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Thursday, September 11, 2008

USA Presidential Election and the Jewish Vote

I happened to be reading the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Online when I came across an article that addressed how Democrats and Republicans are courting the Jewish vote in this year's Presidential election with a twist. Previous presidential campaigns have courted the Jewish vote based on the candidate for President. The 2008 Presidential election campaigns are apparently attempting to garner the Jewish vote and support based on the Vice Presidential nominees, Joe Biden (D) and Sarah Palin (R), rather than the nominees for President, Barack Obama (D) and John McCain (R). To get the information on this first hand, go over to read VP picks cast as bad for Jews by Ron Kampeas, JTA News & Features.

Not to be satisfied with just this teaser of an article on the subject of Republicans and Democrats going after the Jewish vote, a simple web search got me to the websites of the Republican Jewish Coalition and of the National Jewish Democratic Council. Looking over those websites is a real eye-opening, eye-popping experience. Who to believe - who to believe?? Oy vey ist mir!

To be honest, I never realized there was such a strong push by the two major American political parties for the support of the Jewish American electorate, especially given the fact that the U.S. Jewish Population is only 2.2% of the total American population. I cannot help but wonder about the reasoning for this. Now then, what is a Jewish African American with a Spanish surname to do?


Judy said...

The only meaning in categorizing people is in creating racism,discrimination and different types of Americans.

Jill said...

Hi Roland - thanks for writing about this. I've been tracking it for a while and in general, Palin actually seems to have turned off a lot of Jews who may have been going McCain.

Ha - just in the time I writing this, look what someone sent me:

Roland Hansen said...

Thanks, Jill, for the url to the article Sarah Palin may be hurting McCain among Jewish voters.

Ben said...

According to Jill, Palin turns off every possible group in someway about Obama.

Jill said...

Ben - is a word missing in that sentence? I don't understand what you mean. I'm sorry.

Ben said...

I dont know, it makes sense to me.....what I was trying to say was:

Jill thinks that Palin hurts John McCain in some way with every group and every demographic, thus hurting his chances to win the election.

Jill said...

Oy Ben - how do you figure that I wrote anything like that? Eek.

I've spoken with numerous people I know, who happen to be Jewish and not a one feels as positive about voting for McCain as they did before he selected Palin.

THAT is what I was implying.

The link I provided supports the same.

I was at yet another event this past Sat. evening, 9/13, and heard another round of similar sentiments from friends who are Jewish, men and women.

No doubt it also reflects who I know and meet, but that's why I provided the link.

Roland Hansen said...

I found Kissing the Jewish vote goodbye to be quite interesting.