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Thursday, February 27, 2014

America's Highest Paid Government Workers

As has Lee A. Saunders, I have also heard something that he wrote in an article when he scribed, "I often hear from some politicians and pundits that government workers are overpaid."

Also within that article, Mr. Saunders wrote, "I agree with them when we're talking about individuals like Ron Packard. As America's highest paid teacher, Packard made more than $19 million between 2009 and 2013, almost all of it paid for by us -- the taxpayers."

Tell you what, rather than anything more from me, why don't you just go over and read the Saunders article yourself? Just go to the following embedded link to read:
Meet America's Highest Paid Government Workers

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CWMartin said...

Can't help but agree here. There is zero oversight and even when there is, it gets ignored. For any administration to hold these feet to the fire is cutting their own throats at appropriation time. And privatizing, instead of bringing the efficiencies that it should were the world not fallen, merely adds to the feet not held to the fire.