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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority: Is this the Rise and Fall of James Hartung?

James Hartung, James Hartung, James Hartung. Over and over and over again. James Hartung and the goings-on at the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority have been questioned time and time again, but all to no avail.
Judy's Jewels has a new entry Hartung Under Watchful Eye (July 10, 2008) in which she quotes Justin R. Kalmes of The Toledo Free Press reporting about Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner calling for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority to investigate its CEO James Hartung. Judy's blog entry then links to a report by Fox Toledo on this NEWS BREAKING story.
And then, there is the Toledo Free Press article, Port Authority board to investigate Hartung. (Click on the article's title in order to go on over to read it.)
Judy also links her readers to an earlier Judy's Jewels entry from way back on October 24, 2007 in which she raised doubts about James Hartung; and, that entry contained a link to the first Roland Hansen Commentary that raised a question about the accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, and results of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.
Since my first reference to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, I have made three other entries on Roland Hansen Commentary in reference to James Hartung and/or the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority. They are:
Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority: Public Accountability or Not?, October 26, 2007
Toledo Lucas County Port Authority: Toledo's Own "The Price is Right" Show Hosted By James Hartung, February 11, 2008
Toledo Lucas County Port Authority and The Money Tree, March 9, 2008
As you may or may not have read in those essays, I not only raised my own concerns, I also provided thoughts and articles of others going back for years.
So, why has it taken so long to finally get an investigation underway? WHY?


Toledo Man said...

Unfortunately this is a politically motivated move on behalf of Carty. He is extremely unhappy that Jim enjoys a greater popularity both politically, and in the community, and he plans on doing anything he can to destroy Jim. Mr Hartung is one of the most respectable, honorable, and ethical person I know of.

Judy said...

I cannot put stock into your comment as you hide behind a generic name. The truth will come out even if you don't!

Roland Hansen said...

Toledo Man, whoever you are,
How in the world is this "politically motivated" as you call it? As best I can tell, James Hartung has never expressed any political aspirations; nor has Carty Finkbeiner ever been a political target of James Hartung. All past experiences seem to indicate a supportive attitude by Carty Finkbeiner toward James Hartung. So again, I ask you: How in the world can you claim this is a politically motivated move on Carty's part?

And by the way, Toledo Man, are you willing to be a character witness in court on behalf of James Hartung? If you are, I got news for ya --- you will have to provide your real name.
How do you expect me to believe in your credibility here. For goodness sake, you might even be James Hartung himself, for all I know.

Toledo Man said...

Carty cannot be elected again as mayor. He is is almost drooling over the Port Authority President's position. He will do whatever it takes to get Jim removed from that position. His formation of the Intermodal Committee was, in large part, a witch hunt against Jim Hartung. Jim has garnered too much credibility with that group and the community that Carty must find alternative ways to get that position vacated. Like he says - he appoints half those Board positions........wouldn't be hard when you have your own lackys in place to get your own dream job....

Roland Hansen said...

Okay, so according to this, the investigation is now underway.

As an aside, if you are interested in campaign contributions made by James Hartung at the national level, take a look at this from

Judy said...

Looky Looky what I found in The Blade Pages of Opinion today. I only need to quote one paragraph to get the point across.
"The only thing taxpayers can count on every year is that the port board will approve a generous pay raise for Mr. Hartung, seemingly unrelated to performance. Over 14 years, his salary has risen 78 percent, while the agency's record has been modest at the seaport, mediocre in the case of job creation, and downright dismal at Toledo Express Airport."