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Roland Hansen, Consultant

My interests are: Public Service Nonprofit Organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental; Politics, both partisan and issues; Public Education, primary, secondary and post-secondary; and, Career Development Training.

I retired from the government sector effective July 1, 2002. It was at that time with thirty-three years of extensive employment and volunteer service in governmental, educational, nonprofit, political, labor, professional, and civic/community/charitable organizations that I was able to devote more time to my long established self-employed endeavors as a Consultant to Nonprofit Organizations.

While I travel wherever an assignment may take me, my consulting services are headquartered in Toledo, Ohio (from 2002 - 2015, I also had an office in Mesa, Arizona). In addition to my own consulting services, I also find it very satisfying and rewarding to network with other Consultants and Trainers.

Previous clients of mine have included:
    the Northeast Ohio Adult Services Training Center and the Southwest Ohio Adult Services Training Center for whom I conducted several in-service training workshops;
    the Ohio Training Opportunities in Public Services Program for whom I taught in-service college-level courses;
    the City of Toledo Youth Commission for whom I developed and facilitated a Strategic Planing session;
    pcCoM Technologies for whom I developed marketing strategies; and,
    the West Toledo Herald for whom I developed and moderated a 2005 Meet the Toledo Mayoral Candidates Forum.
Immediately preceding my governmental retirement, I had been on the adjunct faculty at Owens Community College teaching General Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Life Span (Developmental) Psychology, Careers in Psychology, Sociology of Marriage and the Family, and American Government; and, my full-time position had been that of a Business Administrator for a governmental agency. While on the adjunct faculty at The University of Toledo, I taught Social Processes, American National Government, and Management of NonProfit Organizations.