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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The State of Friendship in Modern Society.

I spent half of a century in my life working in public service both as a professional and as a volunteer. For decades, I was actively engaged in civic, community, charitable, labor, political, and professional organizations and activities. Many people referred to me as "friend" until, that is, I was no longer in a position to help them.

Nowadays, it seems that everyone leads such a busy life that they have little or no time to have real life, up front and personal visits with "friends" all the while they seemingly have hours on end each and every day to spend on their electronic devices connected to the internet and a wide variety of electronic social media sites. That is the reality of "The State of Friendship in Modern Society" or so it would seem.

How many people can relate to this photo meme statement about when one person really matters to another person?

Here is a quote to consider - and you may use it with others, if you so choose:
“Friends always have time for friends. Busy friends make time for friends. Regardless of how busy a person may be, a true friend is never too busy for another friend.” – Roland Louis Hansen

If you are of a mind to, you may open the following embedded link to read more of my thoughts on the topic of Real Friends.