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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Was Randy Savage A Jewish Italian Macho Man?

Was Randy Savage a Jewish Italian? Or, was the wrestler Macho Man an Italian Jew? Was Randy an American or Italian or what? Did Macho Man profess to be Jewish? Did Randy Savage celebrate Chanukah? Did he observe Rosh HaShanaah and Yom Kippur? Inquiring minds want to know; well, at least, this inquiring mind (that's me, Roland Louis Hansen) wants to know.

I recently made an honest, legitimate, and sincere comment on the blog entry Jewish Wrestler Randy Savage Dies in which I addressed the blog writer. I asked for some clarification in the use of ethnic descriptors in order to better understand their use, You see, the writer referred to the ethnic parentage of Macho Man Randy Savage. The writer, Rabbi Jason Miller, used two labels: "Italian" for the paternal parent, and "Jewish" for the maternal parent. The blog writer concluded that Macho Man Randy Savage was Jewish, but never wrote whether Randy Savage identified himself as Jewish or if Randy Savage ever observed and practiced the religion of Judaism.

In response, a troll who with an apparent lack of self-esteem and self-confidence hid his or her own real identity by ingeniously using the name "Anonymous" made light of my comments in his or her sarcastic return comment in a satirical attack on me.

I truly believe that some people intermingle and/or misuse ethnic identifiers. It has hit me personally over the years. My mother always stated she was a Russian Jew, but she was born in Ukraine. My father was a nonobservant Lutheran born in Elk Horn, Iowa, U.S.A. of parents that had emigrated from Denmark.

Throughout the years, I have been labeled by many people as a Jew, a dirty Jew, and as a half-breed Jew. I have yet to be labeled as a Dane or as Danish or as Russian or as Ukrainian by others who know that Judaism is my religion. There were many people of the Jewish religion who lived in Denmark during World War II that were protected by the Danish government. They were Danish citizens who followed, observed, and practiced Judaism. Would they be identified as Danish Jews or as Jewish Danes? As I previously stated, my mother identified herself as a Russian Jew til the day she died in 1984. In that she was born in Ukraine, I wonder if her ancestors were from Russia and had moved to Ukraine.

I have always wondered if any of my paternal ancestors were Danish Vikings or if any of my maternal ancestors came from the ancient nations of Judea or Israel. I will never know. Am I a Jewish Danish Russian Ukrainian? What label would you give me? Personally, I refer to me as American, pure and simple.

As far as that anonymous troll is concerned, I say "Shove off if you cannot have an intelligent discussion."

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Roland Hansen said...

Well, in regards to the bit of Randy Savage being Jewish, I looked and I looked and I looked all over the internet; but none of the web sites that I found about professional wrestlers had the Macho Man listed as being Jewish. As an example of what I found, take a look at the list of Jewish Wrestlers from the website Online World of Wrestling.