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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Wade Kapszukiewicz Conspiracy. SHAME ON CHRIS REDFERN!

Why would the former Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, i.e. Chris Redfern, promote someone running against the Toledo, Ohio incumbent Democrat Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson who has been officially endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party and by the Lucas County Democratic Party?

Is that not a violation of the oath and pledge to support only those persons endorsed by the Democratic Party that Chris Redfern swore to uphold? Do not the Democratic Party rules call for sanctions against those Democrats who violate the pledge to support endorsed Democrats.

What does the Lucas County Democratic Party have to say about Chris Redfern working against the ENDORSED DEMOCRAT INCUMBENT TOLEDO MAYOR PAULA HICKS-HUDSON?

I posted comments similar to those in the preceding 3 paragraphs on a Facebook entry of Chris Redfern in which he was promoting a political fundraiser featuring the insurgent so-called Democrat Wade Kapszukiewicz who is challenging Toledo, Ohio Mayor Paua Hicks-Hudson in the upcoming municipal election. Within minutes of making my comments, not only were my comments removed from Redfern's traitorous promotional fundraising announcement featuring the self-serving Wade "Skippy" Kapszukiewicz, but I was also blocked by Chris Redfern from viewing his Facebook page.

Is this all part and parcel of the Wade Kapszukiewicz conspiracy?

While I do believe that people have the right to support the candidate of their choice; I also believe persons who hold a position within a political party need to be held accountable and responsible to the political party of which they pledged their support. Politicos who identify with a specific political party and who have pledged to support that party's endorsed candidates should, and must, have their feet held to the fire. Any politico who willfully and blatantly violates his or her solemn oath and promise should, and must, pay the price for his or her treachery.

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