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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Presidential Race 2012

Well, it appears the race is now on in the quest to secure the next United States Presidency. Incumbent President Barack Obama has announced his re-election candidacy. Several Republicans have announced their jump into the foray. Some of the more prominent candidates include: former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Congressman Ron Paul, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and former US Senator Rick Santorum.

That ditzy, lame-brain, speak from the hip without thinking, quitter by not completing a previous elected position as Governer of Alaska Sarah Palin is still stomping around the world riding the crest of popularity fueled by poor-thinking, mal-thinking, non-thinking drones who are enamored with negative generalizations about almost everything. Hopefully, Palin will pale before any formal announcement of a 2012 President candidacy and that ship will sink before leaving port.

Donald Duck, er, I mean, Donald Trump has not yet made a final decision but the Trump has been making a "Presidential" stump an almost every day exercise. I wonder if DT's approach to solving the financial difficulties of the national government is the same as it is in his private business life. Filing bankruptcy sure did help him in his business ventures bringing him back to his multi-million dollars status. Of course, I am sure his debtors would have liked to have been paid once The Donald re-gained his millions. But, Donald ducked any moral responsibility and stiffed those people big time. In my opinion, Donald Trump is a greedy, bloodsucking, self-serving parasite making money off the sweat of the brow of others with no thought of, or care for, those he stomps upon. I say Dump Trump.

Mick Huckabee has announced he is not running for President in 2012, but has not ruled out a future race for the number 1 political elective contest in America. Huckabee has the good sense to know this is not the time for him to run for President. After all he is now making big bucks in private life with his television show and book writing and professional speaking engagements and on and on and on. Shucks, Hucks and Bucks! Why would Mike want to give up all that just to provide public service to our country? Money talks and Huckabee walks.

I could write much more but that is enough from me today. I will save it for another time.

For a more complete list of people who have either announced their candidacy or who have formed exploratory committees or who are being mentioned as potential candidates, click on over to the Presidency 2012 web page of Ron Gunzburger's website. That web page will automatically update as time goes by, consequently some of which I have written here today (May 15, 2011) will become obsolete with the passage of time; and, of course, informationon on that web page may change each time you check back to it.

What? You say you want to know my views on President Obama? My simple response:


Judy said...

Gee Roland, you sure called out the Trumpster and now look, he dropped out of the race the day after you wrote the blog entry! I think he might have read your entry, now let's see who else will announce or fall!

CWMartin said...

I think that while you are probably correct about Huckabee's reasons, that you are being a tad unfair in the characterization of him. After all, we have recently had good people on both sides of the aisle drop out of public service because of the back biting crap it has become. Not only does he have more money now than he would as an elected official, but more respect from those he considers his peers.
Iroically, while I don't exactly find Palin "ditzy", I think the money thing might apply more to her than Huckabee. After all, since she's left her governorship, she's published a book, went on several high-profile speaking tours, and had a reality tv show. Not exactly what you do when seeking approval from serious politicos.
Trump I think you nailed. At least he admits he wants to make money instead, although his adding the phrase "for charity" is I think disingenous.
Thanks for the link to the candidate site. I put that on my faves and will keep track as we go along. Amazing how many crawl from the woodwork this time of year, innit?

Chili Dog said...