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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Twitter. Fred LeFebvre. 1370 WSPD. Clear Channel Communications. Roland Hansen.

See this guy? 

Know who he is? 
Well, that is a photo Fred LeFebvre!

There was an interesting exchange between Fred LeFebvre of Toledo, Ohio 1370 WSPD-AM Radio and me on Twitter last night, February, 8, 2014.
I am providing the link to it as embedded in the following:
1370 WSPD, ‏@1370wspd/C'mon out @fredlefebvre 

Just in case of the event that the embedded link above stops functioning or in the event that this specific twitter conversation gets edited or deleted, here is a transcript of its content as of the writing of this Roland Hansen Commentary:
1370 WSPD‏@1370wspd   Feb 8, 2014
C'mon out @fredlefebvre

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen   Feb 8, 2014
@1370wspd @fredlefebvre Fred LeFebvre has blocked me from both his Twitter and Facebook news feeds. Anyone wonder why?

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd   Feb 8, 2014
@RolandHansen because I don't like you, and those r my accounts not the station's I hope that answers ur ?

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen   Feb 8, 2014
@1370wspd Why do you not like me, Fred?

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen   Feb 8, 2014
@1370wspd It appears that 1370 WSPD twitter feed does not like me. Or, is that really Fred LeFebvre speaking on behalf of 1370 WSPD?

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd   Feb 8, 2014
@RolandHansen that's just me answering since u asked about me

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd   Feb 8, 2014
@RolandHansen seriously roland u shouldn't be comcerned u can still tweet on station acct

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen   Feb 8, 2014
@1370wspd Who is "me?" Are these responses the official stance of 1370 WSPD-AM Radio? What are the ethical standards of 1370 WSPD?

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen   Feb 8, 2014
@1370wspd I would appreciate the author of the preceding 1370 WSPD tweets to identify him or her self.

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd
@RolandHansen it, me roland, fred lefebvre as a private citizen

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd
@RolandHansen by the way I'm a him

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen
@1370wspd Fred, when you tweet under the 1370 WSPD twitter account, are you speaking on behalf of Clear Channel Communications?

1370 WSPD ‏@1370wspd
@RolandHansen no

Roland Hansen ‏@RolandHansen
@1370wspd Thank you.

Since having written and published this specific Roland Hansen Commentary, there have been additional comments made to the Twitter thread above to which I placed an embedded link and for which I provided a transcript of its content. So, in an my effort to keep you current, I am placing any additional comments to that Twitter thread here as I become aware of them.

Bill Will ‏@BillWill18 Feb 10
@1370wspd @fredlefebvre RolandHansen obviously has some serious issues. #StalkerAlert

Fred LeFebvre ‏@fredlefebvre Feb 10
@BillWill18 @1370wspd I hope it isn't a mental issue and purely curiosity #StalkerAlert

Bill Will ‏@BillWill18 Feb 10
@fredlefebvre @1370wspd It doesn't help his case that his profile pic he looks like a pedophile.
MORE UPDATE STUFF as of midday February 11, 2014:
Well, it appears that now I cannot even write on the 1370 WSPD Twitter account anymore. I have been blocked, so I guess that perhaps Fred LeFebvre was not being completely honest when he wrote "@RolandHansen seriously roland u shouldn't be comcerned u can still tweet on station acct" as he wrote in the Twitter exchange mentioned in the verbal exchange above. 
Last night, February 10, 2014,  while on Twitter, I got this message from Twitter regarding the 1370 WSPD @1370wspd Twitter account: "You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user."
I cannot help but wonder why Clear Channel Communications, Inc. allows a paid employee and/or contracted employee to use the name of one of its affiliated radio stations (unless I am mistaken, as I undersand it, Toledo, Ohio 1370 WSPD-AM radio is owned by Clear Channel) for that employee's personal use. I am aghast that a major corporation such as Clear Channel Communications, Inc. and its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert W. Pittman, aka Bob Pittman, permits such a thing. Why is Fred LeFebvre not held accountable by 1370 WSPD-AM and by Clear Channel Communications for his actions and words, whether Fred LeFebvre is unprofessional or not? What kind of public relations or community relations programs and policies exist with Clear Channel and its CEO Bob Pittman?

I am frequently told that American Big Business is accountable, responsible, and responsive; and, that it has the same high standards for those in its employ. Furthermore, it has been asserted by some that no American Big Business Corporation will condone or accept inept, inefficient, unproductive employees or unethical employee behavior, especially if the employee in question raises doubts and questions about the propriety of that American Big Business Corporation. Should such misbehavior occur by anyone in its employ, it has been said the "bad" employee will be immediately terminated.

The rantings that Fred LeFebvre has posted on internet social networks such as SwampBubbles, Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with his 1370 WSPD-AM on-air performance causes me to question the preceding claims about American Big Business. At least in regards to Clear Channel Communications and 1370 WSPD and if that conglomerate is generally reflective of the operations of American Big Business, it certainly does not appear to me that there is any real accountability, responsibility, or responsivenes, let alone any true quality. It seems to me that the only thing of interest to all those who feed at the corporate trough is the greatest possible profit without regard to honesty, ethics, or consumers.


Chili Dog said...

Easy there, Roland. Why not let Fred run the twitter feed? They hired the schmuck for the radio didn't they? How much more/less offensive is he on twitter than on the radio?

c said...

Spot on

wolfman said...

Roland it appears Fred has struck again! After reposting a photo-shopped picture from one of Fred's previous posts I was deactivated/blocked from SwampBubbles. The postings I've done are of no worse than any others on SB. Only difference I don't complain to the blog administrator. Seems some bloggers have thin skins when the tables are turned or their arguments are weak. So the Hate Radio Host continues unchallenged making his uneducated pronouncements with impunity and in violation of ClearChannel's Employee Code of Conduct. So I say farewell to the Toledo Bloggers and move on to new horizons where free speech is protected.

c said...

you were blocked/deactivated, if you were, because you posted someone's address

Roland Hansen said...

Who posted whose address? And why is that a problem anyway?

Roland Hansen said...

In regards to Fred LeFebvre, I suggest people read a comment made by Fred LeFebvre of Toledo, Ohio 1370 WSPD-AM radio; and then tell me if it is a good example of professional language. To read the comment, just click onto this embedded link.

Now, for something new to me that I just read, I suggest you check out this embedded link.

As I have stated previously, unless I am mistaken, 1370 WSPDAM radio in Toledo, Ohio is owned by Clear Channel Communications, Inc. And as I just learned, Clear Channel has a Hotline, the telephone number of which is (888) 233-5122. There is even a Clear Channel Hotline website.

dalepertcheck said... I stated in the Swamp, Fred is in the entertainment business. His political positions are taken to maximize listeners. No one knows what Fred really believes.
This doesn't excuse abusive behavior. Fred can bully with impunity on his radio show. He's in total control there. It appears that Fred doesn't feel comfortable in a neutral forum. But, for Fred, it's all about building and maintaining audience size.

wolfman said...

Roland states, "Who posted whose address? And why is that a problem anyway?" Exactly but the offended poster has complained to the site administrator. This once anonymous poster is now offended by the same if not worse behavior he has done to many posters that do not meet his political criteria. The post contained an address only, no full name was attributed. So what the Hell are they all talking about?