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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hey, Conservatives And Tea Party Movement People! What About President Obama Now?

Gasoline prices in the United States of America are at the lowest level in many a year. Prices are now below $2.00 per gallon. Funny thing, though --- I do not hear American political conservatives and followers of the Tea Party Movement crediting President Barack Obama for the low gasoline prices; but, they sure were quick to place blame on President Obama when gasoline prices were high.

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The gas prices are better, the housing market is better, the overall economy is better, unemployment rates are falling, and President Barack Obama's popularity ratings are rising --- BUT, I do not hear American political conservatives and followers of the Tea Party Movement giving any credit to President Barack Obama. They are so hypocritical!

I said it before AND I say it again:
Dumb Obama Bashers Need To Wake Up And Support President Barack Obama!

For sake of clarifying my perspective regarding Obama opponents, I am addressing only those who bash, bash, bash without citing objective factual information and/or who claim that their opinion of situations are indeed factual. I is not my intent to disparage or demean those Obama opponents who state their perspective is one of personal opinion and/or provide factual information on which they base their opinion.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don't Blame Others For Your Own Choices! Take Responsibility For Yourself.

I freely and openly admit that I am a social liberal and an advocate for social programs that may help people. However, I also believe that people make choices in this world that have a dramatic impact on their personal lives. All too often, I have heard people try to blame society and/or other persons for their situation in life. That is a total copout. People need to take responsibilty for their own actions and the choices they voluntarily make in life decisions.

I hasten to add that I do not include those situations in which one is forced to do something against their own free will, such as James Meeker alleged of me when he responded to my posting the above meme on my Facebook Wall. This is what James Meeker wrote in response to my FB posting of the meme:
"Okay, why don't you choose to be a billionaire? Prove me wrong and do it.
Furthermore, if it's only about choice, why did so many blacks choose to be slaves in the 18th century? What a terrible choice that was! They must have been stupid, right?!
And all those Jews that chose to march into the extermination camps. What a dumb choice!
Sorry, but I don't buy into this FOX News, neoliberal, Republican sounding crap."
If by chance you have an account with Facebook, you may see the entire Facebook exchange on the subject by clicking over here.

While I realize that social conditions may be an impediment to improving one's situation in life, I am also a firm believer that people may make life decisions that may be a catalyst to improve their situation in life. What about the willingness to deprive oneself of luxuries in order to obtain and maintain the necessities? What about setting goals? And, how about taking whatever hard work may be neccesary in order to reach those goals? Do the words initiative and motivation mean anything? People need to take responsibility for their own life choices and quit blaming others for their own personal shortcomings.