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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Americans: Thank a Democrat. What have Republicans done for you?

In the past 100 years, American Presidents who were from the Democratic Party have been able to implement positive public policies that have been beneficial to the vast majority of the general American public.

What positive public policies beneficial to the average American citizen have those from the Republican Party been able to implement?


CWMartin said...

Oh, let's see...

How about Reagan's leadership in forcing down the Iron Curtain, which made for a vastly safer world?

How about Nixon openning the door to Discussion and Trade with China?

How about Ike holding communists off with one hand and war hawks off with the other so the world didn't end before we were born?

How about TR giving us our wonderful National Park service?

How about Lincoln keeping the nation together at its lowest ebb?

Now, what did Obama do?

Besides bowing to Arabs?

Besides hiring the most incompetent SecState in our lifetimes?

Besides stoking up the fires of bigotry and division in this country by his reaction to Ferguson?

Besides allowing his wife to foist school lunches that went uneaten on thousands of schoolkids?

Besides forcing down our throats an unaffordable care act that is collapsing around us?

dalepertcheck said...

CW -- With all due respect...the so-called Iron Curtain still exists! Russia is still a major threat to world peace. Are we really safer where Russia is concerned?
Trade with China? That's mostly a one-way street benefitting China!
The Policy of Containment of Communism was formed under Harry Truman, a Democrat!
TR was a great POTUS. That was before the iteration which is the current Republican Party. TR broke up monopoly, anti-competitive trusts. Which current Republican would do that now?
Lincoln? Would he even recognize the policies of the modern Republican Party as similar to those he espoused? Remember, Lincoln freed African-Americans from slavery. Most modern Republicans want to keep African-Americans from voting and having equal opportunity!
Obama had the highest personal morality of any modern POTUS! Under Obama tens of millions of Americans got health insurance, which the modern Republicans want to take away. At latest count, up to 24 million Americans will lose medical coverage they now have, if the Republicans have their way! Obama led the U.S. out of the worst economy since the Great Depression! And, who got us into the Great Recession? W!!
Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, currently calls himself a Republican. Since he became our POTUS, those who discriminate against others in this country have been emboldened to be more openly hateful, than at any time since the modern Civil Rights movement of the 1960s! Talk about divisive!
The Affordable Care Act is falling apart because the Republicans have no plan! And the Republicans are in charge, so they are undermining the ACA. We do know one group which will benefit if the Republicans have no plan...BILLIONAIRES, of course!

Message? If you love average, common folks, vote Democrat. If you love Republican.

CWMartin said...

Thank you for allowing me to destroy your credibility in one blow, Dale...

"The Affordable Care Act is falling apart because the Republicans have no plan!"

If the ACA was any good in the FIRST place, the GOP wouldn't NEED a plan!

Also, ask the people in Hungary, Lithuania, et al if they think the Iron Curtain still falls on them. I grant you, the safety factor is marginal in physical terms, but I think we are much better off with a Putin than a Brezhnev.

And I'll grant Truman started the dealings with the communists (thanks to the diplomatic mess FDR left him), but read the book Ike's Bluff and see how much work HE had to put into it.

You complain about trade with China being a one way street. Trump tries to fix that and you all call him a war monger. Sorry, can't have it both ways!

I won't argue your Lincoln/TR points. However, Roland made a blanket statement and they fall under the blanket.

I am better off under Republican rule, and was under Reagan Nixon AND GBI. And if you want I'll send you a bank statement, I am no billionaire.

And as for Obama- I grant you, he didn't cover himself in scandal like most of DC does. HOWever, would you rather have a saint who makes a more divided, more polarized nation, lowers our esteem among both friends and enemies, and foists on us health care we CAN'T afford, or a lech that manages to do good? Before you answer that, remember we are comparing Obamas to Clintons. Have a good one!

dalepertcheck said...

CW, again with all due respect -- In other words, you have no facts to refute what I stated.
I'm glad that you personally did well under Republican POTUSes. Most have not. Here are some things most Republican lovers hate. They are called facts.
Under Democrat Clinton -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average: 1/20/1993 3241.95 1/19/2001 10,587.59. UP +326.5%.
Standard and Poors: 1/20/1993 433.37 1/19/2001 1342.54 +310.8%.
NASDAQ: 1/20/1993 700.77 1/19/2001 2770.38 +395.3%.
Under Republican "W" -- DJIA: 1/19/2001 10587.59 1/20/2009 7949.09 DOWN -24.92%.
S&P: 1/19/2001 1342.54 1/20/2009 805.22. -40.02%
NASDAQ: 1/19/2001 2770.38 1/20/2009 1440.86. - 47.99%
Under Democrat Obama -- DJIA: 1/20/2009 7040.09 1/20/2017 19,827.25. UP +281.6%.
S&P: 1/20/2009 805.22 1/20/2017 2276.96. +282.8%.
NASDAQ: 1/20/2009 1440.86 1/20/2017 5540.08 +384.5%.

