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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frank Szollosi: Proactive, Reactive, or Detractive

One of the members Of Toledo City Council, Frank Szollosi, has been vocal on a couple issues recently. In addition to his continuous, constant, and consistent public bashing of the Mayor of the City of Toledo, Frank Szollosi has most recently proposed legislation be adapted to prohibit pets in city vehicles and he has again attempted to overthrow the Council President (a Republican) asserting that the Council President should be a Democrat. Other than that, I'm not aware of whatever else he may be doing in his capacity as a Toledo City Councilman. But then again, to date since being elected, his performance as a councilman has been less than stellar in my opinion. I had expected more.
Does this Member of Toledo City Council proact, react, or detract? In my opinion, most of his activities on City Council have been either reactive or detractive. I am awaiting something proactive.
I intend no disrespect. My intentions are simple. It is my intent to play whatever role I can to assure accountability, responsibility, and responsiveness of public officials. Elected officials are accountable to the citizens of their respective jurisdictions. These public officials need to be responsible. They should also be responsive to their constituency.
I would hope that Councilman Szollosi improve in the area of being more proactive in serving the citizens of the City Of Toledo.


Kurt said...

I don't think I could have said it any better myself.

Roland Hansen said...

I do believe that the most recent events in regards to the renewed efforts at unity within the Lucas County Democratic Party along with the upcoming 2007 Toledo City Council District elections and the upcoming 2008 Presidential election year will have some very positive effects.
I am very hopeful of seeing a Frank Szollosi that is much more proactive in approaching the concerns that confront us all.