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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alberto is Gone. Bush is Mud.

It's about time, way past time in fact, that Alberto Gonzales has hung it up as the United States Attorney General.
Alberto spied on American citizens; he approved the torture of prisoners; he lied through his teeth; and, he fired experienced, competent attorneys just because they were Democrats.
He purposely deceived the United States Congress and the American people. His apparent incompetence is not dissimilar than that of his Boss Hogg, GWBush.
Let him go play his political games elsewhere.
Meanwhile, right to the end, the man responsible for killing of thousands in his personal jihad in Iraq, George W. Bush said that Alberto Gonzales' “good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”
Bull feathers! Of all things, that lying piece of fecal matter is talking about mud and political reasons. Bush is mud; an eyesore on the American political scene. He lives everyday doing whatever it is that he does, and it is all for political reasons. Let him and his sniveling little bureaucrat buddy, Alberto, go play in the mud and wallow like the pigs they are. Anyone want a mud pie? GWB and AG have plenty of them.
The great thing about our country is that we have elections on a periodic basis. With each passing day, I find solace in knowing we are one day closer to the legitimate end of the current term of office for the yo-yo currently (mis)serving as U.S. President. I wish him well in his retirement years. I wish him in retirement - period. May he live long, but not prosper.


-Sepp said...

And good riddance to him!

Roland Hansen said...

I agree with you, Sepp.