations are not really Jewish; and, I really wonder why some Jewish people think their Rabbi is right and my Rabbi is wrong.

As a "Reform Jew," I found the following web page to be interesting reading:
Are some Reform Jews so liberal they eat lobster and pork?

Come to think of it, many people have many questions regarding Reform Judaism to which the immediately preceding embedded link attempt to answer.

Another web page that raised my eyebrows was an entry from the blog of The Fly Fishing Rabbi. You just might find it interesting, also. Click on over to read:
Why do Jews not eat Pork?

Now, I am totally confused.

Well, maybe we don't have a solid, conclusive answer to the question of whether Jews eat ham or pork chops or bacon or lobster or shrimp or clams or whatever; but,
We all know what a Jew looks like. Right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel: Nonresponsive, Unaccountable, Holier-than-thou Attitude???

I am reading some interesting stuff about the Treasurer of the State of Ohio, a fellow by the name of Josh Mandel. I am not kidding you; I josh you not; his name is Josh.

Upon reading a blog entry of Jill Miller Zimon, I cannot help but have three descriptives come to my mind in regards to Josh Mandel (Mandel is his last name, not to be confused with mandelbrot). In light of those descriptives, I ask: "Is Josh Mandel nonresponsive, unaccountable, and have a holier-than-thou attitude?"

I suggest you click on over to read Mandel Supports Anti-Choice Legislation Not Even Supported by Ohio Right to Life from the blog Writes Likes She Talks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

United States and Selective Reasoning Violate the Constitution

Tim Higgins of Just Blowing Smoke... is not blowing any smoke when it comes to 'calling as it is' regarding the historical selective reasoning of the government of the United States of America in the interpretation, limitations, and adherance/nonadherance of and to the Constitution of the United States of America.

I strongly encourage you to click on over to read "The Beam In Our Own Eye" and you may ascertain for yourself the validity and veracity of that which I am of the belief to be the truth.

While Timothy W. Higgins points out the facts, it seems as though the entire population of the USA chooses not to see our country's history and current operations with clear vision but rather through a smoky lens.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools' Day to Roland Hansen

April Fools' Day came a day early for me.

Yesterday morning, I composed a Roland Hansen Commentary that I thought was really quite good. I thought it was well-worded, informative with plenty of links, witty, and entertaining. I really enjoyed putting it together - I better have; it took me over three hours to complete.

Then a strange thing happened. After I had checked, checked again, and re-checked it to make sure it was in good final publishing form, and after I hit the "publish post" key, or so I thought, I logged out. Awhile later, when I returned to Roland Hansen Commentary, the entry on which I had worked so hard was not there. I looked everywhere for it. I looked in drafts, in the clipboard, on the desktop, in word programs, in memory on the hard drive, in temporary files and every kind of file of which I could think; I mean to tell you I looked everywhere. It got lost somewhere in cyberspace. It was as though April Fools' Day came one day early and someone had played an evil, nightmarish April Fools' Day prank on me.

I am sickened at the loss and still fermished enough and farklempt that I do not want to re-create that entry. I do not think I can equal the creativity of which I was inspired as I penned that entry yesterday. It is lost in space forever.

Now, after having undergone such a tradgedy, it remains to be seen whether I ever blog here again. Or, is that statement just an April Fools' Day prank of mine.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why the USA is fighting in Libya.

Nice title, eh?

So, the question is: Why are we (the United States of America) intervening with military action in yet another foreign country's domestic matters, i.e. Libya?

You tell me, because I'll be darned if I know.

Our country's founding was based on the premise that the people of the country have the right of self-determination in the matter of their own form of government, and if the people did not like that government, then the people of the country have the right to change or abolish that government. Poorly worded, but I think you get my drift in paraphrasing our Declaration of Independence.

Okay, I understand that some Libyans are unhappy with their government and want change. And, the Libyan people as a group have the right to do so. That is the Libyans have that right, not America. It seems to me that the United States of America has injected itself into the internal affairs of many countries over the past 50 years. It does not matter to me whether I agree with the form of government in another country; it is not my country; it is up to the people of the other country to have whatever form of government they want.

