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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holocaust: Hoax or Real?

There are those who believe the Holocaust is a hoax: these adherents of "Holocaust Denial" do not believe there is sufficient evidence to substantiate that six million Jews were killed under Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany regime.

Then, there are others who believe the Holocaust is real; they believe there is sufficient evidence to prove their case as was presented in the Nuremberg trials as documented in "The Nuremberg Scripts."

Hmmm, I do believe I saw some of those "Holocaust Denial" adherents at a recent Tea Party.


Timothy W Higgins said...


There are going to be people who refuse to believe the facts, even when they are long since proven. Attempting to dissuade them from their ignorance is a waste of time. There is no doubt of the tragedy of the Holocaust and the suffering caused during it by what might be considered an overreaching and abusive government.

That being said, it might be unfair to characterize the Tea Party as Holocaust deniers or blame it for every delusional person that attaches themself to it.

I suspect that an equal number of misguided and perhaps even unbalanced individuals could be found in snapshots of the rallies of those who vehemently disagree with everything that the Tea Party stands for.

Roland Hansen said...

I did not intend to imply or "characterize the Tea Party" movement or all members of the movement "as Holocaust deniers or blame" the Tea Party movement "for every delusional person that attaches themself to it."

I thought I was being careful with my choice of words so as not to be misunderstood in my meaning or my intention thereof when I used the words "Hmmm, I do believe I saw some of those 'Holocaust Denial' adherents at a recent Tea Party."

In an attempt to clarify how my intent seems to have been misconstrued, let me use the following example:
"I do believe I saw some Libertarians at a recent UFO convention."
It is not accurate to infer or conclude from that statement that I characterize all persons at the UFO convention as Libertarians or that I am of the opinion that all persons who believe in UFOs are Libertarians.

In other words, I do not believe all of the Tea Party are Holocaust deniers.

However, I do very strongly assert that all leaders within the Tea Party movement and those who are vocal advocates of the Tea Party movement should strongly disavow, dispute, and distance themselves from the views as were expressed by song, words, and signs contained in the embedded video of my blog entry.