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Thursday, July 5, 2018

What has happenened to America?

There was a time when political discourse in the United States of America was civil. While rancorous at times, political disagreements were, for the most part, expressed in a mutually respectful manner.

Nowadays, we have a name-calling occupant in the Executive Office of The White House who disparages, mocks, and belittles people, regularly and consistently lies to the American public citing all unfavorable reports of him as fake news, personally attacks in an extremely vicious manner anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with him, -- and more. There seems to be no standard of cordiality, civility, honesty, and truthfulness for this disgrace of an American. And yet, he is the role-model being vigorously and passionately promoted by many Americans. Is this the type of person Americans want as a role model for our children? Is this truly what we want our children to emulate?

Take a time trip back in American history to July 4, 1957.
"On July 4, 1957, at approximately 9:05 a.m., a voice beamed out of transistor radios across New York City. The speaker — a young senator with a Boston accent — began reading the Declaration of Independence.It was John F. Kennedy." 
Atttribution: Michael S. Rosenwald (Enterprise reporter focusing on history, the social sciences, and culture), The Washington Post, July 4, 2018.
Read the entire article writtened by Michael S. Rosenwald and listen to that JFK reading, by going on over to:
‘Awe-inspiring’: Listen to Sen. John F. Kennedy read the Declaration of Independence

What has happenened to America?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Country Divided - The United States of America

I have not seen our country as divided, as polarized, as it is today since the Viet Nam era. Indeed, I think the present division in America today is far worse with hatred being spewed forth ftom the current occupant in the White House against other Americans.

Discourse at the highest level of our American National Government has turned American against American, even worse than it did during the Viet Nam Era or the American Civil War itself!

Recently, a person with whom I am acquainted addressed an interesting question to me via an internet social media site in regards to civil (political) discussion in the United States of America. The following is the response I gave the person on that social media site:
"I will try to answer your specific question of "What has happened to civil discussions?" to the best of my abillity.
In my humble opinion, civil discussion in America has diminished greatly since the vocal political conservative minority captured the White House.
While the majority of American voters actually voted for someone other than the current occupant, the current Oval Office occupant received the majority of the vote from the 'electors' in the Electoral College.
The bottom line was the result that the vocal political conservative minority successfully moved America into an abyss where all rules of civility have been cast aside; and, the United States of America is now led by a person who espouses intolerance and hatred.
The leader of the vocal political conservative minority is The Great Divider, Donald J. Trump, who regularly and consistently belittles Arabs, Mexicans, Muslims, persons of color, members of the Press, athletes who exercise freedom of speech, the elected leaders of our country's European allies, political rivals, Democrats in general, and any person who disagrees with him."

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Is Civil War brewing in the United States of America?

Politics in the United States of America: 
The nastiest I have ever experienced in my seven decades of life, thanks to Donald John Trump and his political conservative supporters who advocate hate and intolerance.

Take a look-see and read two articles from The Washington Post:
Politics, The latest sign of political divide: Shaming and shunning public officials, Mary Jordan, June 24 at 7:54 PM
The Fix - Analysis, Maxine Waters shows why the Sarah Huckabee Sanders-Red Hen story is extremely important, Aaron Blake, June 25 at 11:49 AM
And, from CNN, take a look at:
Politics. Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials, Jamie Ehrlich, CNN, Updated 2:02 PM ET, Mon June 25, 2018
Donald J. Trump is The Great Divider. According to Trump and his die-hard Supporters, all facts are fake. Trump and his politically conservative adherents live in an alternative universe that has an alternative reality consisting of alternative facts. Both 'The Twilight Zone' and 'Sliders' are reflective of their type of reality.

Today, the United States of America has The Trumpster who gets his jollies putting people in his Hate Dumpster. Instead of making America great again, Trump is tearing America apart again!