Oh, wait. I seem to remember something about a country called Viet Nam. Now, what is it? Oh, yes, now I remember, We lost our military intervention into that country's civil war, as did France before us, and we (the U.S.A.) got our asses kicked. Now, the very same government that we opposed in Viet Nam apparently has full trade with the USA as I see many products on American retail shelves with the label "Made in Viet Nam." Lesson learned: Why is the United States of America fighting in the civil war (if that is what it is) of Libya?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin: Leading The Charge of Contemporary Anti-Union Laws

I find it interesting that the Republican Governor and the Republican controlled state legislature of the State of Wisconsin are foolishly rushing to squash the collective bargaining rights of their public employess. They cite the state deficit, the current poor economy, and collective bargaining as reasons for not being able to afford the continued wages and benefits of the state's (including local political subdivisions) political employees; and then use that as the reason to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining rights.

I say what a bunch of cowardly, mismanagement, nonfeasance, 'blame-the-other-guy' syndrome! Why do you have to strip the unions of collective bargaining rights? Why not assume the responsibility and accountability of good public management? Tow the line, hang tough in negotiations, and stay with the bottom line management offer regarding wages and benefits. Oh, poor management! That would require them to work. So, those yayholes of Wisconsin Republican politicians decided that serfdom would make for a better workforce and is the better way to manage the budget.

Oh, and the latest (as of the date of writing this Roland Hansen Commentary) on the Republican bulldozing anti-union legislation is that a judge has temporarily blocked the law from taking effect; read about that by clicking here.

If you wish, you may look at this in order to find and read more current information about Wisconsin anti-union law.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Public Breastfeeding

We adults eat while out in public all the time. Our children also eat while in the public eye. Our infants are publicly bottle fed. But what of the breastfed infant? For some strange asinine reason, many people are abhorred at public breastfeeding.

My mother breastfed all seven of her children. Human breast milk is good for human babies; it is healthy. Human breast milk is the natural way to feed human babies; it is as God intended. Female breasts are there for the primary purpose of feeding human infants. So, why are so many people hung up on breastfeeding in public? People can be so stupid!

Do you want to know what got me started on this topic? It was the blog entry post Breast Feeding in Public from Judy's Jewels.

Several web sites and/or pages that I recommend people click over to explore are:
007 Breasts
Breastfeeding in Public
Breastfeeding Laws
Breastfeeding in Public Images
Breastfeeding in Public Videos

I'm telling you the general American public is as dumb as rocks. People confuse nudity with sex. People view human female breasts as sex objects which they are not; a human female breast is no more of a sex object than is an ear lobe! I have seen and heard so many ads in the print and broadcast media about the use of K-Y jelly for sexual pleasure, condoms for sexual safety and pleasure, male erectile function products, recruitment of female subjects for scientific studies delving into female "intimacy" dysfunction, and on and on and on. These things are on billboards, in the newspapers and magazines, on radio and television. Apparently, all that is acceptable for public display; but for some strange reason, breastfeeding in public still remains pretty much taboo. Go figure!

I believe it is acceptable to eat in public; and, therefore, I support public eating. That applies to adults, children, and infants.
I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding; and, I strongly support public breastfeeding.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What's It All About, Charlie?

I sometimes have to wonder about people? Why do some folks feel it is necessary to write or say mean-spirited things about other people intentionly and with malice for no apparent reason other than to try to inflict harm and to cause hurt feelings.

At the moment, I am thinking of my own 22-year-old adult niece, Charlie (Charlotte) Hansen, who has taken it upon herself to lambast me on the internet, especially on Facebook, on my own Roland's Ramblings blog, and in instant messages amongst her friends and even with other members of my own family. I have always treated Charlie kindly. I had never said an unkind word to her and I have always acted friendly towards Charlie. I had thought we had a good relationship; that is, until just a few weeks ago when she began to openly malign me from out of nowhere. I see no rhyme or reason for her written attacks upon me.

Why such disrespect? Why such vicious venom? What does this say about me; or, better yet, what does this say about her?

Well, perhaps, I should take a clue from Charlie. Back on January 28, 2011, I posted the following on my Facebook wall:
Respect. That is a seven letter word. What is your definition of the word "respect?"
To that posted comment, Charlie wrote on my Facebook wall two responses on January 30, 2011:
"Respect is not something your born with; it's something you earn. So many people need to realize that just because you have a few wrinkles on your face, and your skin is starting to sag, your word is not supreme. Damned snowbirds..."
"Do take care and maybe consider showing your family a bit more respect. As from the many conversations I have personally held, many family members already have no respect for you."

For a bit more about some of my thoughts on all of this, just go on over to read a few entries from my Roland's Ramblings blog:
Napoleon Complex; Short Man’s Syndrome
Sticks and Stones
“Ignorance is bliss.”

