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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wade Kapszukiewicz, The Boy Who Would Be King. Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

There is a page on Facebook for Wade Kapszukiewicz, a politician in Lucas County and of Toledo in Ohio.

On that page, Wade Kapszukiewicz posted the following on February 23, 2017 at 4:35 p.m.:
Just finished taping "Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson." Be sure to tune in Sunday at 8:30 am on WTOL 11 and 10:30 pm on Fox Toledo.

Later, on March 6, 2017 at 5:58 p.m., on that same Facebook page, Wade Kapszukiewicz posted the following:
Here is the video of my appearance on "Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson" where I discuss the possibility of running for Mayor of Toledo.
[February 23: Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson - Segment 1
 (Open the embedded link to view the video contained therein.)

It was not until today, March 14, 2017 that I made the following comment on that specific message thread of Wade Kapszukiewicz
"Both Ohio Democratic Party and the Lucas County Democrats (Lucas County Democratic Party) have endorsed the Democrat incumbent Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson."
Somehow, my comment was deleted, so I reposted it. My comment was again deleted, so, once again, I reposted it. That happened a total of three times!

I soon made a discovery.
NOT ONLY had my comment been repeatedly DELETED from the Facebook page of Wade Kapszukiewicz, BUT, I had also been BLOCKED from making any comments of any kind on the Facebook page of politician and public servant Wade Kapszukiewicz, who apparently believes he need not assume any responsibility, responsiveness, or accountability to the public in his capacity as an elected government official.

That sure shows something about his character (or lack thereof). It also shows me that Wade Kapszukiewicz lacks honesty of purpose; and, that is something with which I have had personal experience and of which I have personal knowledge.

The control of what information is made public and of information that is covered up also shows Wade Kapszukiewicz's clandestine behavior and approach to politics.

Is Wade Kapszukiewicz the type of individual that should be Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio?

What Wade, aka Skippy, is doing now in this Mayoral situation is political shenanigans, pure and simple; but then again, that has been Wade's modus operandi since 1995.

I have the inside story on Wade. I was present in the "back room" when several political deals were made in Wade's earlier years.

Open the embedded link to a message thread that was started September 14, 2005 on the message board of Toledo Talk that provides more scuttlebutt about Wade "Skippy" Kapszukiewicz. (ref. - )


CWMartin said...

Not to add insult to conspiracy, but I couldn't get that link to come up, lol!

I have had a close experience to that with a former congressman thread. His reasoning is his thread, not a government page, he makes the rules. However, it would seem your guy is more insecure about what shows up. You must make allowances for men with "small penises".

Roland Hansen said...

That is really, really strange, CWMartin. I cannot get it to load from my blog entry, either.
However, the exact same link opens immediately from the comments I made in a message thread on my Facebook page.
It is a public post, so, in case you have a Facebook accoun,t you shouul be able to open it from my Facebook page. If you wish to try that, here is the URL for my message thread over there:
If you do try it, please let me know if it works.

CWMartin said...

Wow, that was entertaining...

You have a curious way of allowing others to walk into walls of their own making. And the integrity to go ahead and show when YOU get bashed. Pretty brave.

Roland Hansen said...

On March 28, 2017 at 4:13 p.m. EDT, an anonymous person using the pseudonym (a nom de guerre, if you will) of Farmergal posted this message directed at me on the website of SwampBubbles:
"Careful there...
Posting this friendly caution, because an acquaintance recently alerted me to your current attacks on Wade K. Looks like you claim to know stuff about backroom political deals. Which would be a veiled threat IMHO. So how are YOU different?
... liberal goofball here got a little too cute for his own arrogant good."