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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama and Big Brother

The 2008 campaign for President of the United States of America has had coverage all over the television screens and on computer monitors everywhere, no matter where you may be.

Something I read recently on another blog regarding Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama triggered a thought in my mind about 1984. For a flash, I even thought of a current popular reality television show.

Rather than adding my own less-than-two-cents worth, I suggest you read the very interesting Liberal Common Sense entry Obama Thought Police? and then tell me if it doesn't remind you of Big Brother.

Not this Big Brother, but this Big Brother.


Tim Higgins said...


This is indeed thought provoking information. While I think I had understood it on an unconscious level, what you and Lisa Renee are talking about may be the most important non-raised issue of the campaign.

Being a Conservative, I am already written off as an unthinking racist hatemonger, so perhaps this just slipped under the radar with me. As a thinking Democrat, your position must be much more confusing.

Roland Hansen said...

Yep, it is: and, then I have also found this:

Jewish Indy - Obama's training program described as 'Big Brother'.