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Friday, August 24, 2007

Taxes and Taxing

So many people complain about taxes, but so few people propose specific ways in which to provide public services other than by taxes.
So many people say our taxes are too high adding that the government should make cut-backs, but so few people propose specific public services to be decreased or eliminated.
So many people make comments about taxes, but so few people understand the tax system.
To those people, I say quit taxing my patience. Hey, if you're going to address the topic of taxes, the least you can do is have some kind of knowledge about the subject. Otherwise, I do not want to hear your crying, sobbing, pathetic, ill-informed opinion.
What got me going on this? I'll tell you. The other day I read a comment on a blog that just blew me away! Some rum-dum ignoramus was complaining about Lucas County spending money on a project when the City of Toledo needed more cops and the Toledo Public School System needed more revenue. What a stupid thing to say! DUH!!! County taxes are for use of county programs, services, etc. More cops in the City of Toledo is the responsibility of the City of Toledo and as such are funded from the City coffers. Ditto for the schools; school programs, services, etc are the responsibility of the appropriate school district.
Each of these (county, city, school district) have their own taxing authority. The same goes for the state and national levels of government.
Not only do different levels of government and political sub-divisions (including library districts, park districts, regional water districts, and so forth) have their own taxing authority, but there are different types of taxes. Take a look at this.
That comment about Lucas County, Ohio not using its tax money for more cops in the City of Toledo (just one city of several in the county) or to supplement the budget of the Toledo Public School District (just one school district of several in the county) put me over the top.
And to think I used to get all bothered by people who didn't know the difference between a school operating levy and a school capital improvements levy! Oh, you mean there are people who still don't know about that difference. Sheesh! For goodness sakes! We cannot use money from a capital improvements budget to pay teacher salaries or buy books; and, we cannot use money from an operating levy to build a new school or put on a new roof.
That's enough, this subject really taxes me! I'm outa here.


Roland Hansen said...

Take a look at this.

Roland Hansen said...

I hate real estate property taxes. If you don't pay the taxes on your house, then your house can be taken away. That makes it seem as if you do not really own your house, but only renting it because of that.
I do understand, however, that real estate property taxes provide a stable source of tax revenue unlike other taxes that depend on the current economic situation.

-Sepp said...

You need to take a look at Ron Paul. I know he's a republican and, as a democrat it would be sinfull for you to even mention his name out loud. But, I've yet to find a democrat who DID check him out find anything they disagreed with. He's all over and on my blog.

Roland Hansen said...

I am an avid believer in and proponent of a strong, viable two-party system. I even see a role for other political parties in the American political scene.
So, Ron Paul is a Republican and I am a Democrat. What is so sinful?
I say loud and clear:
Now, Sepp, what say you?

Hooda Thunkit said...

I too HATE property taxes witha passion.

That said, I much favor a consumption tax as only those who spend pay it. It promotes saving and investing and well, taking care of yourself.

Plus it taxes the formerly underground economy.

The value/worth of my property directly reflects how much I don't use tax-supported services and proves that I CAN take care of myself.

Now, go away nanny state and leave me alone ;-)

Roland Hansen said...

Excellent point, HT!

-Sepp said...

I say...I think you've got it!
To clear up my statement about it being sinful to mention a republican I'll say that a lot of democrats will agree with 99% of Paul's platform and then say "hell no, I won't vote for him" when informed that Paul is running as a republican.
Even though they can check his spotless voting record and see years worth of video...they still say "no".