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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ascertaining the Virginity of Egyptian Women

The following is a copy of what I wrote earlier today on my other blog, Roland's Ramblings, Anthology of writings from Roland Louis Hansen of Toledo, Ohio and Mesa, Arizona:
Are there really any Egyptian women who are virgins? Apparently, some people want to know the answer to that question.
Click on over to to read Egypt: general confirms "virginity check" forced on female protesters by military

Living in the United States of America, I find it interesting to learn about different countries, different cultures, different norms, different mores, different values, etc.
Now for my Roland Hansen Commentary:
Somehow, I have to wonder about individual human civil rights in Egypt. The United States of America sits idly by during the civil unrest in Egypt, meanwhile, the USA continues to interfere with the internal affairs of Libya. And then there is this: Our strongest ally in that region, Israel, is asked by President Barack Obama to open its arms to Hamas, the MidEast equivalent of al-Qaeda.

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Judy said...

That is at the top of a long list of "what were you thinking statements," not so much by the sounds of it!!!