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Friday, December 30, 2011

American Jewish Federations Codemn Israeli Jewish Extremism

Sometimes, I just wonder if the so-called "observant" Jew (as these folks call themselves) is any more religious than what they label a "non-observant" Jew. It appears to me that they are hypocrites and are less than religious than all the other various denominations or movements of Judaism. Here, read the following article and let me know what you think.
Jewish Federations Condemn Wave of Religious Extremism and Violence in Israel December 27, 2011
The Jewish Federations of North America today expressed strong condemnation of a recent wave of religious extremism and violence in Israel. The situation has been highlighted in the media in recent days, which has focused on the verbal abuse of an eight-year-old girl in the city of Bet Shemesh, by a group of ultra-Orthodox men. Other issues have included the forced segregation of genders on some public bus routes – despite the fact that the Israeli Supreme Court has outlawed this practice – and the unofficial ban on any female image in advertising in some areas. “Our movement includes Jewish people from all streams and persuasions. Yet, despite our differing backgrounds, we unite today to strongly condemn, with one clear and loud voice, all acts of violence, intimidation, coercion and extremism, especially those that are undertaken, incredibly, in the name of Judaism,” said Jerry Silverman, president and CEO of JFNA. “We know that ‘deracheha darchei noam’ – the Torah’s paths are ways of peace. We stand firmly and resolutely behind the voices of reason and moderation in Bet Shemesh and throughout Israel.” As a result of significant media attention in recent days, many members of the Israeli Government, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have spoken out publicly to condemn the extremist behavior. Similarly, the police have stepped up efforts and made a number of arrests. “We applaud Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the government for their strong words condemning recent acts of extremism, and urge the government and the Israeli police to work hard to stamp out this stain on Israeli society,” said Rebecca Caspi, JFNA’s senior vice president for Israel and Overseas. Earlier today, thousands took to the streets in Bet Shemesh to protest the acts of extremism, drawing increased media attention and scrutiny to the city. Michael Gelman, JFNA’s chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, said, ”We reach out to the Ultra Orthodox community, and in particular, their spiritual leaders. We plead for them to break their silence and speak out firmly and decisively. An act of this nature can help heal Israeli society and restore their image as moral, upstanding, Torah-abiding citizens.” Stuart Kurlander, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, which has a relationship with the Bet Shemesh/Mate Yehuda Region through the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Partnership Together program, also condemned the recent violence, intimidation and other extremist acts. “We have been working in partnership with the city of Bet Shemesh for 10 years and have come to know the community and its people very well. We stand with the law-abiding population of Beit Shemesh, and especially those groups working at conciliation and moderation in the city,” said Kurlander. “At the same time, we urge Bet Shemesh’s mayor, Moshe Abutbol, to put a stop to this religious extremism and violence, and help to rebuild a harmonious and thriving community.” 
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ref: JFNA Briefing: Jewish Federations Condemn Wave of Religious Extremism and Violence in Israel

Now, what about the Christian extremists over there in the Holy Land???? Is this more of religious hypocrisy?
Check it out! Take a look-see at: Rival Monks Brawl While Cleaning Bethlehem Church.

You and I know that followers of Islam have been taking a lot of heat because of Muslim extremists. Why do we humans tend to brush a whole group of people based on the actions of a few? Muslims and Jews alike are painted with one broad brush called STEREOTYPE. But, what of Christians? Where is the stereotype there?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction, Take The Preventative Approach.

Regardless of whatever news there is concerning global warming, such as the news article Global Warming: 2011 Tied For The 10th Hottest Year On Record by Arther Max, the global warming debate continues on.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states:

"Global warming is a global problem. To understand it, cope with it and try to keep it from getting worse, all the countries of the world need to work together. And when nations need to unite, they turn to the United Nations. The United Nations is playing a central role in clarifying the science of global warming and preparing a global plan of action to deal with it. Because UN organizations like FAO are neutral, their scientific and technical reports are trusted and they can negotiate agreements among countries with different political viewpoints and economic interests."

Dare I even suggest (I do not know if I should for fear of garnering the wrath of global warming deniers and conspiracists) that readers explore the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website.

Hey, all I can say is: Better safe than sorry! We all, and I do mean ALL, should error on the side of caution and implement all precautionary measures that assist in stemming the tide of "man-made" global warming.

Why, WHY, would anyone even take the most remote chance of endangering our children, our grandchildren, and the future of human-kind?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Chanukah Gift For You

To all the readers of Roland Hansen Commentary,

I am re-gifting this to you for Chanukah.

An extra special "Thank you" goes out to Rabbi Jason.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rick Perry, candidate for President of the United States of America, and Rabbi Jason Miller

Rick Perry has had made some interesting statements in his quest to obtain the Republican nomination and eventual win to the Office of POTUS, President Of The United States. Many times, Rick Perry makes a gaffe, and then comes back to retract his statement of this or that, of one kind or another.

Gaffes notwithstanding, many times Rick Perry makes statements concerning religion and government. In fact, Rick Perry has does so to such an extent that it appears to me he has essentially proclaimed his desire to have Christianity officially recognized as the national religion of the United States. However, much to the chagrin of Rick Perry and people who share Rick Perry's view on the Christian religion and American public policy, that darn First Amendment keeps getting in the way.

Well, Rabbi Jason Miller has responded to Rick Perry in a very thought-provoking way. I suggest you click on over to read:
Response to Rick Perry's Campaign Ad