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Friday, January 4, 2008

Lindsay Webb: The Broken Promise

It’s a brand new year; and, it’s a new City Council in Toledo, Ohio. At the organizational meeting held on January 2, 2008, a new President of Council was selected as a result of the newest DIRT.
Having just taken office as one of the three newest members of city council, Democrat Lindsay Webb joined Independent D. Michael Collins and Republican Tom Waniewski, the other newest members of Toledo City Council (DIRT), in a coup d'etat, albeit a nonviolent and legal one) by voting to toss out Michael Ashford as President of Council and by voting to install Mark Sobczak as the new President of Council. The vote of these three DIRT members along with the concurrence of three veteran councilpersons (Republican George Sarantou, former Democrat/now Republican Betty Shultz, and Democrat Mark Sobczak) and the opposing vote of six Democrats (Michael Ashford, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, Mike Craig, Joe McNamara, and Frank Szollosi) resulted in a tie vote. The tie vote allowed the Democrat/former Independent/former Republican Toledo Mayor (more DIRT) Carty Finkbeiner to cast the deciding vote.
Read this newspaper report of the upheaval on Toledo City Council.
Is this more politics as usual in Toledo?
And what of Lindsay Webb, the new councilperson who is also an attorney? She had promised to vote for Michael Ashford. Has anyone ever heard the phrase breach of promise?
Why did Lindsay Webb make a promise, and then break her promise? Could it have anything to do with new additional information or some type of political deal or something else entirely?
I may or may not agree with the ultimate decision on the selection of Toledo City Council, but that is of no concern to me.
Actually, the answer to the question of why Lindsay Webb broke her promise is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. A promise is a promise is a promise.
There is a question that always enters my mind when confronted with a situation involving anyone who has broken a promise:
What other promises that have been made in the past or that might be made in the future will be broken?


Roland Hansen said...

Look at this latest news report in which Lindsay Webb confesses she purposely deceived fellow council members when she made the promise that she never intended to honor.

jrs said...

Couldn't agree more. Well said, Mr. Hansen.

Judy said...

Ms.Webb should have kept her mouth shut and not made any promises to anyone. She must have missed taking the course Politics for Dummies 101.

Roland Hansen said...

It seems someone did not care for this specific Roland Hansen Commentary concerning Lindsay Webb breaking her promise. I had a message on my answering machine from (I think I'll keep that to myself - - at least for now) and was asked to return the call.
I was unable to return the call personally, but I did have my wife return the call. Apparently, the person calling me wanted to tell me that I did not have the whole story.
What whole story??? A broken promise is a broken promise is a broken promise. That is my point. That plus this - how can I ever trust that no other promises will ever be broken.
As an aside: This is the fifth incident in which the topic of a Roland Hansen commentary has resulted in individuals contacting me personally to try to "clarify" things. Hmmm, seems some folks do not wish to put their comments in writing. Fred LeFebvre was the exception and posted his comments on Roland Hansen Commentary. He has regained my respect for having done so.

Roland Hansen said...

Read this article about Lindsay Webb and her broken promise.

Roland Hansen said...

Read more about The Webb of Deception.

mud_rake said...

I castigated Ms. Webb on my blog several days ago too. What a dastardly deed to do with your first vote. She can no longer be trusted to be an effective voice for the citizens of Toledo.

Roland Hansen said...

I wonder if Lindsay Webb will ever provide me with her rationale for having done what she did.
As a resident of Toledo City Council District 6 and having provided volunteer services in her campaign, I do believe receiving an explanation from her directly and in writing is not out-of-line.

Roland Hansen said...

Here it is May 3, 2009 and I never have heard anything from Lindsay Webb about this or anything else for that matter.
I did, however, receive a telephone call from her father who left a message on my answering machine asking I call him and who also spoke with my wife the following week saying something to the effect that there was more to this issue of which I did not know.
I figure it is the responsibility of Toledo City Council member Lindsay Webb to respond to my concerns -- not her daddy.