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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction, Take The Preventative Approach.

Regardless of whatever news there is concerning global warming, such as the news article Global Warming: 2011 Tied For The 10th Hottest Year On Record by Arther Max, the global warming debate continues on.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states:

"Global warming is a global problem. To understand it, cope with it and try to keep it from getting worse, all the countries of the world need to work together. And when nations need to unite, they turn to the United Nations. The United Nations is playing a central role in clarifying the science of global warming and preparing a global plan of action to deal with it. Because UN organizations like FAO are neutral, their scientific and technical reports are trusted and they can negotiate agreements among countries with different political viewpoints and economic interests."

Dare I even suggest (I do not know if I should for fear of garnering the wrath of global warming deniers and conspiracists) that readers explore the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website.

Hey, all I can say is: Better safe than sorry! We all, and I do mean ALL, should error on the side of caution and implement all precautionary measures that assist in stemming the tide of "man-made" global warming.

Why, WHY, would anyone even take the most remote chance of endangering our children, our grandchildren, and the future of human-kind?


CWMartin said...

True enough. I don't particularly believe in GW, especially with all the lies that certain scientists have been caught in. However, a lot of the things needing done to "prevent it" should be done anyway. However, all things in moderation, and regulations that will end up doubling my electric bill will get short shrift from me.

Roland Hansen said...

I view "regulations that will end up doubling my electric bill" as I would an insurance policy and the increased costs as an insurance premium payment. To me, it is a small price to pay for the piece of mind I have knowing I am helping to provide a more healthy, safe, and secure life and environment for me, my family, the community, and for future generations.

Chili Dog said...

I don't think anyone can even dispute that the climate is changing. I think that the unknown is what effect our behavior changes can have. It is quite possible that even moderate changes will be without impact.

Roland Hansen said...


I agree with your statement "the unknown is what effect our behavior changes can have. It is quite possible that even moderate changes will be without impact."

Point in case from world history:
There were attempts made at changing human behavior in The War To End All Wars that not did not result in the desired effects of preventing future wars.

However, the lack of less-than-desired effects does not mean that we all should not even try to make changes in human behavior, or of making attempts at changing human behavior, for the overall benefit of human kind.

Timothy W Higgins said...

If the history of this planet teaches us anything, it's that the climate of this planet has been constantly changing. What is currently and apparently in dispute is what effect human beings (especially their industrialization) has on that changing climate.

The problem is that the 'scientists' who are supposed to be objectively studying this activity seem to have an agenda of their own (some part of which includes getting continued govt funding to study the subject). Their method of gathering data has recently come into question, as has their computer modeling to use it. As for their conclusions based on the data and the model, they have switched conclusions from a global ice age to a global melt down, further challenging their credibility.

All of that being said, we should be doing what we can to contribute to the health of this planet, not because of the dire warnings of prognosticators who can't predict temperature weekly or yearly; but because this is our home, and taking the best care we can of it is the right thing to do.