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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fireworks Debate Begets Fireworks

In discussing the issue of illegal fireworks on Glass City Jungle, the fireworks debate created some fireworks of its own.

My overall initial comment on the Glass City Jungle message thread on the subject of illegal usage of fireworks in its entirety is as follows:

The law is the law is the law! People who have illegal fireworks displays should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest estent (sic) allowed by law! PERIOD!!! Toledo police and fire do an absolutely terrible job of enforcement. It is unpardonable.
Those who disagree with my perspective should request the appropriate legislative bodies to enact legislation permitting those type of fireworks displays.
I say people quit being selective in which ordinances should be enforced, while condoning illegal activities you support or even in which you participate!!

It appears that some of people condone this illegal activity and believe the police have better things to do, but they are unwilling to come forward and actively seek a change in the law that would legalize the use of fireworks. It is that type of attitude that gives me the impression that those are the type of people who pick and selectively choose the laws to which they adhere. What if everyone felt that way and only adhered to those laws they supported? Would not societal chaos follow? Why then should we even have laws? Where do you draw the line and whose opinion (other than the judge) is correct when picking and choosing the appropriateness of the law?

I was especially surprised at some of the comments when it appeared as though an admitted "ex-PD" who goes by the pseudonym of GraphicsGuy gave me the impression that he or she condoned this illegal activity. OMG! If that is so, then I wonder what other illegal activities have been condoned by this "ex-PD" and by others that are responsible for law enforcement! A position of public trust is just that - a position of public trust. If I cannot trust the police to carry out their sworn oath to uphold and enforce the law --- ooohhhh my!

Some people still use the lame excuse that the illegal use of fireworks is part of the Fourth of July celebration. Even the self-professed "ex-PD" GraphicsGuy stated "... it is part of the celebration of our independence from Britain ..."
To all of them, I say: Bullfeathers!!!! Be honest, it's just another way to get your jollies. Who the heck are you trying to fool?

Then there are the non-contributing comments by the troll who flames. "Who is that" you may ask. I specifically mean the cyberbully that uses the pseudonym upgrayedd who thinks that just a response of calling someone a name or two or three is a form valid criticism and who chose not to respond to that part of my initial comment (and which bears repeating here) that "Those who disagree with my perspective should request the appropriate legislative bodies to enact legislation permitting those type of fireworks displays."

Oh, I could go on and on, and summarize it all for you. But why do that when I can can link you to the whole thing where you can read it for yourself.
Run, don't walk, and get on over to read:
My neighborhood doesn't seem to realize Fireworks are about yours?


Hooda Thunkit said...


I once condoned (and used) illegal fireworks, when I was young and foolish/stupid, but I grew up.


Not so much. . .

Nuff Said.

Tim Higgins said...


I am not sure whether I am more shocked that people believe in selective enforcement of the law or that there is cyberbullying on GCJ! :-) (Could this mean dogs and cats living togeher? I think that Lisa does what she can, but the anonymous nature of the internet simply makes all of this possible without consequence.

Like you and hooda, I too believe in the non-selctive enforcement of law and know that eveyone from the parking patrol to the cable cops is making sure that I toe the line.

It's amazing to me that people choose a day designed to celebrate the US (a country founded on the rule of law) to flout laws rather than change them, as is their right. I can only assume that these were the kids asleep in history class when these things were being explained.

Ben said...

I dont really have a problem with the fireworks, but your point about legislation to say what kind of fireworks would be okay seems very reasonable.

Roland Hansen said...

I can't help it, but I had to laugh (out loud, even) upon reading comment #36 just a moment ago that was posted by some person by the name of Steve over on that message thread.

OMG! Some people just don't comprehend, don't read, and don't think!

Need I say more?

Tim Higgins said...


Do you think that this was done on a cell phone? I ask because it seemed entirely lacking in Capitlization, Puncuation, and Grammar. I had this picture of spittle flying as anger overflowed onto the keypad, and I too was laughing.

Who knew that you could stir up such passion over a couple of firecrackers?

Roland Hansen said...

Ya know somethin'? You're right; maybe, Steve was texting that message.
Now, I just can't stop thinking about the scene of that with a voice over of Steve's comment being broadcast on America's Funniest Videos.

GraphicGuy said...

You misread and/or blew my comments way out of proportion, but I guess I should have seen that coming.

As the readers might see if they go to Glass City, I initially corrected you on your assumption that the fire department had some 'muscle' in enforcing fireworks laws (which they do not) after your comment "Toledo police and fire do an absolutely terrible job of enforcement. It is unpardonable."

I made the comment that I was neutral on fireworks, and gave my 'pros' (historically the way Americans celebrate Independence Day) & 'cons' (Illegal and people not taking safety in account). If you had read my comment closer, you might have noticed (as I'm sure other readers will) that I said first said They are illegal.

Additionally, no one ever said that the "police had better things to do". I simply pointed out that more often than not, the police are tied up with other calls of higher priority. Those calls would be domestic violence calls, accidents, alarm calls and the like.

There are more inconsistencies in this blog, but I'll leave it to the readers to sort them out.

In closing, I don't mind being quoted, but only if I'm quoted correctly.

And, of course, I will be quite surprised if you allow this to print in your blog uncensored.

Roland Hansen said...

Your comment is here in its entirety, GraphicGuy aka GraphicsGuy, and it is here in all its uncensored glory.
Now, why in the world you ever think I would censor it?

p.s. I must admit, I am greatly impressed by your Blogger User Profile.