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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seeking Intelligent Life

It is often said that astronomers, other natural scientists, and some other enthusiasts on Earth are seeking intelligent life in the Universe. Hell, I would be happy if we found some intelligent life right here on Earth.

I mean, come on people, look around you and do so objectively. How many people do you know actually have any real level of “smartness” sufficiently enough to be labeled as intelligent? Now, take another look around you, and tell me how many people you know that you have at sometime thought to yourself “Wow, he (or she) is really dumb (or stupid)!” Come on; be honest.

In everyday contacts with people and in observing others, I bet most people who read Roland Hansen Commentary think the majority of folks are dumb. Chances are good that there is not a majority of people who can be called intelligent. Chances are that most people around us do not keep current on the affairs of their community, let alone the affairs of the nation. Chances are that most Americans do not even know the basics of our governmental system. Chances are that the bulk of Americans have absolutely no understanding neither of the authorities, responsibilities, or of the limitations of the various branches and levels of government, nor of our elected officials.

And yet, these are the very same people who elect our leaders, our representatives, and all the other various elected officials. These are the same people who constantly slam and criticize our government and cry about those who have been put into office through the electoral process. My, gosh! Stop and think. The elected officials who comprise our government are a reflection of the American electorate. To those people who are so critical of our government, of our elected officials, I say, look in a mirror. What do you see? It certainly does not reflect any intelligence on your part. I say, if you are intelligent, you would realize that all our elected officials are smarter than the majority of people; otherwise, you tell me how the elected official got there in the first place.

Oh, I cannot believe the lack of intelligence that permeates the American citizenry! The other day, I saw a campaign sign for a candidate to the state legislature with a few key phrases on it that left me scratching my head. A little elaboration of that perplexing and confounding political sign: One phrase stated “better schools” and yet we elect boards of education for that important function; another phrase stated “lower taxes” but did not say what public services should be eliminated as a result of decreased public revenues; and another phrase on that sign proclaimed “create new jobs” and yet that candidate was of the political party that professes the government should stay out of the affairs of private business enterprises advocating that capitalism of the marketplace regulate itself and should set its own pace.

Give me a break! How stupid! And yet, the public falls for such irrationalism. People lack the intelligence to properly read (or listen) and interpret the real message. People lack the ability to think for themselves. People also lack the initiative to obtain the facts for themselves. All they do is react. That is why negative advertising in campaigns works so well. The receivers of the negative campaign ad do not stop to process the information; they just knee jerk, saying “yeah, that’s right” and then vote for the other candidate without ever taking the time to gather objective information in order to intelligently assess that “other” candidate.

I dare say, none of those people even read Roland Hansen Commentary or any other material that requires their attention and mental processing. Most people are just too damn lazy; they prefer to complain and criticize and moan and groan and attack the few people who do have intelligence and initiative and a sense of real, true public service.

I am seeking intelligent life. Who wants to help me in my quest?


Judy said...

I DARE say when it comes time for a major election like this year, most people will vote based on the GOD awful ads on the BOOB tube! They won't take the time needed to make an informed vote! Watch any time a "man on the street" question is aired, and hear for yourself the stupid answers people give, it's real life, not done for the camera's!

CWMartin said...

Interesting you brought this up. In a local election, the liberal candidate has an attack ad that said the conservative candidate did something that made him "not so conservative". Umm, if being "not so conservative" is a bad thing, then what does that make the liberal candidate? Also, did you hear about the Billboard in, was it South Bend or Warsaw, Indiana,that urged people to a website to check out "what is going on in our PUBIC Schools"? You're right, they are everywhere.

Tim Higgins said...


I choose not to call a significant portion of the population dumb, but instead suggest that they might be "intellectually challenged". I tend not to assess the intelligence of a political candidate, but focus instead on their motives and ethics. After all, you don't have to be smart to make good choices (though being well-informed doesn't hurt).

On the other hand, all rules have their exceptions and half of the doctors and lawyers do graduate at the top of their class. It is therefore my privilege (and a source of some pride to me) that I can count among my acquaintances some of the most intelligent people around, including the members of the Hansen clan (and the fact that many are also Amigos is beside point).

My hope of course, is that by some arcane and little understood form of osmosis, some of their (your) intelligence will rub off.

Roland Hansen said...

CWM, I agree with you agreeing that "they are everywhere."
Amigo Tim, I quit trying to be politically correct awhile back for several reasons, one of which is when rude anonymous political posters called me names without ever addressing the facts. Those flaming trolls just like to get into an attack mode and go at it while ignoring the issues. I have long given up on an informed public at large. I tried to be helpful over my entire adult life, and now that I am in my 60s, I see no great positive difference. In fact, it seems to me that the American general public has actually "dummied down" over the past 4 to 5 decades.

Tim Higgins said...

Amigo Roland,

While I am constantly amazed and amused by the receeding IQ of the human race, I am nevertheless convinced that there is still intelligent life our there, taking my cue from Bill Watterson

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."

Roland Hansen said...

Amigo Tim,
By George! I think Bill Watterson has got it!