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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A United States of America President Of Whom Republicans Can Be Proud!

Republicans are fond of bashing President Barack Obama.

Perhaps. Republicans should brag about their very own Richard M. Nixon, the only President in the history of the United States of America to have resigned from the office of the Presidency and who did so in disgrace.

Take a look at the following embedded link:
Herblock's History - Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millennium, “I am Not a Crook”

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'I Am Not A Crook': How A Phrase Got A Life Of Its Own

Watch and listen:


CWMartin said...

Most Republicans have already repudiated Nixon, my friend... they admitted to their mistakes. Which is a shame, because current history neglects the positive things that Nixon DID accomplish. Nixon's mistake was a stupid one, involving lying and covering up illegal surveillance. But he set the framework for getting us out of Vietnam- a war that democrats put us into. He opened doors with China and Russia that the Democrats before him shoved shut. He tried to do positive things in race relations and health care - got one slammed shut by Congress, and the other slammed shut by the AMA and big labor. Had he not let his paranoia control him, he'd have been recognized as one of the better presidents by impartial historians (should you be able to find one). But the witch hunt set up by his miserable Judas, John Dean, ended all that. FRankly, I AM proud of what he accomplished, and with good reason. If democrats have anything more substantial to bring on than worn out Watergate lines, bring it on. Nothing Nixon did or didn't do ever got one of HIS ambassadors killed.

dalepertcheck said...

Mr. Martin -- You are correct about Nixon's accomplishments in foreign policy outside of Vietnam. The figures I researched showed that more than twice as many Americans died under Nixon's watch than under Johnson's. And for what? Vietnam was a losing war for a dubious goal from the beginning. Communism was doomed anyway. And no orders given under Obama's watch got an ambassador killed. The ambassador was doing the job the only way he knew how, by being involved and taking risks. His death is all on him, brave as he was. Talk about a witch hunt! The right-wingers won't let this issue go! Let's ambassador killed under Obama, and over 30,000 young Americans killed in Vietnam under Nixon's direct purview. Which is worse?
And, as a matter of fact, 7 Republicans on the House Foreign Relations Committee voted for at least one of the three articles of impeachment brought against Nixon. Therefore, the impeachment vote was bi-partisan. In addition, Nixon only resigned after several top Republican leaders met with him and told him he had to go. In short, it was no "witch hunt." Without Republican votes, Nixon could not have been removed from office by the U.S. Senate. So, it was a Republican decision to tell Nixon to leave. Remember those classic words spoken by new POTUS, Republican Gerald Ford, "Our long nightmare is over?"
And, Nixon's domestic policies included, among other things, wage and price freezes which are anathema to capitalism and a free market system. Not very Republican of him, was it? And I deeply question your misstatement that Nixon, "tried to do some positive things in race relations." You were kidding with that one, weren't you?

CWMartin said...

1- Witch hunt+ your term. Didn't use it, not going to.
2-I did say republicans repudiated Nixon. Re-read and see that. No need to point out that he did the crime, and paid for it.
3-Frankly, I would rather my death be fighting for people who DID NOT WANT to be subject to communism, than to die being hung out to dry by an administration which wouldn't allow a finger lifted in my defense. I remember the anguish on the faces who lived in Saigon when it fell, because the promises WE made to them were turned to garbage by politicians. Do you?

I was merely trying to post that there is two sides to every story. You read some of my comment (apparently) and decided I was a lost republican partisan screaming "witch hunt!" That is not true- and neither is the idea that Nixon was a worthless, evil bastard (I know you didn't say this; remove and put your own feelings in).

And if you want me to relent about Benghazi, then explain how YOUR president managed to skip TWO WEEKS forth of daily security briefings leading up to the incident, and spent the night of the incident playing cards and letting others (perhaps mama Jarrett) take care of it.

And no jokes. Nixon did a LOT of good things which you in your ideological myopia refuse to look at. But having tilted with you here in the past, I know that's part and parcel of the game.

dalepertcheck said...

Really Mr. first sentence above was: "You are correct about Nixon's accomplishments in foreign policy outside of Vietnam." That's hardly, "ideological myopia". These are your words...right?
And reread your own post, please! "But the WITCH HUNT set up by his miserable Judas, John Dean, ended it all." YOUR WORDS, sir!
And, telling the truth is NOT being a "Judas." Isn't it one of the Ten Commandments to, "not bear false witness?" Dean merely told the truth!
If you believe that Nixon, "tried to do positive things in race relations," you are far from ideologically myopic, you're ideologically blind!

CWMartin said...

First off, Dean had an agenda that had nothing to do with Nixon, if you want to dig... HIS is the witch hunt I was talking about.

And Dean told the truth convenient for him... kinda like you.

Finally, I actually thought the original comment was from Roland, thanks to my bleary eyes. When I saw it was you halfway through, I said to myself, "I should just erase all this and put, ' Dale, You are always good for a laugh.' " In retrospect, I probably should have. But there was the laugh, I guess. See you next time!