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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bloggers are full of themselves! Or are they?

Sometimes, I just have to wonder.

I have seen bloggers come and go. A few years ago, one of my sons and one of my nephews got me interested in the blogosphere,. Both of them, at that time, were regular ongoing bloggers themselves, but not so much anymore. After some prodding on their part back then, I became a blogger.

My foray as a blogger was with Roland's Ramblings. Back then, I was not aware that another blog by the name of Roland's Ramblings already existed; otherwise, I would have used a different title for my blog - and actually there are even more blogs with the same name of Roland's Ramblings. That not withstanding, after approximately two years my Roland's Ramblings suddenly disappeared from the internet due to technology issues as I understand it. As it turned out my Roland's Ramblings underwent a metamorphosis and re-incarnation, and after a short absence, my Roland's Ramblings re-emerged in its newer and present form.

But, I ramble. Let's return to the topic at hand.

Some of the blogs that used to be my favorites are now either gone or have fallen into my disfavor. I mourn those that have disappeared and I regret that other favorites have fallen by the wayside because the authors have become so full of themselves that I want to cry.

A couple of bloggers who used to be really excellent, in my opinion, have let their popularity go to their head and seem more interested in cranking up their readership, contributors, and rankings rather than maintaining the quality they once had. It is as though they have become like those grocery store rags (need I use the National Enquirer as an example?) and just want to gleam in the limelight and their own self-perceived importance. My fallen idols seem to think that because they allow anonymous posters to make just about any kind of comment that they so desire that they are actually contributing to free speech by allowing differing viewpoints. In my opinion, some of those anonymous commentators are just flaming trolls who stir up the pot calling others by nasty names, denigrating true dialogue, and demean the intelligent conversation of contributors with various perspectives.

Bull feathers, I say! Hockey pucks!

Empowering flaming trolls stifles positive contributions of other people who wish to make a comment. Well, in my own case, it has. I have stopped contributing to all such blogs and electronic bulletin boards and forums that allow inflammatory and demeaning comments by anonymous posters.

I think my fallen idols have become so full of themselves that they just have become gluttonous in their quest for fame, glory, and alleged popularity. In my opinion, they have allowed their self-centeredness to just feed their egos and have fallen off the wagon of truly making a difference.

I have heard it said that I am full of myself. Do you believe that? Well, let me set the record straight! I was full of myself long before I became a blogger. Blogging has become my hobby. For the most part, my Roland's Ramblings has become a way that I can share with others of what I have learned and/or continue to learn in those areas that I find interesting and in which I think others may find interesting. On the other hand (if you wear a glove), I began Roland Hansen Commentary as a means in which I can state my own views on matters that I consider important and to do so in a forum of my own choosing that does not permit anonymous flaming trolls to make derogatory comments purely for the sake of making derogatory comments. That said, I do allow differing viewpoints from registered Google users, an action and behavior of mine which has in fact surprised a few people,

Just as the traditional print media called newspapers and magazines, and just as the traditional broadcast media called television and radio, that trivialize issues and sensationalize people, have fallen out of favor with me, so have bloggers, more precisely political bloggers, who have gotten so full of themselves that they have lost the integrity I once perceived them to have had. Apparently those bloggers (and their counterpart electronic bulletin board and electronic forum administrators) seem to get off on all the attention they get from the traditional mass media, from the sheer numbers of their readers, and from the mindless trolls who desire a forum in which they may spread their poison that they consequently have played to the tune of increasing that attention.

As an unbiased and impartial viewer, I believe my viewpoints as expressed on Roland Hansen Commentary deserve some attention from the masses of the public and from the mass media. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only person to have that opinion. But then again, maybe I am just full of myself.

What do you think?


Roland Hansen said...

I must say, however, that I have a couple of amigos with whom I may differ on some things and with whom I have a different political perspective, but who I admire and respect.

Who'd a thunk it --
and I'm not
just blowing smoke.

Tim Higgins said...


Right back at you Amigo.

I think if we go back to the Founding Fathers (not that far back for some of us, eh), we find that there was no concensus of opinion.

Reasoned discussion is all that we have and should be all that we need. Blogging should have been a forum for such discussion and for exchange of viewpoints. In many cases, it has become something far different.

Anonymity, lack of moderation, and just plain bad manners have contributed to this; but mostly I believe that it is because good manners has gone the way of the do-do bird.

Keep on saying what you feel needs to be said, and we will be paying attention out here. While not all of us will agree on everything, we do agree that yours is a voice worth listening to. (Hell, you even manage to move me off of my stubborn positions from time to time.)

Hooda Thunkit said...


I read precisely for the content.

True, we often do not agree, but the conversation stimulates what few brain cells I have left that still work ;-)

And, I too have drifted from other bloggers and blogs that I used to more frequently comment on for some of the very same reasons.

With time (IMNHO) you either mature and move on, or you don't.

And, with time, I have chosen to be a bit less harsh/insulting to a certain politician, mostly because of his increasing age and diminishing mental faculties; I thought it the human thing to do...

It doesn't mean that I'm any less critical of "his dishonor," because I'm not. It means that I now choose to rely more on facts and reasoning, than name calling, to make my point.

I hope that you have picked up on that change and understand.

That said, to some degree, we're still "full of it," but to a lesser (more manageable) degree.

And, as for anonymity, with time it is overrated, again IMNHO.



Hooda Thunkit said...

(Besides, the air is kind of stale..., here in the back room ;-)

--HT, a.k.a. "Z"

(Many people, way too many, know mw as "Z")

Roland Hansen said...

Mi Amigos, TH and HT,
Your comments and blogs are interesting, well thought out, and always thought provoking!

Oh, btw HT, while I know the meaning of "Z", I cannot help but chuckle thinking many folks will read that as The Mark of Zorro.

Now, let's ride!

Hooda Thunkit said...


"Z" with the "Zorrro" slash is familiar to many in/at the City of Toledo.

That's where I served my 30.000 years; in "The Belly of The BEAST."

Zero maybe; Zorro never ;-)

HAH I say, LOL!

Hooda Thunkit said...


I've served in the presence of greatness..., and czarty too ;-)

Ben said...

Most people start blogging to try and get some kind of fame. Most arent going to be successful.

The Ohoo blogosphere is at an all time low right now on both sides IMO.

Tim Higgins said...


You know now that I think about it, blogging for almost two years has led to true fame and fortune for me. Why these days, my fame (and $1.50) gets me a large coffee at the Circle K.

Woo Hoo