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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jim Moody, Toledo Republican Politician and Spiderman

Upon having read the story of how Toledo Mayoral candidate Jim Moody captured Toledo Mayoral candidate Keith Wilkowski's web and Wilkowski's other potential webs, I can help but wonder if Moody is the Politician Spiderman of Toledo and surrounding area.

Does Moody still have a wife living in their Sylvania, Ohio residence or has she joined him in the Toledo residence that he specifically established in order to run for Mayor of Toledo? Or, is my recollection on this matter mistaken? I'm not sure now, Hey, someone let me know --- will ya?

Gee, I wonder if Moody is a moody type of guy. What a wicked web he weaves!


Tim Higgins said...


My last update on Candidate Moody is from Conklin's show a couple of weeks ago, and that wife and daughter were still in Sylvania. If I remember correctly, his daughter had just made a sports team.

As for purchasing the web names, while one could question Moody on why he would buy all these names, one would also have to question how other candidates would fail to until it was too late. Insuring domain names to me would be a sign of a professional candidacy.

As for the Spiderman reference, if you don't mind, I will refuse to allow the picture of Jim Moody in the red suit to get into my head ... oops too late.

I hope that you are happy now Mr. Hansen!

Roland Hansen said...

A bit touchy today, eh Tim. Or are you just moody?


mmouse4045 said...

As far as for Mr. Moody buying up the other candidates domain names this is a common practice among domain name speculators, there are those who watch the sport ranks for the next LaBron James and will buy those names in the hopes of securing large sums of money to release the rights. This goes on everyday with out the general public ever being the wisor. Belive me at this moment there is someone hoping that Coke forgets to renew their rights and they will cash in. As for the residency thing I was presented with the possiablity of having to transfer with a job and my son just won the stating position on a team and if I would have had to move, my decision was to move and allow my wife to stay here and let him finish his high school carrer here knowing how hard it would have been to change schools and win a stating position. I don't blame Mr. Moody for his decision, in fact good for him to think of his daughter instead of the easy way.