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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Blowing Smoke...: The Rules of Laws

Immigration, illegal immigration, and immigration reform are all hot buttons in the realm of present-day American politics.

Charges of racial profiling, prejudice, and discrimination are being shouted from the mountaintops.

The State of Arizona seems to be at the epicenter of the debate on the very polarizing issue of American public policy regarding legal and illegal immigration.

Yes, indeed, it is all very emotional. And yet, should such debate be based on emotions or is the debate better served by taking a more rational approach?

Perhaps, you just may find the answer to the preceding question by reading:
Just Blowing Smoke...: The Rules of Laws

I know I did. A tip of the hat to Tim Higgins.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Amigo Roland,

Yes, Amigo Tim's post is full of uncommon sense which makes it an excellent read with much food for reasoned, rational thought.

To me, his wisdom approaches that of Solomon...


Tim Higgins said...

Thanks for the attention Roland and thank you as well Dave, though I fear both of you give my semi-literate scribblings far more credit than they deserve.

Like the two of you however, I cannot resist the urge to speak out on things that I feel passionately about.

Barb said...

I especially think people who are speeding, driving drunk, engaged in disorderly conduct, committing ANY kind of crimes --should be sent to their land of citizenship --unless we want to prosecute and hold them --but when they've served their time, home they go.

Isn't that the law?

And I also think it is lawful to require display of legal right to be in the country --"profiling" or not. Especially for people seeking free gov't benefits, schooling, hospitalization.

How could we help Mexico be a better place to stay??? It seems the whole world doesn't know how to have safe water supplies! NAFTA was supposed to help us invest in Mexico.

It is my belief that the Justice Dep'ts beef with AZ is just to get more Hispanic voters for democratic party. I do think the idea of statute of limitations for illegally entering the country could include people whose children are citizens, grown and working here --and not on the dole and not criminals. And if citizens here want to bring elderly parents from Mexico to be supported by them, fine. They should, in fact, have preference on the immigration roles,but no social security for such elderly come-lately immigrants.

That's my armchair political philosopher- woman-on-the street opinion.