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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lindsay Webb: Toledo City Council Member Weds in Las Vegas

Congratulations are extended to Lindsay Webb, Toledo City Councilwoman, 6th District, who recently wed Robert Carter.

Apparently, the councilwoman chose not to get married in Toledo, Ohio. Instead, she chose Las Vegas, Nevada as the location for the nuptials rather than the City of Toledo in which she is an elected member of city council.

Here is a copy of the announcement that appeared in The Blade:
08/24/2008 Webb ~ Carter
Robert B. Carter and Lindsay M. Webb were married Monday, August 18, 2008, at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rob is the proud father of Mindy, Nathan, Brittany and Addison, and the son of Barbara L. Carter of Sylvania Township and the late Frank E. Carter. Rob is a journeyman insulator and the Business Manager of Insulators and Allied Workers Local 45. Lindsay is the daughter of Thomas S. Webb of Toledo (Point Place) and Michelle Lever of Ottawa Hills. A graduate of The University of Toledo College of Law, Lindsay is a coordinator for a non-profit organization and serves on Toledo City Council. Rob and Lindsay will welcome their family and friends at a reception at her mother's home in mid-September.

You may also read The Blade on-line Webb - Carter wedding announcement.

If you recall, Ms. Webb had previously suggested the former Portside Festival Marketplace and home of (the former - or not) COSI of Toledo as a potential site for a gambling casino.


Judy said...

I wonder, will she now be called Mrs. Carter or will she remain Webb or maybe Webb-Carter!

Tim Higgins said...


One can find no fault with two people who are willing to "gamble on love". They deserve nothing but our congratulations.

On the other hand, if you or Judy find out about the whole, Webb, Webb-Carter thing, let me know.

Lisa Renee said...

She was asked this at a City Council meeting, from what I understand she's still using Lindsay Webb.