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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas and Zoo Lights: Destroying Our Planet Earth.

Green is the “in” thing. By green, I make reference to green Earth, saving trees, less use of plastics, less use of non-biodegradables, increase in the use of renewable energy, and decrease in the use of fossil fuels.
A “green” attitude is a healthy attitude. A “green” approach is a “save our planet Earth” approach.
Many, many people have jumped on the green advocating bandwagon; but, most are hypocrites as the most recent Christmas season has proven once again.
Yes, I said Christmas; and, I mean it.
Christmas celebration rituals, at least in the United States of America, are anti-green. USA Christmas observance celebration traditions contribute greatly to global warming. Christmas observances, excluding religious services, are downright anti-Earth and lead to the destruction of our planet.
What? You ask. How dare I say that! You say.
My answer is: “I say it simply and easily.”
Why? You ask. How? You ask.
My response is as follows:
Think of all the evergreen trees that are cut down to be used as Christmas trees and in the making of Christmas wreaths. Think of all the non-biodegradable Christmas decorations and artificial Christmas trees that are manufactured. Think of all the plastic products (made from petroleum and non-biodegradable) used during the Christmas season celebrations. Think of all the Christmas lights used in homes, in yards, at business establishments, in public displays, and such, all of which use enormous amounts of precious electrical energy mostly generated by dirty, atmosphere-polluting coal, a fossil fuel nonrenewable energy source.
And then, there are the ever-increasingly popular Zoo Lights ---- UGH!!! Think of all the nonrenewable energy used in those displays! What a tremendous nonproductive, nonutilitarian use of electricity at an exorbitant cost to all of us, directly or nondirectly.
Think of all of that and more! Now, can you honestly tell me that the popular Christmas observances are helping to save and preserve our Earth? I say it all adds up to the unnecessary use of our valuable natural resources, an increase in global warming, and a hastening of the destruction of our planet Earth!
To all those who are destroying our planet through the guise of Christmas celebrating energy-wasting Christmas displays, zoo lights, and the like, I say:
Bah! Humbug!


Lisa Renee said...

Interesting observations, it really made me stop and think...I'm not sure what the energy bill is for the lights at the zoo, how many are LED or if any are solar powered. I'd have to agree though that it is most likely far from a green event.

This year I'd be half of a hypocrite, I did have a small 3 foot live tree but at least it didn't have lights.


Roland Hansen said...

Gee, that 3 foot tree is taller than I am ---- NOT. I may be short in height, but I'm not that short!
If that tree has a ball root on it, you can plant it and contribute more oxygen to the atmosphere as well as help promote a more green environment.

maxdefcon said...

Try explaining that to children.

Roland Hansen said...

Not a problem, Jason. The real explanation should come from the parents who do not teach their children the TRUE meaning of Christmas and who are really paganistic in their observance of what should be a HOLYday. Those are the most hypocritical people of all. It is no wonder that the younger generation is so self-centered and materialistic. Everything about the "holiday season" seems to be about "what's in it for me" rather than a religious observance. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those materialistic, egotistic, selfish people who do not consider what the season is truly meant to be.

Jason Hansen said...

Even if parents did that, Christmas is still exploited by other means. I do not celebrate Christmas because of religious reasons. To me, it's time to see family and friends. I find myself being more agnostic. It's not that I disagree with "Save our Planet!", some places that hang lights have switched to LEDs which cost a lot less to power. To each his/her own though.