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Monday, March 7, 2011

Public Breastfeeding

We adults eat while out in public all the time. Our children also eat while in the public eye. Our infants are publicly bottle fed. But what of the breastfed infant? For some strange asinine reason, many people are abhorred at public breastfeeding.

My mother breastfed all seven of her children. Human breast milk is good for human babies; it is healthy. Human breast milk is the natural way to feed human babies; it is as God intended. Female breasts are there for the primary purpose of feeding human infants. So, why are so many people hung up on breastfeeding in public? People can be so stupid!

Do you want to know what got me started on this topic? It was the blog entry post Breast Feeding in Public from Judy's Jewels.

Several web sites and/or pages that I recommend people click over to explore are:
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I'm telling you the general American public is as dumb as rocks. People confuse nudity with sex. People view human female breasts as sex objects which they are not; a human female breast is no more of a sex object than is an ear lobe! I have seen and heard so many ads in the print and broadcast media about the use of K-Y jelly for sexual pleasure, condoms for sexual safety and pleasure, male erectile function products, recruitment of female subjects for scientific studies delving into female "intimacy" dysfunction, and on and on and on. These things are on billboards, in the newspapers and magazines, on radio and television. Apparently, all that is acceptable for public display; but for some strange reason, breastfeeding in public still remains pretty much taboo. Go figure!

I believe it is acceptable to eat in public; and, therefore, I support public eating. That applies to adults, children, and infants.
I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding; and, I strongly support public breastfeeding.

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Chili Dog said...

I'm pro-choice.

If a woman wishes to make use of the natural, she has my support, and she may do so wherever she finds the need. If a woman chooses not to, I understand that as well.

Breastfeeding in public shouldn't even be an issue. Hell, I'm for breasts themselves in public, at least to the extent a man is allowed to reveal his.

I don't get some of the hang-ups we all have and where they all started. I would guess, like most of our bad habits, it came from our puritanical forebearers.