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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rising Gasoline Prices: Blame President Barack Obama!

In these days of once again rising gasoline prices in the United States of America, it is not uncommon for tea party movement folks and Republicans and other conservatives, aka Obama Bashers, to blame President Barack Obama for those obscenely high gasoline prices. Heck, not only can Obama Bashers blame the President for high gas prices here in the USA, they may as well blame him for high gasoline prices throughout the world.

Well, it stands to reason, right? Here let us read the facts about gasoline prices:
American Petroleum Institute: What’s Up With Gasoline Prices?
Worldwide Retail Prices of Gasoline (US cents per litre)
Gas prices around the world
U.S. gas prices are a joke ... in Norway

As you can easily discern from those readings, all these absurdly high gasoline prices are plainly the fault of President Barack Obama. Or, are they?

I am sure that Big Corporate Oil Company Greed has absolutely nothing to do with the high price of gasoline. If you doubt that, just click on over to read:
Exxon Mobil 1Q Profit Soars 69% On Higher Oil Prices
Shell 1Q Adjusted Profit Soars 30% To $6.29B On Higher Oil Price
Big Oil continues to see big profits, pollution while Americans get robbed at the pump
Oil profits, rhetoric on the rise

As those tea-partying conservatives and Republicans may think, I say "Do not confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up."
With their line of thinking, i.e, conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party Movement members, we can safely say that President Barack Obama is the source of all our problems, not only in America but also throughout the whole wide world!
Oh, yes, and Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake also.


Judy said...

I need a How True option to check at the bottom of this entry.

CWMartin said...

This time I agree with you- for the most part. The president's decisions vis-a-vis the BP spill and moratorium and the recent Sunoco shutdown on the north slope due to gov't interferance is just a spar off a very big iceberg. If big oil's attitude before congress a year or so ago isn't proof enough of that, I don't know what is.

But, the bad side of being a leader, as the president is, is that when things go wrong everyone expects you to do something- even if there's precious little you can do. And failing to do something, in this world, = being at fault.

Roland Hansen said...

Thanks, Judy.
And thank you CWMartin for providing additional insight.

Rich said...

gas price here in Toledo today was $3:15. This has got to stop.

Roland Hansen said...

Unless I am mistaken, Rich, I believe you meant $4.15 per gallon.

Timothy W Higgins said...


I do blame Barack Obama, but only as the latest leader of this country to play political games with energy policy in this country.

Then again, Presidents of neither the Democrat or Republican persuasion appear to have the political will or intestinal fortitude to take on the energy policy of this country in a realistic fashion.

Renewable energy is not yet ready, cleaner nuclear energy is being roadblocked by regulation, abundant natural gas is being largely ignored, and technology like hydrogen fuel cells is being overlooked.

While the government of this nation continues to alternate between pounding the table and wringing its hands over the purchase of foreign oil, it does nothing to access abundant reserves in this country.

This is Obama's fault, and Bush's, and Clinton's, and Bush's, and Reagan's, and Carter's ... and maybe even further back. But if you choose to run for the office of President, you need to be willing to take the hit when gas hits $4.00 and the engine that drives the national economy is on the verge of stalling from too lean a mixture.

Roland Hansen said...

I actually agree with what you write the way you write it. You do not blame Obama in and of and by himself. You address the issue in its overall context, and how the political systemic arena plays a role, unlike the routine everyday Obama Bashers and Tea Party drones. Thanks for laying it all out on the table.

Roland Hansen said...

Gas prices hit a high around $4/gal, but are now dropping.