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Friday, February 13, 2009

Marcy Kaptur, Commerce Secretary

Wow, that title has a nice ring to it!

I’m sure most people have heard of the phrase “The third time is a charm.” That is the phrase I think is applicable should President Barack Obama nominate United States Representative Marcy Kaptur (D, Ohio 9th District) to be the Secretary of Commerce.

President Obama’s first attempt to fill the spot of Commerce Secretary by nominating New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D) fell flat on its face when Richardson withdrew himself from consideration upon the public disclosure of a grand jury investigation of alleged wrongdoing in the awarding of state governmental contracts in New Mexico.

Next out of the starting gate Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire never really got out of the starting gate. Apparently, the Republican Senator had a change of heart or of mind when Gregg withdrew himself from consideration citing “irresolvable differences” with the policies of the Democrat President.

That brings us to the current situation in that a third attempt is now needed to put a Commerce Secretary into place, Quite a few people have been previously mentioned by the media, all of whom would be good choices. However, as Barack Obama has stated in the past, it is time for a change in the same-old politics of Washington, D.C. That brings me to what I believe may be a novel approach. Remember NAFTA?

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur took on the Democratic political party machine of President Bill Clinton in opposing the adoption of NAFTA and has remained a strong opponent ever since. And yet, while remaining a vocal opponent of NAFTA as well as being vocal in other areas in disagreement with whoever has been in power in Washington, Democrat or Republican, she has remained an integral part of the Democratic Party and has been an advocate of a real free-trade public policy as opposed to NAFTA that looks out for the American worker.

Getting back to the selection of a Secretary of Commerce, I say now is the time to get it done right! President Obama tried a Democratic male Governor from a Southwest state, who happened to be Hispanic. He tried a Republican male Senator from an Eastern state. Now, he should try an outspoken, citizen-advocate, experienced Democratic Congresswoman from a Great Lakes state, who doesn’t hesitate to publicly disagree while at the same time who will work toward a solution that is in the best interests of the United States of America.

I say Marcy Kaptur is the right person for Secretary of Commerce.


Hooda Thunkit said...


On this one (cough, cough) I have to agree (cough, cough) with you.

Coming from me, that's saying a lot.

Mousie Kaptur for Commerce Secretary!

Where she can advocate against NAFTA, for the good of the USA ;-)

Judy said...

Oh, My My, HT is that you, are you OK! I am also in agreement on this with both of you!

Ben said...

If I was a Democrat I would have no problem with this.

I dont know who would want to be the third official choice though.

Anonymous said...

He oughta nominate that milquetoast governor of ours. Oh wait, for good or bad, he wants someone who can actually do something of value. Scratch that thought.

J. Rowsey said...

I think you have a good idea Roland.