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Trolling Not Allowed! Comments from anonymous trolls are not permitted and are deleted if posted by the offending pest.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Okay, so some people are wondering what the Hmmm ..... entry here on Roland Hansen Commentary is about.

Okay, for you then, I will tell you.

It is about a gutless slimeball troll who goes by the pseudonym of mud_rake.

I have saved some of the dialogues and postings of that worthless piece of fecal matter and am now placing copies of some them here for you to read for yourself so that you may hopefully understand why I do not allow comments by the scum mud-rake or any other trolls and flamers.

Here is some of the dialogue and comments made by the a-hat over on Glass City Jungle:
July 3rd, 2007
The Scarlett Golf Outing…Strippers or Waitress

mud_rake Said: @1:36 pm
One thing that this event proved: Domenic Montalto continues to reign as the local Dem’s most dopey figure [and there are a lot of candidates for this spot].

July 3rd, 2007
Press Release: Lucas County Democratic Party on Golf Outing…

mud_rake Said: @8:09 pm
He’s the consummate politician. He knows that his position is safe because Chris Redfern is incompetent.

Roland Hansen Said: @8:30 pm
Chris Redfern — why in the world would his name be brought into this?

mud_rake Said: @7:44 am
To Ronald Hansen: Redfern is the incompetent head of the Ohio Democratic Party who has not been able to reign in the shenanigans of the LCDP.

Roland Hansen Said: @1:14 pm
Hey mude_rake,
My name is Roland, not Ronald. I have a brother by the name of Ronald, and I would not wish that he be attributed to remarks that I make.
Now, in regards to the topic at hand:
To the best of my knowledge, Chris Redfern as Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party organization has no legitimate authority over the 88 county Democratic party organizations just as the Governor of Ohio has no legitimate authority over the elected officials in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. These are all separate entities with each having its own electoral jurisdictions.
I ask that you cite the rules, regulations, policies, organizational constitution, bylaws, or whatever that give Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party authority over the elected leadership of the County Democratic Party.
While you are most assuredly entitled to your opinion, I believe you need to provide some objective facts to be credible in your allegation.

Roland Hansen Said: @9:46 am
Hey mude_rake, UH, I mean mud_rake, aka Man with the Muck-rake,
Have you got those facts for me, yet?
By the way, aren’t these your own words: “One blunder after the other has caused them to loose …. credibility.”
I am calling for you to establish your credibility with facts as opposed to allegation, innuendo, speculation, name-calling, sarcasm, and the like.
I’m trying to establish whether your commentary is legitimate or just flaming.

Roland Hansen Said: @9:39 pm
Mud must be on someone’s face. The silence is deafening. Facts are absent. Seems to make one blunder after another. Maybe, it is just plain easy for mud and misinformation to be thrown rather than to base opinion on fact.
Give us the facts, not conjecture, supposition, and malinformed perspective. Yellow journalism I can do without.

July 5th, 2007
Allison Perz blames Carty for the delay in Charter School opening…

mud_rake Said: @3:17 pm
Perz and Carty: two scam artists

Roland Hansen Said: @4:59 pm
Can the name-calling mud_rake ever provide some contributing positive commentary rather than the constant barrage of derogatory insults?
Or, at a bare minimum, can mud_rake stop flaming and at least provide some thoughtful commentary of any kind? Even negative commentary can be constructive if done in a manner that uses cognitive processes.

mud_rake Said: @8:52 pm
Mr. Hansen: Sure, come over to my blog. By the way, neither of these two people deserve more than I said about them.
Perhaps you could give us a few postive comments about each of them.
For me, nuff said about these two clowns.

Roland Hansen Said: @9:06 pm
Wow, mud_face, I mean mud_rake, your credibility is now nonexistent. Fools call other persons clowns when they themselves need to belittle others in order to feel good about themselves. Small minds deserve small places.
Been to your blog, won’t be back. The National Enquirer is more credible than you. Regardless, I prefer not to read trash.

mud_rake Said: @8:13 am
Last evening I was trying to figure out Mr. Hansen’s sudden anger with my postings. Then it dawned on me: over in Toledo Talk many weeks ago, I challenged one of his postings.
Apparently Mr. Hansen keeps a record of folks like me who dare challenge his perspective.
But, LisaRenee does not deserve this babble on her blog. Come over to my posting today [Friday] and the two of us can hash it out.

July 5th, 2007
McNamara V Irish…Szollosi…WSPD…”Strippergate” and Trash…

mud_rake Said: @8:13 pm
What a bunch of garbage, literally. This city takes 3 steps backwards for every one foreward. No wonder the voters don’t come out on election day.

Roland Hansen Said: @8:56 pm
Even more trash from mud_slinger, er I mean mud_rake.
The maker of mud pie should step up to the plate and become a candidate for elective office. Slinging mud is easy. Criticizing others is easy. Being the eternal pessimist is easy. Hiding behind a pseudonym is easy. Taking cheap pot shots from the shadows of anonymity is easy.
Talk is cheap. Stand up and be counted. Run for office. Show us what you got.

Roland Hansen Said: @9:57 pm
I love FACTUAL information!
And here is a copy of the mud-rake trash that I deleted from Roland Hansen Commentary:
mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: Facing anti-Sem...":
Sorry, Roland, to see that your blog has been infected by Barb and Jeanette. They bring a very stubborn and intolerant virus with them that is very difficult to eliminate.
Best wishes on effectively disposing of said pests.

Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 12, 2010 9:42 AM

mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: Facing anti-Sem...":
...I even called the Orkin Man but he couldn't help, either.
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 12, 2010 1:30 PM

mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "Sandy Isenberg, Political Hack and Big Time Loser":
What is your present-day beef with Isenberg? She's gone, out of the political arena. What made you choose to go off on her?
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 14, 2010 10:01 PM

mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "I Told You So: Lucas County Democratic Party and U...":
I notice that you deleted my comment. Any particular reason? Or did Maggie tell you to?
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 15, 2010 7:13 PM

mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "Sandy Isenberg, Political Hack and Big Time Loser":
You, Mr. Hansen, are also a political hack by not allowing my comments. What a fraud you are.
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 16, 2010 4:04 PM

mud_rake has left a new comment on your post "Conklin and Company with Sandy Isenberg: Disservic...":
Wow! BFD!
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 20, 2010 10:50 PM
Apparently mud_rake the troll cannot read the message up there by the header of Roland Hansen Commentary that was specially put there for him and others such as he. As you can see, it reads:
Trolling Not Allowed
Comments from anonymous trolls are not permitted and are deleted if posted by the offending pest.
Do you understand why mud-rake and others like mud_rake are not welcome here on Roland Hansen Commentary?

It is that type of sleazeball who is allowed to post on Glass City Jungle that brought about my disillusionment with that blog and why I have chosen not to participate on that blog.

Oh and by the way, the information contained in the Roland Hansen Commentary "Hmmm ....." is what I was able to discover about the originating location of the the comments being made by mud_rake here on my Roland Hansen Commentary blog.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Amigo Roland,

Welcome to the club.

I've banned the muckraker from my meager blog months ago for his trolling and lack of civil discourse.

That's why I still moderate all comments and that's why only his have been rejected. . .

Roland Hansen said...

Is Denis Eble the troll behind the mask of mud_rake?

Take a good close look at the following two blog entries reading through the comments referencing the two names of Denis Eble and mud_rake:
Mom Notes
Dr. Phil's "Right to Happiness" --Bad Advice

Barb said...

Mudrake: You, Mr. Hansen, are also a political hack by not allowing my comments. What a fraud you are.
Posted by mud_rake to Roland Hansen Commentary at July 16, 2010 4:04 PM

Incredible hypocrisey --considering that Mudrake does not allow comments of any kind, pro or con, by any Christian women --at HIS blog. So who's a political hack, by Mudrake's definition which says hacks don't allow opposing comments?

Roland, whatever differences you and I may have, politically, religiously, or otherwise, we sure are kindred spirits when it comes to recognizing a bitter troll who has nothing good to say --even about his own party!

As for Carty, maybe he was very flawed --but I felt his treatment by media was horrible. I always thought promoting the lovely homes by the airport for the deaf community was a reasonable, kind idea! Get a nice home at a bargain price where the noise bothers the normal ears but not yours! It wasn't ridicule or insult. But media suggested it was. Only recently we had learned about the pride of the "deaf community" --and reluctance to have implants --from a recent deaf Miss America.

I had been away for awhile and had not seen this delightful thread! Delightful for me, because I am often banned from blogs like Mudrake's who believe that lack of support for gay marriage is a form of racism. I understand that view --but of course do not agree with it. If one defends marriage for one woman and one man only, there is no civil discourse from Mudrake and blogs like his --only censorship of opposing views.

The pro-atheism blogs are particularly unwelcoming to diversity of opinion --and some of the liberal religious ones. I understand that people are probably embarrassed for their gay friends when someone tackles that topic as I do --I don't mean to tackle THEM. I just believe their condition was not inevitable --and that we don't want to encourage it in kids who already feel "different" for any number of normal reasons. E.G. I hear there is a pop song out now about "I kissed a girl and liked it," sung by a girl. A mother, a friend of mine who is, incidentally, Jewish by bloodline but not raised in any particular faith, told me about the song and that she told her "'tween" daughter it was "dirty." Such music is after our kids to experiment sexually and consider homosexual experience. No one of any orientation should think that's a good thing to promote. Kids do enough experimentation, given opportunity, without us encouraging it in entertainment education and law.

The Religion Clause blog shut down comments all together --after Mudrake came over and started up in his usual attack mode. Dicourse there had been civil before. Then he came and all those with trollish tendencies were emboldened and joined with him in throwing verbal bombs at me. And Prof. Friedman shut down comments, not saying it was any one blogger --but we were doing fine in tolerant and reasonable tone (for the most part) until Mudrake came over. I don't know how he does it --because I see him as transparently serpentine and hateful and wonder why any reputable blog would put up with him, --or let him chase others away --and why ALL bloggers don't see through him.

Good for you and Hooda for appropriate clear-eyed discernment!

Barb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barb said...

The deleted comment was also mine--an accidental duplicate.

I did also want to say that Mudrake can write VERY well and show a sensitive side --as in his Clear Lake, Indiana reminiscences (online) (I think that was the lake..) which included his sister's death. Also he wrote about an Afr. Am. lady friend's death, with sensitivity.

So, it's a shame that he can't use his intellect and writing skill for crossing bridges of communication and friend-making with enemies --as Jesus said we should do --"return good for evil" "love your enemy" --"pray for those who despitefully use and persecute you" -- when we think the opponent is evil --as he thinks of me.

mud_rake said...

My, my, an entire thread about me. How sweet. Adolescent, but sweet.

Have you ever come over to my blog to participate in the discussion, Mr. Hansen? We have quite a variety of interesting topics that we kick around. Perhaps much more interesting than that of which I read here.

Come on over to my blog [like I suggested on Lisa Renee's blog many months ago] and we can discuss real issues rather than this tripe you have posed on your blog.

This silly stuff ought to be on Facebook not on a serious blog.