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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign Of The Times: "death to the Jews"

Yes, indeed, anti-Semitism is alive and thriving. Hey, don't believe me, huh?!.
Well then, perhaps you need to read the news story in which it is reported that a Jewish synagogue was ransacked, its walls painted with the words "death to the Jews" and Torah scrolls thrown to the floor with some of them being damaged. Click and read the news report:
Synagogue attack adds to fears in Venezuela

Yes, indeed. This is not something new and it isn't an isolated incident found only in one country. This type of thing and other similar incidents take place throughout the world today and have been occurring for thousands of years. And people wonder why Israel takes such a strong stance when threatened with the continuing onslaught of rockets, suicide bombers, and other terrorist actions. Hrumph!

As the son of a Danish Luthern father and a Russian Jewish mother, I myself grew up in an anti-Semitic atmospere in Toledo, Ohio where I was jumped on more than one occasion by not just one other boy but by groups of boys calling things such as "half-breed Jew" and "dirty Jew" and "Christ killer" and the list goes on and on. I grew up being an accomplished street fighter and folks who knew me back then can attest that I did not tolerate or run from the anti-Semites. There were many other incidents of anti-Semitic happenings throughout my youth in the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools that I attended in the Washington Local School District and also occurred in my West Toledo neighborhood. The same crap continued in the workplace and community life during my adulthood and have continued on throughout my entire life even to this day in my twilight years, including in the 55+ community in which I have a winter home.

Now, many people may say that the type of things that I have experienced do not happen anymore in the United States of America. How naive of them. My grandsons have been exeriencing the very same things in their Bedford, Michigan schools. It has now reached the point of causing much distress for them and their parents.

And people wonder why I am "sensitive" about such things as when I hear them use the phrase of "jewed down" on price or "got jewed" or "this is a Christian nation" or some other such thing.

'Nuff said --- for now.


Judy said...

Never Nuff said! We must continue to teach the world to sing a new song.

J. Rowsey said...

People that say these types of things are in our past live in some different realm. Prejudice is alive and well unfortunately.

Tim Higgins said...


With each succeeding generation, perhaps more of these misanthropes will deal themselves out of the genetic card game and allow the rest of us to move ahead.

Meanwhile, I believe that Judy has the right idea, but believe that we all need to watch our butts just to be on the safe side.