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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ben Konop -- What the hell???!!!! Today: Ohio. Tomorrow: Who knows?

What's with Ben Konop and his exploration about running for Mayor of Toledo????!!!!

Back in 2004, he ran for a congressional seat in northcentral Ohio, i.e. the 4th congressional district, quite a distance from Toledo and from Lucas County. He lost that election and then he moved to Toledo, Ohio to run for Lucas County Commisioner in 2006. In his campaign for a seat on the Lucas County Board of Commissioners, he promised that if elected he would serve the full four-year term. Well, he won that seat; but now just mid-way through his elected term, he is considering making an electoral attempt to switch seats in becoming the next Mayor of the City of Toledo thereby breaking his promise.

As an interesting aside, I see from reading the various news stories of his Toledo Mayoral explorations that he has been making political campaign forays outside the City of Toledo.

What the hell? Does Ben Konop have any loyalty to any voters?? Or, does Ben Konop just wish to use voters, any and all voters, to further his own personal career choice of professional politician, as opposed to elected public servant???

Maybe, he will just up and move to another state, if it will serve his choice of occupational path.


Judy said...

Now playing in Toledo, the Ben & Skippy (Wade K.)show! They must have gone to the same school of thought!

Tim Higgins said...


There is little doubt that Mr Konop is a perfect example of a self-serving politician. He will do anything or say anything to get the soundbit on record, and his word appears only as good as the latest news broadcast.

Perhaps this is what Toledo deserves as its next mayor, but I certainly hope not.