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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain and Obama on the Issues

Enough mud-slinging already! AND, all this nonsense about lipstick, pigs, old fish, a pregnant daughter, and what-all has got to stop!

The Presidential campaign smears by both the Republicans and the Democrats are all over the map and the issues have taken a back seat.

So, just where do the the two major political party candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, stand on the issues? Look here for a brief side-by-side comparison overview.

Whether you think political polls are useful or not, they can be interesting. There has even been a poll (or two or three) about which candidate Europeans would rather see elected as President of the United States of America. Interesting stuff. Read the report on one of those polls over this-a-way.

And, what about the other candidates for the Presidency? Again, the traditional mass media has focused on only the Republican Party and Democratic Party nominees, ignoring all others, failing to provide coverage of all candidates for the highest office in the land. Take a look at the ProCon web page 2008 Election to read about all of the 2008 US Presidential candidates and learn their views and perspectives on 65 issues. That site which professes Read our simple, nonpartisan, pro-con presentation and decide for yourself: "Which candidate would make the best President?" will at least provide you with more information than is being provided by the traditional print and broadcast media.

As usual, American television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and such continue their sad and sorry track record of abrogating their moral and professional responsibility in bringing us full coverage of the news in an unbiased manner. By telling the American public only that which the traditional media outlets choose to tell us, the traditional media sets the agenda for what people talk about; and, consequently it is the traditional mass media of "the Press" that shapes public opinion.

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