Monday, June 18, 2018

A Guest Commentary About Roland Hansen From Political Conservative Proselytizing Christian Chris (CW) Martin

A fellow by the name of Chris (CW) Martin is the scribe of a blog entitled Tilting at Windmills, Thoughts On Every Subject, PC Be Hanged. Indeed, Chris Martin does write on a variety of topics and he pulls no punches while he consistently bashes Democrats in general and political liberals specifically; and, he frequently uses negative adjectives in addressing those who he considers the opposition. Mr. Martin also preaches in a regular series in his blog that concerns bible study. Jesus, the gospel, etc.

Mr. Martin used to be a regular commentator on my blog Roland Hansen Commentary here, as well as on my other blog of Roland's Ramblings, my Google+ page, and on my Twitter account. Then, in mid December of 2017, he decided that he could no longer tolerate me; and, he consequently blocked me on Google,  Twitter, and every conceivable place on the internet.

Chris Martin made a brief commentary about me (without mentioning me by name) and other "liberals" on Wednesday, December, 2017 in the opening statements of his blog entry entitled Ye olde stat page 2017.

Here is a copy and paste of those opening statements of CW Martin:

Wow, I didn't realize what a messed up battle this year was on my blog- but as the song says, "There's reason to believe that this coming year will be better than the last." 
Far too many posts were spent fighting koolaid-sipping liberals, not because of my great love and devotion for Trump (which doesn't exist except in their tiny imaginations), but because they cannot accept reality or history.  I believe I fought my last battle with my last remaining koolaid-sipping friend a few weeks back, when I found that explaining for the umpteenth time that equating ANYBODY in current US politics with Hitler or Stalin is showing a total disregard for both reality and history,  was "invalidating" that person, while his making the point that he is "well-regarded by intellectuals" (AKA How dare you disagree with me, peon)  was not a similar invalidation of myself.  Difference being, I can take being called stupid, because it still leaves me with more common sense, but they could not accept that someone could reject their re-write on history.  Truth though, is that the whole fight was leading me to want to say something I knew better than- and I said goodbye. 
ANYway, that unfortunate year long battle with utter stupidity reflects heavily in my stats- and while I'm not going to quit fighting the good fight, I have my doubts that my opponents will be stopping by anymore.  That said, let's look at the stats.

The rest of that blog entry concerns his ranking among blogs worldwide, how many blog entries he made that year, how many views his blog has had, the number of comments that were made in response to his blog entries, etc., etc., etc.

So, if you would like to read more of anything and everything that Chris Martin writes about the world, you may find him at:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

At Life's End

I am in the twilight of my life. I am not in the autumn of my life; I am in the winter of my life. Indeed, being in my 71st year, I am near the end of my life.

Unfortunately and regretfully, I spent the vast majority of the time in the early and middle adult years of my life trying to secure a better tomorrow for myself and family. I did so by means of working  two jobs and by spending innumerable hours performing volunteer work in community, civic, charitable, fraternal and other organizations.

In order to assure a secure financial future for my three children, including amassing sufficient savings for their college education, I was so financially prudent that we missed out on many enjoyable day to day activities that had a price tag attached to them. I spent a tremendous amount of time in volunteer work because I wanted my children to have a better world in which to live. I thought I could make a difference. As it turned out, the world is no better today than it was 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago; and, I missed having quality, quantity time with my family.

Regrets -- I have more than a few!

That all being expressed, I wish to leave a message before I depart this world to all the people who always seem so busy trying to make for a better tomorrow that they do not take the time to enjoy today.

I say to them, "It is all well and good to plan and prepare for tomorrow, but make sure to seize a moment to live and enjoy each and every day. Spend time with family and friends, go to the zoo, visit the museum, picnic in the park, go for a bike ride, lay on the beach, go outside to breathe in the fresh air and look up to the sky with wonderment and awe, smell the roses. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can enjoy today."

Do not live a life in such a way that when you are in your end of days that you look back on your life with regret.

I say unto you as Robin Williams said, "Make your life spectacular."