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Monday, April 13, 2009

Lucas County Prosecutor Office: A Question of Compentency of Staff Attorney John Borell

For about two years now (perhaps a little bit more or a little bit less), John Borell, a staff attorney in the office of Julia Bates, the elected Lucas County Prosecutor, has supposedly been in the process of providing an answer in regards to the Joan Kuchinski public office compatibility question of her receiving a paycheck from the Lucas County Educational Service Center for employment services rendered under the PRAXIS program while serving as an elected member of the LCESC Governing Board. To date, there has been no formal written response.

By Ohio statute, the Lucas County Prosecutor's offce serves as legal counsel to the Lucas County Educational Service Center.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no acceptable reason for this type of delay on the part of John Borell. Furthermore, in my opinion, I think the actions and/or inactions of John Borell in regards to his handling (or not handling or mishandling) of this job task might be considered as malfeasance, nonfeasance, and/or misfeasance.

How in the world can Julia Bates, the elected Lucas County Prosecutor, find the employment performance of her staff member attorney John Borell acceptable???!!! It just makes me wonder.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Surely you must have considered the possibility that they are prepared to just wait you out, hoping that eventually, you'll either die waiting, or just simply go away.

Cold and cruel, but you sir are transient, while government thinks of itself as "forever..."

Tim Higgins said...


I would tend to agree with what you say here, but do give them one out. That would be however, if they are waiting on the results of a government study, and you know how long and how expensive those can be.

Roland Hansen said...

Ah, come on now. Let's look a little deeper at Mr. Borell.

Sometimes, when I delve a little deeper into an area of concern, I find some interesting google search results.

Here are just two of them when googling the name of John Borell:
The Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals rejected claims by the board's lawyer, Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor John Borell, that he could withhold records ... Read the entire article here.
Further investigation of the sender's email address revealed the writer to be John Borell Sr., assistant prosecuting attorney for Lucas County in the civil ... Read the entire article here.