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Monday, September 22, 2008

Taxing My Patience!

Once again, elections are around the corner.

This year, we get to vote for the "electors" to the Electoral College that actually elects the President of the United States of America. We also get to cast our ballots for our choice to represent us in the United States Congress.

In Ohio, we get to vote for our choice of representatives to the State Legislature, a myriad of state-wide issues including a really dumb idea (click to read about it), and a special election to fill the unexpired term for Ohio Attorney General.

At the county level in Ohio, there are all kinds of elections for county offices, judgeships, issues, bonds, and levies.

With the presidential campaigns overshadowing all else, the traditional mass media, meaning television, radio, and newspapers, have failed miserably to provide coverage of anything other than McCain and Palin, or Obama, and Biden. This lack of journalistic coverage truly taxes my patience.

That lack of press coverage on all elections aside, there is another subject I find taxing my patience; but rather than rambling on about it myself, I suggest you head over to read Hooda Thunkit's Therapy Blog: “It's NOT a new tax; it's no new money...


Hooda Thunkit said...


I too wish that the rest of what we have to vote on this year was getting some air time and even some ink, before it sneaks up on us like jackals in the night.

There's much more going on that the Presidential contest...

BTW, thanks for the plug!

Tim Higgins said...


You don't suppose that there is a conscious effort to keep all of this below the radar to avoid voter outrage and backlash. No, that would be disingenuous and deceitful, something we could never expect from our elected officials and the media.


Roland Hansen said...

HT: U R welcome.
TH: Now that's an interesting thought.