Modern electronic communication technology is fantastic. However, it seems to me that with the advent of e-mail, "texting," internet social networks, and all that ilk, our modern society is losing the intimacy and social graces of the courtesy and respect that are all part of interpersonal, face-to-face, communications.

Given that these electronic media of communication to which I reference do not allow for nonverbal communication and body language cues or for an instant exchange of meaningful feedback, I pose the qhestion:
What's It All About, Charlie?

On a brighter note, I suggest you read Judy's Jewels blog entry:
What’s It all About……Alfie

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learn From Mistakes

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Every one makes mistakes. Even me. But all too often, others rush to judgement when it comes to the other person who has made some mistake.

A smart person will learn from his or her own mistakes. However, a truly smart person will not only learn from his or her own mistakes, but will also learn from the mistakes of others. That is why I so much appreciate a recent blog entry of As the Spirtit Moves Me by Nina Amir.

Click on over to read the blog entry:
Lessons learned from Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl Mistake.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Glenn Beck: Savior of the Jewish people?

I have previously written of Glenn Beck on more than one occasion.

Well, Glenn Beck is back on my radar again. Rather than a whole bunch of commentary from me, I would like to request that you click on each of the following title headings below to read the contents of each and then return here.

PUPPETRY by Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker, November 29, 2010.
Open Letter to Glenn Beck,, Rabbi Jason Miller, January 28, 2011.
Rabbis sign on to Jewish Funds for Justice battle with Beck, Fox News, by Ben Harris, JTA, January 31, 2011.
Rabbis to Rupert Murdoch: 'Sanction Glenn Beck', posted by Wolfman, SwampBubbles, January 28, 2011.

I certainly hope you took the time and made the effort to read those cited references.

Now, on to my ever-so-brief commentary after all that.

It seems to me as though Glenn Beck fancies himself as the Savior of the Jewish people. Personally, I believe he is the Pretender to that descriptive title, sort of like the antichrist in that regard.

It is way past time for Glenn Beck to hang it up, hang his head down in shame, and head off to other pastures far, far outside of the public sphere.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Discourse in American Politics and Everyday Life

I find Tim Higgins' Just Blowing Smoke... Civil Political Discourse to be very interesting reading. While I believe mi amigo, Tim, has made some very poignant comments in regards to the subject of discourse in American political commentaries, discussions, and dialogs, I also believe the same may be true of most interpersonal communications in America.

And true enough, the mass media seems to have become the regular and acceptable forum in which to incite and inflame. The traditional mass media has taken root in sensationalizing people and trivializing issues in almost every part of our lives for one very simple reason; it sells readership, viewership, and listenership. People love to gossip and badmouth others and they love hearing others do the same --- that is, if they are in agreement; otherwise, it is terrible of the other guy to say or write all those nasty things.

With my line of thought in that regards, I now see that local and national television programs have taken to using facebook and twitter into their programming in such a way as to encourage the audience to make comments that are then read on the air. Hey, it works; so many people want their minute of fame on television and they get it with irresponsible broadcast entertainment masquerading as journalism news and current events.

Would it not be ideal for all of us to be able to express ourselves in a well presented manner to others without the fear of being lambasted, harassed, harangued, ridiculed, or whatever? Dream on!

Now for some real discourse, taking my lead from television news programs, all I can say is: "Coming up, breaking news, obviously, right?"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Censoring Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer

Haven't you heard the latest in censorship? Are Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer really personas non grata? Is it a sign of the times? Are we to re-write history and novels to be politically correct?

I think Jack has it right when he took the subject up in his Mad Jack's Shack blog entry to write Rant: Censorship. (Click on that entry title to read the whole thing.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Obama, Hitler, Nazis, and Jews

"As Hitler and World War II recede into history, the term “Nazi” has for too many Americans become a descriptive for someone, like President Obama for example, whose political views offend those employing the term. This is an insult to the president and a bigger insult to the many whose lives have been marred in some way by evil inflicted by those who wore the swastika."
- Excerpt from Not Just a Jewish issue, The Berkshire Beagle, December 28, 2010

I wonder how extremist Obama bashers defend their views when comparing Barack Obama, our President of the United States, to Hitler and to Nazis.

Note: I did write extremist Obama bashers; this is not a reference to Obama bashers in general.

Side note: I found an interesting place on the internet - I Hate Obama Bashers.