Now, CW, you may be a freaking genius. You may well have beaten the odds on your investments, and/or you had such great skill in business that you overcame these economic trends. To me, the great irony is that most investors with lots and lots of money made LOTS MORE money in the 8 years of Clinton's Democratic Presidency; lost lots in Republican W's years, and made lots more under Democrat Obama!
Personally, I can only speak to the years from 2004 to the present. Before that, we didn't have enough to invest to make any difference to us AT ALL, and we have been with the same brokerage account since then, so it keeps track for us. Since 2004, we have only had 2 down years. We were down in 2005 and in 2008. Who was POTUS then? OH! Republican "W!" Overall, our portfolio has capital gains averaging 8.79%. And in the past 5 years, almost all under Democrat Obama, we are up on average 11.67%. Now, I am no genius investor, but I have done MUCH better under Democrat Obama, than I did under Republican "W."

I use facts. Ideologues (of both extremes) use gut feelings.
And as far as a Republican so-called plan to save billionaires money by dismantling the ACA, who really cares if 20,000,000 people or so have no health care coverage who now have it? As long as the billionaires keep more millions, Republican politicians and their excusers are happy!
If you love common folks, vote for Democrats. If you love billionaires, vote for Republicans!

CWMartin said...

Oh, Dale, I'm sorry if you thought I was inviting you to further conversation. The first part ONLY was for you. The rest are for those that might think that your concept of history amounts to anything, to guide them in the right direction.

As for your comment, it sounds like a) you can't handle the truth of history; b) your numbers suggest that the only problem you have with Republican policy is that it dented your precious investment account. That's an awfully "Republican" sentiment, Dale, you should be careful. You came very close to exposing yourself like you did in the first comment.

Always a pleasure to visit you here in Dale's world. Say hi to Kathy Griffin for me!

dalepertcheck said...

YOU, CW, are the one who does not want to deal with facts and reality. You, CW, are the one who does not want to leave the smooth waters of your own site and deal with rational people who have differing views.
I get it CW. Like most ideologues, CW, you hate facts. Facts prove you wrong.
I did think that you might share your secret to being such a financial genius with the rest of us common folks. Apparently you did well financially while others did so poorly. Sorry, folks. CW, the genius, will keep his secrets to himself.

It is just like you to refer to Kathy Griffin, and try to tie me to her. Here is a link to a thread I started on Swamp Bubbles about how reprehensible I found her actions to be. So sorry that I do NOT fit neatly into your vision of what makes a political "liberal," CW.
If you cannot link it this way, it is posted on Swamp Bubbles:

CWMartin said...

Dale, you're a dope and here's why:

You accuse me of not having facts while ignoring anything I say.

You seek to win with tons of numbers and links what you can't fight in SIMPLE conversation.

You accuse me of wanting to stay on my safe little site, yet here I am.

You never did give a mea culpa on you assertion w=that the ACA was collapsing because the GOP has no plan, when the ACA IS collapsing and IS a Democrat plan, and despite any undermining that has been talked about the do-nothings in the GOP have fixed NOTHING. Therefore, the plan was flawed from the start. Even I would say, "Boy I sure walked into that one."

And as to KG: I refer you to the post put up on the subject by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, who put it well: America is split between people watching two completely different movies. Kathy was acting normal in the movie she is watching. I'm not suggesting you supported something so loathsome- but I AM suggesting you are watching the same movie.

dalepertcheck said...

Sorry about using facts, CW. In this way, you are just like Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like. He just denies factual information directly!

The Republicans have been undermining the ACA since its inception. If you do not mind 20,000,000 or so Americans losing health insurance, welcome to the "no plan" club. How many years do the Republicans need to have a real plan? Oh. That's right. They just want to save millions of dollars for billionaires. are still trying to equate my actions with the despicable actions of an entertainer. That's despicable, too!