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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Konopnomics vs. Thurbernomics: Let The Debate Begin

Whether you think it is just throwing stones, a jab fest, or a slug fest, it is a pugilistic event of the written kind, a war of the words, if you will.

The first jab was thrown by Republican Maggie Thurber, former Lucas County Commissioner, when she wrote a guest opinion piece in the June 20, 2008 edition of the Toledo Free Press in regards to Democrat Ben Konop, current Lucas County Commissioner and his economic development proposals. She entitled her contribution Konopnomics.

Ben Konop bounced back with his own guest column piece in the June 27, 2008 edition of the Toledo Free Press in response to that of Maggie Thurber. What other title could Ben Konop choose but that of Thurbernomics.

For the nitty gritty details, read both Konopnomics and Thurbernomics.
Then, if you want to add your two-cents worth, feel free to weigh in with your comments.

Hey, I have what I think is a great idea. Both Ben Konop and Maggie Thurber should meet, face to face, in a public forum and debate one another on the perspectives each shared in their Toledo Free Press guest commentaries.

Furthermore, I would go so far as to suggest that such debate should be sponsored by an organization such as the League of Women Voters or the area Chamber of Commerce or some such other civic organization.

I'll even go one step further in my suggestion. Should such an event take place, I suggest (nay, I challenge) the local broadcast media (to step up to the plate) to cover the debate live.


Tim Higgins said...


I couldn't agree more with your idea of a challenge to debate economic development. As for doing it live, I believe that Maggie has a standing invitation for the Commissioner to appear on her "Eye On Toledo" show on WSPD radio.

Now perhaps Mr. Konop would prefer a more neutral setting and a friendlier audience. In this case, their seconds could meet to decide upon a field of honor.

If I had one piece of advice for Mr Konop however, it would be this:
"Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

Ben said...

Good usage of an Obama quote.

Roland Hansen said...

I advocate such a debate take place in a neutral setting and moderated by a neutral individual.

Maggie Thurber said...

I would welcome such a debate and would gladly participate.

(clarification: I didn't write the headline. That was done by the Free Press.)

Roland Hansen said...


Thank you so very much for the clarification on the headline; I stand corrected. None-the-less, I sure do like the catchphrase.

I wonder if Ben Konop will weigh in on this. I really do believe such a debate would be very beneficial to the entire community in so many ways.

Maggie Thurber said...

My response to the idea:

Roland Hansen said...

Let the debate on having a debate begin!
Maggie, I greatly appreciate your willingness to enter the public light in being one of a two-person debate on economic development.
Now, we need Ben Konop to demonstrate his willingness to be a participant; and, we need a civic/community organization to set the forum and moderate such a debate.
I highly doubt the local television stations woild be an active partner in broadcasting such an event, however, because that would mean they would have to put a priority on news and community service. Local radio stations seem to have much more of a commitment to the community than do the local TV stations.

Thank you, Maggie, for the URL to Economic Development Debate? Maybe....

Roland Hansen said...

Here is my latest thought in the form of a question regarding the suggested Konopnomics vs. Thurbernomics debate:

How about Jerry Anderson as the moderator and the Lois M. Nelson Theater in the Collingwood Arts Center as the location?

Maggie Thurber said...

Roland - I'm fine with Jerry Anderson, but would ask that the entire county be considered when looking for locations.

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for answering the call, Maggie.

You have been responsive to the call even before late last night when I sent an e-mail with the link to this thread to you and to Commissioner Ben Konop, Jerry Anderson of WTOL TV Channel 11, Tom Troy of The Blade, and Mike Miller of the Toledo Free Press.

John Spalding said...

Any luck on the possible debate? Did anyone call back?

Roland Hansen said...

Nothing at all of any kind from Ben Konop, Jerry Anderson, or Tom Troy.
Mike Miller responded within 12 hours of my e-mail. And, as you've seen and read, Maggie Thurber has been responsive all along with her comments on both Roland Hansen Commentary and on Thurber's Thoughts.

The lack of response from the sitting Lucas County Commissioner, WTOL TV Channel 11, and The Blade tends to formulate in me the perspective that they are not truly interested in real community service nor in the issue of economic development unless it can be of benefit to their own self interests.

Roland Hansen said...

I guess Ben Konop figures he does not have to be responsive. I figure it's a political maneuver. An incumbent, midterm - why invite close examination and possibly raise eyebrows. It will all blow over by election time for Ben.
It is a common strategy used by incumbents.