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Friday, April 22, 2011

Jewish People, aka (to some people) Jews, Eat Pork

There are many people who have misinformation about Jewish practices and observances. Most people are of the belief that Jewish people do not eat pork or shellfish. There are some folks who even get into a long discussion in answer to the question: Do Jewish people eat pork?

It would appear from the comments contained in the preceding link that there are some Jewish people who do eat pork.

Another discussion I found on 'the net'is from The Straight Dope, Fighting Ignorance Since 1973, (It's Taking Longer Than We Thought). You might enjoy it; so click on over to read:
Why do some religious Jews eat pork and shrimp?

Speaking of the straight dope, You might find it entertaining to go to the following web page:
Why Jews don't eat pork according to Howard Stern

I was reared in Reform Judaism. I do not fit the stereotype that many people have of one who is Jewish. And for the life of me, I do not understand why so many people have no clue as to the different movements or denominations within Judaism. Heck, I even wonder what it is about those Jewish people who think the platform of their Jewish denomination is the right one and that other denominations are not really Jewish; and, I really wonder why some Jewish people think their Rabbi is right and my Rabbi is wrong.

As a "Reform Jew," I found the following web page to be interesting reading:
Are some Reform Jews so liberal they eat lobster and pork?

Come to think of it, many people have many questions regarding Reform Judaism to which the immediately preceding embedded link attempt to answer.

Another web page that raised my eyebrows was an entry from the blog of The Fly Fishing Rabbi. You just might find it interesting, also. Click on over to read:
Why do Jews not eat Pork?

Now, I am totally confused.

Well, maybe we don't have a solid, conclusive answer to the question of whether Jews eat ham or pork chops or bacon or lobster or shrimp or clams or whatever; but,
We all know what a Jew looks like. Right?

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