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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fred LeFebvre: Hypocrisy and Trash, Dishes It Out But Cannot Take It!

Radio Trash Talk Personality, Fred LeFebvre, who is consistent in his "blather on about how union workers are overpaid and under worked" gets a taste of his own medicine over at SwampBubbles. The obnoxious Fred LeFebvre is also very vociferous in his badmouthing of public employees and of candidates for public office. With the shoe on the other foot, Ultra-Hypocrite Fred LeFebvre tries to divert the attention away from the real issue.

Here, take a look read for yourself; click on over to:

It seems as though Fred LeFebvre is paid far more for his part-time job than many union workers are paid for full-time work. Additionally, Fred LeFebvre gets his fringe benefits and has other income from other part-time work and is not too scarce in his assets.
When you click over this way, a new browser will open and it will display a listing of documents that are a matter of public record; then if you double-click the row entitled Case#: DR20110690 - Date Filed: 07/05/2011 - Event Code: 4- Event Desc: SCHEDULES I III IV F - E-Jo, you will be able to see the information mentioned in the preceding sentence.

If you had not before read or if do not recall the previous Roland Hansen Commentary Fred LeFebvre of WSPD: Rude and Crude are his True Colors and the earlier Roland Hansen Commentary Fred LeFebvre: The Disappearing Act, I urge you read or re-read them both now.

It seems to me that Fred LeFebvre, who in my opinion is himself a fine example of low-life, sleazebag, scumtrash, can dish it out but not take it.


wolfman said...

Your public record link does not work anymore!

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for the heads up, Wolfman. I have fixed the problem of the link to the public records, not once, but twice, now. Hopefully it will stay fixed this time; but, if it doesn't, I will just have to figure another way to fix it, yet again.

Brian Schwartz said...


I took a fair share of abuse from Fred LeFebvre. However, I could not imagine circumstances under which I would post someone's divorce proceedings on a public website. I know it's public record, but it's tasteless.

I've always believed Schadenfreude is a sin.

Roland Hansen said...

The reason for which I linked to the public record that I posted is because it provides information regarding Fred LeFebvre's financial information, including his wages. That is the topic that Fred LeFebvre brings up when addressing the salaries and wages of teachers, other public employees, the roles played by unions in wage determination in the private sector, etc. The fact that the public record is one about marital discord and divorce proceedings is totally tangential; it just happens that is where Fred LeFebvre's financial information can be found.

wolfman said...