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Monday, July 7, 2008

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland: Politician or Gambler?

I read Gov. Strickland Defends His Keno Stance to United Methodists over at Rowsey Blog with great interest.

Just as I took the heat for my comments over at Glass City Jungle, as I also wrote here at Roland Hansen Commentary on July 2, 2008 in which I opened my comments with "The law is the law is the law!", I will now accept any heat for this comment of mine: Gambling is gambling is gambling.

What part of gambling does Ohio Governor Ted Strickland not understand?

To me, whether one is in favor of gambling or not in favor of gambling is not the issue at hand. Although I will say that if one is opposed to gambling, then one is a hypocrite if one supports any form of gambling, including government sponsored lotteries of any kind, church bingo, and even charitable fund-raising raffle tickets.

Is Ohio Governor Ted Strickland being hypocritical? Or, is Ted Strickland being the stereotype of the typical politician? Wait a minute! Hold the phone. Isn't being a politician and a being a gambler one and the same thing???

Any way you cut it, I think Ohio Governor Ted Strickland should hang his head in shame for promoting gambling, if indeed he pledged during his campaign not to do so. Furthermore, if in fact, that is really for real, true, and accurate, then I would say Ted Strickland has betrayed the public trust. Pure and simple.

And, don't anyone tell me that it's just politics. That's malarkey. It's about time for the D.I.R.T. (Democrats, Independents, and Republicans Together) to come out and demand a return by all to the honorable calling of public service and of "professional" and ethical politics and politicians.

I have one final question:
Is Ohio Governor Ted Strickland The Gambler in disguise?


Ben said...

to me, Keno is gambling. I have seen it at every casino i have ever been to

Hooda Thunkit said...

Ted Strickland a gambler?

No, IMNHO he's more of a politician with "flexible" ethics...

(BTW, the odds/payout on the Keno game suck...)

Tim Higgins said...

Right on target again Mr. Hansen. It appears however that Gov Strickland is only against gambling not being run by the State of Ohio. In this he is consistent by political standards (which are poor at best).

I have not heard him speak about the initiative for the casino in central Ohio recently, and this may account for it. A good politician does not draw attention to the inconsistencies.

Roland Hansen said...

Do I recall correctly that Ted Strickland is also a reverend type minister?