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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lindsay Webb: Toledo City Council District 6. Wade Kapszukiewicz: Political Hack.

I read a press release that caught my eye over at Glass City Jungle from Lindsay Webb.
As a resident of the district in which Ms. Webb is a candidate, I have a keen interest in the area. I am speaking of Toledo City Council District 6.
I, myself, sought election to this very same district back in 1999 when a special election was held to fill the seat for the unexpired term created by the resignation of the incumbent, Jenine Perry, who moved on to a different elected position. At the time, I ran for the position without the endorsement of a political party, even though I had been extensively active within my party for over two decades at the time. And also at that time, I knew very well that the chances of winning that election without the support of a political party was nil, none, zip, nada, zilch! None-the-less, I threw my hat in the ring.
The reason I sought the seat at the time was that the political party appointee who had run in the special election desired the position only as a stepping stone to another future position. I know this because that person had previously been elected to a different position on a School Board to which I had been serving in my third elected term. I did not seek re-election to that school board in 1997, partly because of the political maneuvering of that person.
That person is none other than Wade Kapszukiewicz, a Political Hack if ever there was one.
I had met Wade Kapszukiewicz, aka Skippy, before his election to that school board (i.e.the Governing Board of the Lucas County Educational Service Center, aka LCESC, fka Lucas County Board of Education) back in 1995 in a private meeting between Wade Kapszukiewicz, the political party chair and executive director, and me. It was in that meeting that I was told of Wade Kapszukiewicz's true political aspirations. I then got to see Wade Kapszukiewicz's strategies and maneuvers put into action in my less-than-desirable dealings with him on the LCESC Governing Board on which we both served. He had no real interest in serving in that capacity; he only ran for that spot to get his name out. I know that because I was told that in the private meeting before he actually won that election to the school board. Well, whatever, Wade Kapszukiewicz has since moved on to his third elected position and he has his sights set on something more in the future.
Back to the topic at hand. Even though I knew I did not stand a chance back in 1999. I thought it would afford me the opportunity to make my concerns and ideas for the district known through the media. WRONG! I received little to no press coverage and received only one invitation to a candidates forum, which I did attend and of which the media only reported on the "major" candidates.
I still have something that I called "The Hansen Platform" which is a listing of my ideas for Toledo Council District 6, all of which are still very pertinent today. I had sent that to the media back then but it, like me, never received any mass media exposure.
The press release that I mentioned in my opening sentence is of interest and it addresses a very important issue, but there are far, far more issues in this district that need attention.
I will be happy to share "The Hansen Platform" with anyone who is interested. If that is you - or you - or you, get in touch with me and we'll discuss it over coffee in a Toledo City Council District 6 restaurant.


Roland Hansen said...

Well, so far, one person has met with me to review "The Hansen Platform" and we had a very interesting conversation.

Lisa Renee said...

I'd be interested in more details though I don't live in 6, I know firsthand you have some very good ideas.

mud_rake said...

Why don't you just post your ideas here, Roland?

As you are not running [as far as we know] why not share the good news with all of us.

Seems mighty strange to be so secretive.

Are you into AMWAY on the side?

Hooda Thunkit said...


Feel free to share what you're comfortable with discussing, with the understanding that there may be snipers hiding in the bushes ;-)

Then again, you just might be surprised by/with the support for your ideas...

Roland Hansen said...

I made it ("The Hansen Platform") all public back in 1999. And over the past few years, I have made those same ideas known at one time or another in a variety of community public forums and in various places on the internet highway.
If someone is truly interested in reading and reviewing an original copy of "The Hansen Platform" of 1999 for legitimate purposes, there should be no problem for that interested individual to meet in person.
As far as the "snipers hiding in the bushes" that you mention, I have no problem meeting with them in person. I will not, however, empower internet trolls and flamers to have their way with the Roland Hansen Commentary blog and to make snide, malicious, and vicious comments with the sole purpose of inciting hostile and insulting interaction. I have seen that happen in too many other blogs and internet forums. One such cretin has already attempted to do that here on Roland Hansen Commentary on more than one occasion.