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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hey, Conservatives And Tea Party Movement People! What About President Obama Now?

Gasoline prices in the United States of America are at the lowest level in many a year. Prices are now below $2.00 per gallon. Funny thing, though --- I do not hear American political conservatives and followers of the Tea Party Movement crediting President Barack Obama for the low gasoline prices; but, they sure were quick to place blame on President Obama when gasoline prices were high.

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The gas prices are better, the housing market is better, the overall economy is better, unemployment rates are falling, and President Barack Obama's popularity ratings are rising --- BUT, I do not hear American political conservatives and followers of the Tea Party Movement giving any credit to President Barack Obama. They are so hypocritical!

I said it before AND I say it again:
Dumb Obama Bashers Need To Wake Up And Support President Barack Obama!

For sake of clarifying my perspective regarding Obama opponents, I am addressing only those who bash, bash, bash without citing objective factual information and/or who claim that their opinion of situations are indeed factual. I is not my intent to disparage or demean those Obama opponents who state their perspective is one of personal opinion and/or provide factual information on which they base their opinion.

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CWMartin said...

I thank you for the caveat you threw in, but I must admit, it mystifies me how you of all people can support him with his obvious disdain of Israel and the Jewish people? Of course, being born Catholic I am constantly amused at how supposed faithful can constantly vote for the party that supports abortion. I fear few people out there give a damn about their faith anymore. At least, when it comes to what they can beg from government.

(Now for my caveat- the part about faith starts and ends with my former co-religionists. I don't want to judge you, and I certainly realize that there is a difference between "being a Jew" and supporting Israel. On that, I am merely curious.)

Roland Hansen said...

CW Martin,
Thank you for your comments. In regards to President Obama's foreign policy on Israel, I am in disagreement; however, I do not support or oppose any politician on the basis of a single issue.

Roland Hansen said...

Another person weighed in on this blog entry over on my Google+ page. It was Chuck Corrigan of Phoenix, Arizona using the G+ account of his wife, Barbara. Click this to read that comment.

Timothy W Higgins said...

The last thing I wish is to get into a dispute with you on any subject, nor am I in any way desirous of a long string going back and forth. This would be especially true since I tend to comment on policy and not personality.

For example, I don't blame the current administration for the banks returning to lowered standards in lending that lead to the crumbling economy from the previous administration and the greater potential for a new one. Neither do I blame the government for using the U-3 unemployment rate, which fails to take into account those who've given up on the slow comeback of the economy, unlike the U-6 rate which is far more accurate (and in fact shows unemployment at 11.2%).

I especially will not blame the President for gas prices, which would mean blaming him for greater supplies due to increased 'fracking' in this country and a continued lower demand from the from a slow recovery of the economy.

Of course, lumping all Tea Party members and Conservatives together (with a caveat after doing so) might be getting a little close to the line, but continued $2.00 gas may prove a small price to pay for casting such minor aspersions.

Roland Hansen said...

Mi Amigo, Tim,
As usual, I appreciate your contributory comments; and, as is your usual style, you do not just make allegations and/or accusations without providing alternative perspectives that are real food for thought for persons who have the brain power to think for themselves. As you hopefully inferred, my commentary is directed at those who do not use the same reasoning or rationale in providing credit as they do in placing blame, which is why I wrote the caveat in my commentary.