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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Message From Roland Louis Hansen

I bet you are expecting to read a personalized Thanksgiving message from me. Right? Wrong! I have no personal Thanksgiving message for you.

However, I strongly suggest you head over to a couple places to read these other Thanksgiving messages that I find personally meaningful and reflective:
A Time to Count Your Blessings, Pure Spirit Creations, As The Spirit Moves Me, Nina Amir.
Thanksgiving is Part of the Jewish Experience,, Rabbi Jason Miller.

Oh, by the way, on a personal note, I will be having a wonderful day and Thanksgiving dinner with loving family, my cousins who are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Sylvia and Roy Goldman (may they both rest in peace) in Phoenix, Arizona.


Judy said...

The dinner and the company were the best ever!Thanks to Nara & James and the whole family, I'm blessed!

Roland Hansen said...

OMG! And the insanity continues.
How much crazier can Black Friday get?

Timothy W Higgins said...

I have no doubt said more about this holiday than I probably should. I will therefore merely say that I'm glad that you and yours appeared to have a great one.