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Monday, June 16, 2008

Candidates and Presidents: Communication and Leadership

Generally speaking, I try to not do much commentary in my other blog, Roland's Ramblings, that I like to think of as a sort of almanac of random facts and information; it's like going into a book store and randomly picking up different books and then randomly reading various pages.

Oh, here I am rambling on again. Well, anyways, somehow, some commentary squeaked into Roland's Ramblings today. Consequently, I figured why not put some of that entry here as well. Ergo, below is an excerpt of that posting:

A good leader is a good communicator. The Presidency of the United States of America is one of the most important leadership positions in the world. In the past year, there have been and still are candidates seeking to be President of the United States. All of them have had their share of problems when it comes to communication.

George W. Bush has his own style of communication. For fear of an extremely negative expression on my perspective of Bush, I shall not comment on that —- oops.

One United States President stands out in American history in the area of communication skills. The legacy of that President lives on in that regard as he was called The Great Communicator. Regardless of political perspective, whether one agreed or disagreed with his politics, President Ronald Reagan had charisma that complemented his communication.

Whether the next President of the United States is able to be a great communicator is any one’s guess at this point.

If your interest is aroused, you may read the full text of the entry with its embedded links that I think are interesting, informative, and educational, by visiting the Roland's Ramblings entry Communication and Leadership.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Well, I'd like to comment on Bush's communication "skills," if I may.

It would take one hell of a president to equal/surpass Ronald Reagan.

Now there was a communicator.

Oh there are other great communicators out there, but none are in the running for president at this time, and that is our loss.

Ronnie set that bar extremely high, as have other past presidents.

We've survived through some real duds too, speaking of Bush.

Sometimes even the best intentioned speakers get their tongues wrapped around their eye teeth, and can't see what they are saying :-(

Tim Higgins said...


Is it just me, or do you also wish that most politicians would go around with tap dance music playing in the background? Not only would it fit the lack of substance coming from most of them, but it would at least provide some form of entertainment when those strange noises are coming out of their pie-holes.

Roland Hansen said...

HT and TH,
Thank you for your comments. Let's see if anyone else weighs in on this topic. Then we can assess their written communication skills, as well.
While some candidates may have charismatic speaking skills, their messages lack real substance. They do indeed tapdance around the subject matter. Other candidates have substance in their messages but their delivery is very lacklluster. Before absorbing the intended message, the audience goes asleep from boredom.