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Friday, March 16, 2012

Caveat Emptor: Something Smells Fishy In America.

You might think that you could trust American business to be honest and trustworthy. Well, that is what many American Political Conservatives, such as Republicans, Tea Party members, Libertarians, etc. would have us all believe. You know who I mean --- the ones who blame liberal politicians, Democrats, and others concerned about ALL Americans for poor business climates in the United States, the ones who assert there is too much government regulations involved in American business ventures and that those government regulations harm business and are the cause of unnecessary rises in prices; the ones who say businesses can regulate and police themselves; the ones who postulate that unscrupulous businesses will not be allowed to continue their existence because customers will go elsewhere.

Well, I want to state that something smells fishy in America when it comes to the private business world. There is something very wrong when businesses will rip off customers with downright fraudulent practices, and the political conservatives continue to defend what appears to be business-as-usual in the United States of America, and the American government is blamed for the ills of private American businesses.

Hey, have you ever heard the story about that new diet? You know - the seafood diet -- yep, whenever I see food I eat it. Well, I am not about to eat the business practices of American restaurants, grocery stores, and others that are defrauding the American public when it comes to seafood. I think that it does smell fishy.

Fish fraud is running pampant in America, the land of the free, the land of opportuity, the United States of America. Watch this video from June 8, 2011, Fish Fraud: Are you sure about what you are eating?

Here is another video, Boston Globe and Oceana Investigate Fish Fraud from January 20, 2012, for you to watch and listen.

This fish fraud has been ongoing; and, it continues to exist despite the fraudulent practices of American businesses involved in the seafood industry. Examples of the fraudulent American business practices within the fish food business may be read in the following articles:
ABC News Blogs, Investigation Uncovers Rampant Fish Fraud, October 25, 2011.
The Associated Press, That's Fishy: Feds Fight Fraud In Seafood Sizes, NPR, March 15, 2012.
Hsu, Tiffany, Fishy fraud: Officials fight overweighted, overpriced seafood, Los Angeles Times, March 15, 2012.

Well, as the saying goes: Caveat Emptor.
Something Smells Fishy In America. Way To Go, USA!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fred LeFebvre: Hypocrisy and Trash, Dishes It Out But Cannot Take It!

Radio Trash Talk Personality, Fred LeFebvre, who is consistent in his "blather on about how union workers are overpaid and under worked" gets a taste of his own medicine over at SwampBubbles. The obnoxious Fred LeFebvre is also very vociferous in his badmouthing of public employees and of candidates for public office. With the shoe on the other foot, Ultra-Hypocrite Fred LeFebvre tries to divert the attention away from the real issue.

Here, take a look read for yourself; click on over to:

It seems as though Fred LeFebvre is paid far more for his part-time job than many union workers are paid for full-time work. Additionally, Fred LeFebvre gets his fringe benefits and has other income from other part-time work and is not too scarce in his assets.
When you click over this way, a new browser will open and it will display a listing of documents that are a matter of public record; then if you double-click the row entitled Case#: DR20110690 - Date Filed: 07/05/2011 - Event Code: 4- Event Desc: SCHEDULES I III IV F - E-Jo, you will be able to see the information mentioned in the preceding sentence.

If you had not before read or if do not recall the previous Roland Hansen Commentary Fred LeFebvre of WSPD: Rude and Crude are his True Colors and the earlier Roland Hansen Commentary Fred LeFebvre: The Disappearing Act, I urge you read or re-read them both now.

It seems to me that Fred LeFebvre, who in my opinion is himself a fine example of low-life, sleazebag, scumtrash, can dish it out but not take it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ObamaCare Is Morally Correct. Opponents Are Egocentric, Selfish Heretics!

Over on Facebook, I saw that some of my "friends" (as Facebook connections are referred) had clicked the "Like" icon on the "For America" Facebook page wall photo cartoon with a caption that reads:
LIKE if you agree that ObamaCare is wrecking our nation!
Upon seeing and reading that I just could not pass up the opportunity to write a little something in response to their slam on ObamaCare. My comment appears on that Facebook page, as follows:
Roland Hansen commented on ForAmerica's photo: "I support national health care. The insurance industry is not only ripping Americans off financially but they are making medical decisions that let people die who could otherwise be treated and saved. People who are anti-ObamaCare are selfish and uncaring."
It seems that some people, far too many people in my opinion, put a much higher value on the almighty dollar and on the quest of making a profit than they do on the value of human health, on that of every single American. (The following sentence has been revised as a result of being updated on September 26, 2013.) An example of such had been the posts tagged "ObamaCare" on a website called Fix Health Care Policy that has since been replaced with that of Defund ObamaCare, both projects of The Heritage Foundation.

Some people even use mass e-mail on the internet spreading blatent lies about ObamaCare in an effort to scare Americans. They would rather resort to their malicious mistruths than stick to the facts. But, any way you cut it, these so-called patriotic Americans value money more than they value human health.

I venture to guess that many, but certainly not all, of those folks who are opponents of ObamaCare are also defenders of the Patriot Act, which in my opinion undermines the liberties and freedoms of the Constitution of the United States of America.

I also venture to guess that many, but certainly not all, of the ObamaCare opponents label themselves as Christians. Gee, I wonder what Jesus of Nazareth thinks of people who place a higher value on money than they do on human life.

Well, at least I know that Barbara Bush supports ObamaCare.