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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel: Nonresponsive, Unaccountable, Holier-than-thou Attitude???

I am reading some interesting stuff about the Treasurer of the State of Ohio, a fellow by the name of Josh Mandel. I am not kidding you; I josh you not; his name is Josh.

Upon reading a blog entry of Jill Miller Zimon, I cannot help but have three descriptives come to my mind in regards to Josh Mandel (Mandel is his last name, not to be confused with mandelbrot). In light of those descriptives, I ask: "Is Josh Mandel nonresponsive, unaccountable, and have a holier-than-thou attitude?"

I suggest you click on over to read Mandel Supports Anti-Choice Legislation Not Even Supported by Ohio Right to Life from the blog Writes Likes She Talks.


CWMartin said...

Though I'm sure by now you'd guess I'm not totally in disagreement with Mr. Mandel, and certainly not in agreement with Jill, I'd have to say I prefer my treasurer to keep his eye on the money and not the next job.

Roland Hansen said...

Yes, indeed, I figured your views would be as you say, including (and especially) including the fact that the polico in question ought be minding the store he was elected to oversee and not go gallivanting off to another pasture.
While Joshing Mandelbrot is entitled to his opinions and political viewpoints, he needs to be accountable, responsible, and responsive to the duties of the office of Treasurer. That is the position to which he was elected. If he continues on the path he has chosen for himself, he should resign as the Treasurer of the State of Ohio. Hey, did not Sarah Palin resign as Governor in order to more actively pursue her own political agenda? Mandel should follow the example.